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Top 10 Prank Based Shows In The World

Updated on 6 January, 2014 at 9:58 am By

 A prank is a mischievous trick or a practical joke played on people to make them feel confused, shocked, embarrassed or discomforted. It is different from those tricks in which the victims find out that they’re being fooled. These jokes are temporary and lighthearted in which the victim feel foolish or victimized to an extent. Sometimes it seems that the person is being bullied by someone if not performed with finesse. A harmless prank is always good to have fun with your friends if it’s not causing any damage to someone. If you are looking forward to play pranks on your friends, these shows will give you some great ideas to start with. Here are the top ten pranks based shows of all times.

10. Crank Yankers:

A reality television show of America created by Daniel Kellison, Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel. The show featured actual crank calls made by hosts and celebrity guests, re-enacted by puppets on screen to present the viewer what is actually going on during the call. Many of the comedians like Sarah Silverman, Jimmy Florentine and Tracy Morgan lend their voices to puppets like Special Ed, Spoonie Luv and Hadassah Guberman. The telephone numbers are selected form a list of targets known as ‘marks’. So, if you love to listen to crank calls and watch puppets, Crank Yankers is a viable option for you.

Crank Yankers

9. The Jamie Kennedy Experiment:


A hidden camera reality TV series of America broadcasted on The WB. The show was produced and hosted by a comedian, Jamie Kennedy. It was different from other prank based television series as it was a combination of both hidden camera pranks as well as sketch comedy. Jamie used to travel across the US and disguise himself assuming a character of his own creation to be part of the prank. One of the noticeable characters in the show was a rapper who made every attempt to convince people that he was raised up and struggled all thorough his life in the streets of Malibu.

The Jamie Kennedy Experiment

8. Trigger Happy TV:

It was a hidden camera prank based reality TV series which originally broadcasted on the British television for two series. The show was produced and hosted by Dom Joly along with his cameraman Sam Cadman. The show revolves around Joly, who puts himself into impossible and embarrassing situations. Unlike other hidden camera prank based shows, he makes fun of himself other than people on the streets. Passers-by stop and either wonder what was going on or simply laugh. Many a times, Joly was seen answering a gigantic cell phone and shouting in public places like libraries, cinemas or parks.

Trigger Happy TV

7. Fonejacker:

A British prank TV series created and hosted by Kavyan Novak. Fonejacker features a masked prank caller, usually Novak himself, making prank phone calls to random people or sometimes businessman. He mislead people by speaking in many accents while making these prank calls. He used to make people confused or mislead them thorough these prank calls. Fonejacker won the BAFTA award in 2008 for the “Best Comedy Programme”.


6. The Tom Green Show:

A prank based TV series of North America hosted by Tom Green that first aired on Canadian television and later moved to MTV in US. The show was also co-hosted by his close friends Glenn Humplik, who takes a seat on the couch and Phil Giroux, who is always found at the back of the set behind a window with a cup of coffee in his hand. The show became a hit with young audiences and noticeable for Green’s outrageous stunts and practical jokes. He interviewed people on the street with dog feces on his microphone. On several occasions, he used to dress up in women’s clothing with makeup and a wig and parades around the street.

The Tom Green Show

5. Candid Camera:

A hidden camera reality television series of America created by Allen Funt and hosted by Funt himself. Earlier in 1948, it was known as Candid Microphone. The show played pranks on ordinary citizens in unusual circumstances and also sometimes on celebrities as well. It involves trick props like drawer of a desk gets pop open when it is closed or an extra hidden gas tank in the car. When the joke was revealed to the victims by Allen Funt, they were requested to “Smile, you’re on Candid Camera”. Allen Funt was followed by his son Peter Funt, who later started hosting the show in eighties.

Candid Camera

4. Scare Tactics:

A hidden camera pranks based TV show created by Kevin Healey and Scott Hallock. If you don’t know what the show is all about, think what will happen when Fear Factor is mixed with Candid Camera. Yes, this show is synthesis of both where victims are put to some terrifying situations at a specific location recommended by their friends. There, they encounter a strange monster, a mass murderer or even aliens. After all the crying and begging for mercy, the frightened victims were told by the actors that it was nothing more than a prank.

Scare Tactics

3. Punk’d:


A hidden camera reality television show of America produced by Ashton Kutcher and Jason Goldberg and hosted by Ashton himself. Being punk’d means to be the victim of pranks. This TV show mainly targets celebrities. The first prank of the show was played at Justin Timberlake’s home, where he almost broke down in tears when he found that the government agents are seizing his home for not paying income taxes. Many other celebrities were also punk’d later like Kanye West, Helly Berry.


2. Da Ali G Show:

A reality TV series characterized by satire was created by Sacha Baron Cohen featuring the character of Ali G. Out of the two series, first one was telecasted on Channel 4 (UK) and the second one on HBO (US). In the series, Cohen plays the role of three unsuspected journalists-Ali G, a Kazakhstani reporter named Baron Sagdiyev, and a homosexual man from Austria named Bruno Gehard. The trio played pranks by conducting interviews on unsuspected politicians, celebrities and other well known persons. They ask ridiculous and unreasonable questions from these persons making them feel embarrass or even angry at times.

Da Ali G Show

1. Just For Laugh Gags:


A hidden camera reality television show of Canada that is similar to Candid Camera. It plays silly pranks on unsuspecting people walking on the streets or in public places where hidden cameras are placed to catch their responses. The show doesn’t contain any sound or dialogue other than music playing in the background. The pranks include actors playing role of police officers, drivers or pedestrians with their insane behavior. For example, a traffic police stops drivers to check their licenses. Two hot chicks pass by and the officer blows the horn in such a way that it appears that the drivers horned at them.

Just For Laugh Gags


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