Top 10 Practicable Punishment Ideas for Rapists

6:03 am 1 Apr, 2013

In an ideal world, rapists would have perhaps been castrated but our world isn’t perfect, is it? But then again why would rapists even exist in an idyllic world. Though women all around, atleast most of them, would rejoice if these men with animalistic instincts were subjected to castration, the so called human rights activists harping on the tunes of reform or mercy wouldn’t really allow this. So if not that then lets at least have a look at some of the feasible punishment ideas that could be awarded to rapists.

10. Debar from educational institutions and employment:

Why should men who dare to outrage the modesty of women be given the chance to good education or employment? These tools which might ensure a good life for him must be taken away. There must be a mechanism in place which debars these men from Educational Institutions and Employment.

Debar from employment - Practicable Punishment Ideas for Rapists

9. Make them social outcasts:

We as a country are very apt in exerting social pressures in families. Infact this is to a great extent the cause of several malpractices. More often than not the social diktats are against a woman, more so in the case of rape victims. So if we can socially punish a woman for no fault of her own, why not punish the rapist too by driving him out if the community and severing all ties with him.

Make them social outcasts - Practicable Punishment Ideas for Rapists

8. Hefty fine:

In the United States of America, the punishment for rape also includes fine along with the other options of imprisonment. Depending on the nature of the crime, the age of the victim and use of intoxicants fines are imposed and there is no said limit on one. Perhaps, we as a country could also look at some sort of fines to be levied from rapists and sex offenders.

Hefty fine - Practicable Punishment Ideas for Rapists

7. Solitary confinement:

Human beings are social animals. Being in isolation for a long period of time is taxing emotionally, mentally and even physically. That sounds about right for the kind of punishment these rapists deserve, doesn’t it? So solitary confinement could be a great way to cut these men off from people. Isolate a rapist from any human contact, which perhaps would be punishment befitting the mental torture he would have caused his victim.

Solitary confinement - Practicable Punishment Ideas for Rapists

6. Parade them naked:

A rapist never thinks twice in undressing a woman forcefully and shattering her dignity. Why shouldn’t we ensure the same treatment to him too? Anybody who is proven to be a rapist must be paraded naked in public and if possible even whipped. That will not only scar his body but his pathetic soul as well. There is nothing inhumane in making these animals experience a fraction of the same pain that the women they defiled would have undergone!

Parade them naked - Practicable Punishment Ideas for Rapists

5. Public Sex Offender Registry:

In many countries around the world there are Sex Offender Registries to keep people informed of sex offenders in their vicinity. We could also adopt this practice and make sure that all proven sex offenders’ names and addresses are available to the public. Since family-name and shame are uncompromisingly guarded by Indians, this could dissuade these men from committing crimes in future. This could also keep people in the neighborhood or towns aware so that they could steer clear of such people as well.

Public Sex Offender Registry - Practicable Punishment Ideas for Rapists

4. Radio Anklet or Tag for the Rapists:

Wouldn’t it be nice if rapists are made to wear radio anklets or tags which signify their disrepute as rapists? Every time a man is found guilty of such crimes he should be made to wear such tags. This will be a physical identification for these criminals. Apart from that it will also instill fear in them from committing such crimes again for fear of public outcry. Needless to say it will help women to stay alert in their presence. So this certainly is a great way to bring these nincompoops some shame and perhaps even pain.

Radio Anklet or Tag for the Rapists - Practicable Punishment Ideas for Rapists

3. Permanent tattoo on the forehead:

When Anthony Stockelman was sentenced to life in prison in the year 2006 for the murder of ten year old Katie Collman; the latter’s cousins and a bunch on prison inmates tattooed “Katie’s Revenge” on Stockelman’s forehead. Well why not take a leaf out of that and stamp the word “Rapist” on the forehead of every man who ever dared to outrage the modesty of a woman. A great way to insult these people who I am not sure even deserve a second chance.

Permanent tattoo on the forehead - Practicable Punishment Ideas for Rapists

2. Life imprisonment without parole:

It is said that 97 out of 100 rapists in India receive little or no punishment at all. Well if not anything atleast these men could be tucked away in the filthiest corner of a prison for life with no chance of reprieve. The human rights activists would be happy and the general public would also be spared from these very men contaminating the society.

Life imprisonment without parole - Practicable Punishment Ideas for Rapists

1. Capital punishment:

No matter what the high and mighty human rights activists might say but death penalty is the highest punishment that could and should be offered to a rapist. When kind of a man tarnishes the dignity of a woman and leads her to the path of pain? Certainly not a man who deserves empathy, so why not send him to the gallows? Why such a hue and cry over the apparent rights of such animals with little or no regard to the girls they defamed?

Capital punishment - Practicable Punishment Ideas for Rapists


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