Top 10 Post-Apocalyptic Scenarios

2:01 pm 9 Sep, 2013

We live in the age where every next second is filled with uncertainty. Where every other rumor drops us into a huge pit of ambiguity and hesitation! But no matter what, our mind never stops fantasizing about all those post-apocalyptic scenarios that we would probably have to live. And since the bottom line is castle in the sky, there are many post-apocalyptic scenarios that many fictional movies and novels have displayed so far. So, here we bring forth some of the appropriate cinematic examples of the top 10 post-apocalyptic scenarios that could lead to dire consequences.

10. The World’s End:

This was a science fiction film representing five friends who discover an alien invasion during an epic pub crawl in their homeland. The aliens started to invade the entire planet by killing the natives. These four friends were the humankind’s only hope for survival. So, anyone who believes that world would be invaded by aliens one day; this could be the most dreaded post-apocalyptic scenario for them.

The World's End

9. Mad Max, Water World: The World Without Laws

The film displays a loner trying to build the civilization after the break down of the entire society. Whenever such thing happens, either due to a natural disaster or due to manmade disaster, the world turns lawless. And there starts a fight where strong repress the weak and dictatorships rule.

Mad Max, Water World - The Word Without Laws


8. I robot: The World Turns Automatic

There is no dearth of people amongst us who dream of creating a robot for everything we do. Without any doubts, the advent of such a thing would bring a scenario where machines would replace humans and start destroying them. Such systematic destruction of the very beings who created them, do make the sci-fi nerds realize the importance of humans.

I robot - The World Turns Automatic

7. Dawn of the Dead: The Zombies

No scenario can be more hopeless than this one, where zombies are formed and can easily replicate themselves. They can’t survive without eating human bodies. A bullet in the head or somewhere else could work but temporarily. How would you live in a scenario where dead corpuses walk to you saying “Hey! Can I eat that brain?”

Dawn of the Dead - The Zombies

6. I am Legend: But What About The Rest…!

How do you choose to survive amongst some weird creatures who find humans too terrible to deal with and need a good supply of vein blood to survive? Of course, you don’t choose it, in fact nobody could choose to live in such a post-apocalyptic scenario. Demons, vampires and fiends; the world with no human but just them.

I am Legend - But What About The Rest

5. Dredd, Equilibrium: Excess Of Everything Is Indeed Bad

Our governments make laws and implement them. But not many of us are able to stick to them well. The rules change suddenly and we start fearing the things that should serve and protect us. Too many laws on the planet can end up suffocating us to death. Many believe that we are very close to this horrifying scenario.

Dredd, Equilibrium - Excess Of Everything Is Indeed Bad

4. The Planet Of Apes

The concept was actually taken from Pierre Boulle’s novel, where the advent of terrifying and haunting apes creates the horror of post-apocalyptic world. A world where humans live under dominance of the apes. The concept was truly classic but such a scenario would not be a cake walk to live in.

The Planet Of Apes

3. On The Beach

A nuclear attack and desolate world thereafter—what could be worse than this? Of course the idea of living in a post-nuclear attack world horrifies everyone on earth. And when you are the only one left after the attack, it just seems like you are on the other side of life.

On The Beach

2.  The Quiet Earth

The name says it all! The movie features a man who woke up to a world with himself as the last creature present. He is the only human survivor left on earth and all this is the result of the experiments he’s been carrying out since long. A post apocalyptic scenario could not get worse.

The Quiet Earth

1. The Terminators

According to Raymond Kurzweil, this movie represented the era of 2045. This could actually happen in the future years when the world becomes all too mechanical. We will soon have to live in an era where our singularity would be completely lost.

The Terminators


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