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Top 10 Politicians Who Have Killed Someone

Published on 12 February, 2013 at 2:00 pm By

As a politician, whether elected or nominated, a person is the representative of the public in general and the face of the governance in particular. A politician is a political leader or a political figure who is involved in influencing public policies and decision making. When a politician who is instilled with responsibility becomes a murderer, the situation in the State becomes grim. And it becomes important for everyone to know about such tainted politicians. Here listed below are top 10 politicians who have killed someone.

10. Adlai Stevenson II:

Adlai Stevenson II, the grandson of former vice-President of the United States Adlai E. Stevenson I, was an American politician who ran unsuccessfully twice for the Presidential post in 1952 and 1956 on a ticket from the Democratic Party. Adlai Stevenson II was elected as the 31st Governor of Illinois. At the age of 12, Stevenson accidentally killed Ruth Merwin, a 16-year-old family friend. He didn’t realize that the gun was loaded. He was not charged for the murder, but he hesitated talking of it as an adult.

Adlai Stevenson III

9. James Hamilton:


James Hamilton, the 4th Duke of Hamilton and a member of parliament, was guilty of murdering nobleman Charles Mohun over an inheritance. It is believed that Hamilton shot Mohun in the gut in a duel, mortally wounding him. But Mohun’s second, George MacCartney fired another shot and killed Mohun. The two escaped to the scene and were tried in absentia for murder, but were later pardoned.

James Hamilton

8. Ram Kumar Chaudhary:

Ram Kumar Chaudhary is currently the elected and first-time legislator from Doon constituency in Solan district of Himachal Pradesh, India. Chaudhary is an accused of a murder of a 24-year-old Jyoti. Despite the acquisition, the MLA took oath in the Himachal Pradesh Assembly after being brought from a jail in Haryana. He is currently in police custody in a jail in Amabala, Haryana.

Ram Kumar Chaudhary - Politicians who killed someone

7. Thomas Hart Benton:

Nicknamed “Old Bullion”, Thomas Hart Benton was a five-time Senator from Missouri and a very staunch American advocate, who became notorious for murdering an opposing attorney, Charles Lucas. Benton, the first advocate to serve five terms in US Senate, had a scuffle with Lucas in the court, the thing grew out of proportion and Benton shot Lucas through the throat. Lucas didn’t die but later Benton shot him close to the heart killing him. Duels were legal under US laws and therefore Benton was never charged.

Thomas Hart Benton

6. Steve Nunn:

Steve Nunn or Stephen Rob Nunn was a Republican member of Kentucky House of Representatives, and is a former Deputy Secretary of Health and Human Services for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Nunn is a murder convict and is serving a life sentence since 2011 for the murder of his ex-fiancée Amanda Ross. Ross’ family has filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against Nunn.

Steve Nunn

5. William J. Graves:

Elected as the Congressmen thrice, William Graves was charged with murder of fellow Congressman Jonathan Cilley. Graves found himself caught in a duel between Jonathan Cilley and a New York journalist, James Webb. Cilley had accused Webb of corruption. Cilley was inexperienced with guns and allowed Graves (who wasn’t even involved in the fight) to use a powerful rifle, Graves shot Cilly in the leg, which resulted in excessive blood loss and eventually his death.

William J. Graves - Politicians who killed someone

4. Mohammad Shahabuddin:

One of India’s most powerful criminal politicians of India, Mohammad Shahabuddin is four-time Member of Parliament from Siwan in Bihar state of India. Currently, Shahabuddin is serving a life sentence for kidnapping with the motive of murder. Besides, Shahabuddin is charged with more than thirty criminal cases including eight murders, several attempts to murder and charges of kidnapping and extortion.

Mohammad Shahabuddin

3. George D’anthes:


A French Senator in the 19th century, Greorge D’anthes was charged with a murder even before he took to politics. The French Senator was involved in a feud with famous Russian poet Alexander Pushkin wherein he was shot in the arm but managed to shoot Pushkin dead. D’anthes was arrested from the scene of murder. He was tried but was later exonerated.

George D’anthes

2. Mukhtar Ansari:

One amid many criminal-politicians in Uttar Pradesh, India, Mukhtar Ansari is convicted of murder of Mohammadabad legislature Shri Krishnanand Rai. Charged in many criminal charges including murder, extortion and money laundering, Ansari is currently in police custody in the Tihar jail in Delhi. Ansari has been in police custody since 2005 for the hearing of the case of murder.

Mukhtar Ansari - Highly controversial politicians

1. Sibu Soren:


He is among’st the highly tainted politicians for his involvement in the murder of his former personal secretary Shashinath Jha, Sibu Soren is the former chief minister of Jharkhand State in India. Soren was forced to resign from the post of Union Minister for Coal by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in wake of the verdict accusing Soren of the murder. Sibu Soren is the first Union Minister of the Government of India who has been found guilty of murdering someone by a court.

Sibu Soren - Controversial politicians


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