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Top 10 Pokémon games

Updated on 16 August, 2019 at 2:50 pm By

Pokémon games have managed to gain a great amount of commercial success. It is owned by the Nintendo which is also one of the largest video game making company in the world. The Pokémon universe today includes a string of games based on consoles and pc. The Pokémon universe was also greatly given a boost by the television series that made Pokémon a household name for children in many parts of the world. The term Pokémon has hence been synonymous with the many species of Pokémon which appeared on TV and among them the most popular Pokémon Pikachu is a much loved character by kids and adults alike. There is a countless number of games that have gained a lot of popularity and success, so we will look at some of the best Pokemon games that have hit the markets.


10. Pokemon XD- Gale of Darkness:


The peculiar name of this version of the game came about when the makers asked the fans opinions on how they liked the games. A large number of responses saying, “I Love Pokemon :XD” prompted the makers to come up with the name. The game was released on Gamecube in 2005 and became an instant hit although many people still wonder about the peculiar name.

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Top 10 Pokemon games: Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness

9. Pokemon Stadium:

Pokemon Stadium was released in 1999 on the Nintendo 64 console. This is a battle based game where you can battle using the special skills that every different Pokémon has. A hugely successful game that also prompted the release of sequels in the series, Pokemon Stadium as such does not have a storyline and players can rent pokemon to beat each other and progress in the game.

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Top 10 Pokemon games: Pokemon Stadium

8. Pokemon Pinball:

Pokemon Pinball came out in 1999 on the Gameboy Color console and like the name suggests it is a pinball based game. The object of the game is to get as many points to traverse levels which make it harder for the player to gain points. This was the first in the series of Pinball games that were released based on the series.

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Top 10 Pokemon games: Pokemon Pinball

7. Pokemon World Online:

This PC based is an online version of the Pokemon games and is the last remaining game of the MMO games that were experimented with by the makers of the games. The game had some legal troubles and hence had to be discontinued. This MMO game was progressing rapidly towards a Pokemon RPG and it contains quests, PvP battles and even offers the opportunity to capture Pokemon as you progress.

(img source:

Top 10 Pokemon games: Pokemon World Online

6. Pokemon Snap:

Pokemon Snap is a FPS and a simulation game that was first released on the Nintendo 64 console in 1999. The game has also been released on the virtual console in 2007 and has become quite popular with fans of the series looking for something new in the series. This was one of the first games to be released in the series and it is a single player game.

(img source:

Top 10 Pokemon games: Pokemon snap

5. Pokemon Emerald:

Pokemon Emerald is a console based game played on the Gameboy Advanced console. The game was released in 2004 and is one of the most successful games in the series. The game was an updated version of the version known as ‘Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire’. It has sold millions of copies worldwide and was a great commercial success for the company on the whole. This game is the third best selling game for the Gameboy Advance console.

(img source:

Top 10 Pokemon games: Pokemon Emerald

4. Pokemon Trading Card Game:

The Pokemon Trading Card Game is one of the early releases in the series, it was flagged off in 1998 on the Gameboy Bolor console. As the name suggests it involves the collection of trading cards in the game itself and is a virtual version of the tabletop trading card game that has also amassed a lot of popularity. The first in the series of many trading card games, this continues to be the most impressionable of all the trading card games in the series.

(img source:

Top 10 Pokemon games: Pokemon trading card game

3. Pokemon Silver:

Released in 1999 as a RPG Pokemon based game and is one of the most popular games in the series ever. The game has sold more than 20 million units worldwide and was released in the US, Europe and Australia following its release in Japan. The game is based on the Gameboy Color console and is perhaps the second best selling of all Pokemon Games after Pokemon Red and Blue.

(img source:

Top 10 Pokemon games: Pokemon Silver

2. Pokemon Diamond:

The fourth generation of the original Pokemon game, this Nintendo DS based game was first released in 2006. This game has been lauded for its superior graphics as compared to most previous versions. The game has sold more than 18 million copies around the world and was a vital cog in the revival of the Pokemon series after the Gameboy Advance games which did well but could not exactly emulate the success of the original Pokemon RPG games which saw great success all around the world.

(img source:

Top 10 Pokemon games: Pokemon Diamond

1. Pokémon Red and Blue:

This was the first game in the Pokemon series. The Gameboy based game was released in 1996 and although many would argue that the newer games in the series are better, the original Pokemon game still has a charm about it that appeals to fans of the series more than anything else.  There have been many enhanced versions of the game that have been subsequently been released.

(img source:

Top 10 Pokemon games: Pokemon read and blue



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