Top 10 poisonous spiders

Updated on 11 May, 2012 at 10:38 am


10. Hobo Spider:

The hobo spider’s bite can cause the death of the tissue around the area and even though it is not fatal but it can cause serious consequences if left untreated. The easiest way to recognize the bite of a hobo spider is a headache that comes and goes but is usually unaffected by normal medications. It usually leaves a permanent scar on the affected area.

9. Sac Spider:

The Sac Spider is also a venomous spider which has a cytotoxin which can kill live cells around the affected areas. The spider is known as a ghost spider which is not deadly to humans and can only leave a nasty mark around the affected areas.

8. Goliath tarantula:

This spider is one of the largest known spiders and is usually quite the sight to see. It is not deadly when it bites humans, but has a fair amount of venom on itself. The spider is also known as the bird eater tarantula. It gets its name as it can easily devour small birds and other creatures of similar sizes.


7. The Wolf Spider:

The wolf spider comes in different types all around the world. It exists in different shades of black and brown and its bite can cause a serious infection which if left untreated can cause major complications. The spiders are all hunters and kill their prey quickly and ferociously and hence they get the name wolf.

6. Red Back Spider:

The Red Back spider is an Australian spider that has a typical red mark on its back. Its bite can be deadly if not treated quickly. The spider exists in urban and rural areas and its bite can be deadly to young people and old people too and the symptoms of the bite of this spider causes vomiting and pain in the muscles and joints which are usually set in quickly.

5. The Mouse Spider:

The mouse spider is a very versatile creature that can adapt itself to most environments easily. The spider is found almost everywhere around the world and is known to be aggressive and it has venom enough to kill. The venom can affect the nervous system and can have rapid effects.

4. Funnel-Web Spiders:

This Australian spider is a very dangerous species of spider which is found mostly around the city of Sydney. The symptoms of the bite can surface rapidly and can progress very quickly. The bite if untreated can even cause a rapid and painful death in most cases.

3. The Brazilian Wandering Spider:

The Brazilian Wandering spider is one of the most aggressive species of spiders and also among the most venomous. It is found in South American countries and possesses a strong neurotoxin which can also prove fatal if not treated. It is also popularly known as the banana spider.

2. The Black Widow:

The Black widow is one of the most feared spiders found anywhere in the world. Although the spiders are rarely brown they are known as the black widows. The bite of this spider can cause death too but hardly one percentage of the bites of the spiders is fatal as there are antivenins available easily. They thrive in warm regions and are also known to travel fair distances.


1. Brown Recluse:

The Brown Recluse is among the most poisonous spiders known to man. The spider is very hard to locate as it usually thrives in dark areas under furniture and boxes etc. The symptoms of the bite are also very rapid and dangerous and it can cause death too in a matter of an hour. The symptoms are usually fast and drastic and by the time people notice its bite, the venom has already spread.

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