Top 10 Points To Remember Before Dating An IITian

8:30 am 8 Aug, 2013

Ever since Aamir Khan portrayed the cute nerd in 3 Idiots, the demand for IITian boyfriends has gone up. Not to forget they make great husbands as well with a good and stable income and values such as loyalty and sincerity. It is much harder for a girl’s parents to object to an IITian boyfriend. But dating an IITian can be intimidating for some. Some girls might get intimidated by their intelligence while others might get turned off by their awkwardness and shyness. These are after all the same boys who scored 95% in school and had no time for anything except books. But dating an IITian is not such a bad experience if you just keep certain points in mind. Here are the top 10 points to remember before dating an IITian.

10. They Are More Scared Of You Than You Are Of Them:

If you are intimidated by their intelligence and are worried that you might say something stupid and they’d judge you for that; don’t be. Chances are they are more scared of meeting you than you are of them. Their intelligence is just as matter of fact as their social awkwardness and this makes them nervous while on first dates.

They Are More Scared Of You Than You Are Of Them

9. They Are Not Experienced At Social Interactions:

Remember that these are boys who have spent all their lives studying. The pressure to get into IIT starts early in school and their parents have made sure that all their childhood was spent behind books. They went from school to tuition to home to study some more. This makes them inexperienced at any type of social interactions. Don’t expect him to sweep you off your feet with his charm.

They Are Not Experienced At Social Interactions

8. They Think Too Much:

IITians got into IIT by studying and thinking about what they studied. They have the habit of dissecting everything deeply. They go deep into whatever they are doing. They will even go deep into a movie and dig out details that you never even noticed. Remember this point while talking with them. Also remember to say things clearly and let them know what you mean otherwise they’ll spend many hours thinking about what you really meant.

They Think Too Much

7. They Are Intelligent But Not Unapproachable:

Every IITian is intelligent and that is just a fact. The entrance exams IITJEE makes sure that only the intelligent get in. But this doesn’t mean that they are unapproachable. The stereotype of a snobby IITian is just not true. Sure there are snobby guys out there but that doesn’t mean that every IITian is like that.

They Are Intelligent But Not Unapproachable

6. Be Yourself:

Don’t try to change yourself in any way to please your IITian. They don’t expect too much in a girl and will appreciate you for who you are. In fact you can be completely yourself in front of an IITian and don’t have to impress them all the time by dressing impeccably and looking drop dead gorgeous. As a rule try not to look too gorgeous otherwise they’ll be intimidated even more and might just drop and die.

Be Yourself

5. Make Them Comfortable:

Rest assured that they’ll be uncomfortable when you go on a date. It is your job to try and make them comfortable. You’ll see that once you can help them become comfortable the real person within them will feel safe to come out. That person hidden inside the shy exterior will be very interesting and someone you can actually fall in love with.

Make Them Comfortable

4. Don’t Expect Them To Take The First Step:

Never expect that they’d take the first step. This means that you might have to ask them out. If you become a casual friend hoping that one day they’ll ask you out on a date then forget it. Even if they like you a lot they’ll be too shy to take the first step. You have to lead and take the initiative at least in the early part of the relationship.

Don't Expect Them To Take The First Step

3. They Are Very Passionate About Their Interests:

When discussing about any topic remember that IITians are very passionate about their interests. So before arguing about something they like know that they know every little detail about it and will get offended if you make fun of something they love, even if it is something silly such as video games. Respect their interests and avoid discussions about these topics.

They Are Very Passionate About Their Interests

2. Try To Find Some Common Interests:

While you should avoid discussing the pros and cons of something they love, you should try to find a common interest that you both can share and talk about. It is a great way to get close to an IITian. The shy boy who never says more than a few words will literally talk for hours if you two share a common interest.

Try To Find Some Common Interests

1. They Are Great Listeners:

Remember that IITians maybe shy but this makes them great listeners. If they like you and take an interest in you they will listen to everything you say and remember every little detail. They can really be the perfect boyfriend if you know how to handle them.

They Are Great Listeners

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