Top 10 Places To Have Sex

Updated on 19 Jan, 2018 at 4:11 pm

Okay, now it’s time to chuck out the old same old fashion of “doing it” on your bed, and to move ahead for something different, spontaneous, exotic and sensual. Kicking off the conventional theory of “size matters” and hugging the brand new concept of “location matters,” TopYaps is tracking down the ten places to have sex where you can drag your partner and enjoy the “ride.”

1. Library

Well, library is the most adored hook-up spot among students where they get intimate with their crush while hitting the books. Other folks in library are most probably busy in ramming their books or straining to complete a paper due the next morning – and it clearly indicates that they won’t be paying attention for the “fiction” section going right behind the stacks. But yeah, make sure to cup each others mouth at required moments, otherwise it can spoil the pleasure of your most “classically executed” act.

sex in library

2. On a beach

There are number of “naturalist” beaches in the world that are topless technically. Amid the breathtaking combination of sand, turquoise surf and sun; you can hype-up your romance factor almost vertically. The stunner surroundings of a beach is capable enought to make you strip off and force right down to the business almost instantly. Go for it, you’ll enjoy the bliss like a Greek god.

On A beach

3. Movie theatre

Find a movie that has low viewers, book the “most popular” seats and enjoy the bliss of freaking fluids. Ahem, you should be considerate about your neighbours and must remember that your garments have to stay on while you perform your art beneath the projectionist. Don’t forget to clean the mess off afterwards because it might happen that you guys are walking out of the theatre and there is “something” dripping down her legs.

sex in theatre

4. In the bathroom

Whether you’re a nut just looking for a thrill or a sex addict of the Tiger Woods kind, the bathroom can definitely drive you crazy apart from all the rooms in your house. Make her lean over the sink, approach her from behind, and enjoy her bubbling facial expressions with the help of the mirror while she takes you in. Move on and you’ll realize that there is really something storming to have that type of love making escapade: no complexities, no hurt notions, just felicity and a quick release.

Bathroom Sex

5. In a car

Now listen up folks, if you’re skilled in the art of car-a-sutra then you can make your “ride” amazingly easygoing. Doesn’t matter you’re on a highway, at a parking or a private-enough location; the “auto arousal” phenomenon is adequate to spice-up your sex life. But yeah, your privacy is of paramount importance so avoid being clipped by a passerby.

Sex in Car

6. In an elevator

Indeed, an elevator is the most thrilling place to get a quickie, but you must require balls for it. Before starting your mission, you should procrastinate the elevator, whether it’s going up or down. And if you’re making your steamy love session in a moving one, then just hope no one else stops it to hop in.

7. In a nightclub

Well, you can have this hedonistic experience in any corner of the nightclub with few stares of voyeuristic curiosities. But who’s there to take it seriously? Everyone along with you is busy in partying. You guys can also sneak into the bathroom, cutting down every single social interaction down to an excuse to f***. But you have to get out of there in a certain time, otherwise other folks can climb toilet cubicles, shouting on you guys to stop humping. And if you are taking too much time; they will certainly do their business in the most undeserving places.

Night Club

8. In a balcony

Okay, it’s not a safe idea, but going crazy for a few minutes on the balcony of a really high floor is extremely adventurous in itself. As the sky gets darker and the bodies get hotter, you can easily feel the thrill of your make-out. Try it, and you’ll relive the golden old days of a carefree teenager.

9. Kitchen

Pretty fun, and cool. Getting “down and dirty” on your kitchen platform or floor is a stirring way to fuel up your love life. Making love in kitchen depicts that how spontaneous you really are, and moreover it ensures that you’re getting both your meals at the same time. But cowboy, keep your kitchen counter safe; you are most likely to ruin couple of dishes while cooking something else.

Sex in Kitchen

10. Cemetery

Spooky, eh? Now, let me clarify. Sex and death, both are natural things and what is wrong when you are celebrating your life at the place where dead people reside. There isn’t even a single living soul around you; only you guys are alive and engaged under the most natural act possible. Move ahead, may the spirits bless you!

Sex in cemetery