Top 10 Photos That Shook The World

Updated on 28 Mar, 2018 at 4:26 pm

10. Sharbat Gula (Afghan Girl):

The most recognized photograph in the history of National Geographic Channel with revealing a refugee’s life. The portrait by Steve McCurry of a girl with piercing green eyes itself told a story.

9. Uganda, 1980:

This heart-wrenching snapshot of a missionary shaking hand with a kid is enough to clarify that what hunger is.

8. Moon’s conspiracy theory:

The overwhelming doubt of Russia that how can a flag blow on moon was sufficient to prove that America was fooling the entire world as well as their own public.

7. Aftermath of Hiroshima Bombing:

Men, women, children, infants…….an endless list of innocent victims of the bombing. None of them realized what was going to happen. Was that all about peace and unity?

6. Earthquake in Iran, 2003:

One of the most horrible review of Iran’s earthquake, 2003. A helpless kid holding his father’s trouser for burial.

5. Thich Quang Duc (Buddhist Priest):

He never made a sound or moved while he was burning. Yes, he burned himself to death in South Vietnam while protesting the religious discrimination. This photo of Malcolm Browne was quickly featured on the front pages of newspapers worldwide.

4. Attack on World Trade Center (9/11):

Horrific carnage, killing nearly three thousand people but shocked hundreds of millions. The windows were red and bits of bodies were outside. Many of the surrounding buildings were also either damaged or destroyed as the towers fell.

3. Bhopal Gas Tragedy (December 2, 1984):

Emotions have to be frozen when you are photographing a pathetic shot. Innocent face with his eyes wide open and looking almost alive, almost dead was being buried.

2. Iraqi Soldier:

Who was he or what he did… we don’t know if he was a good man, a family man, a bad guy or a terrible soldier. But we know that he fought for his life and it was worth fighting for. Whatever be the case, this burned-beyond-recognition soldier reminds us of only one thing Better a thousand times to die with glory than to live without honour.

1. Afghani refugee kid’s body:

Just look at the innocent smile. Sometimes, the feelings are just too overwhelming…I wish I can write with my closed eyes.