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Top 10 photos of the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton

Updated on 11 May, 2012 at 12:38 pm By

No doubt, it is always a great deal when two prominent societal figures tie the knot. But this deal was not like a common ‘great deal.’ It was bigger, it was something else and more importantly it was about an eternal tradition, fanatically attached with the emotions of Britishers.  Recently, entire world witnessed an event which rarely passes off. The hot-shot couple of Prince William and Kate Middleton cooked a global event after tying knots on  April 29, 2011. From the majestic moment of this wedding ceremony, Topyaps brings ten photos which are worth a thousand words.

10. God bless the troops:

British soldiers in Afghanistan enjoying the wedding ceremony of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Soldiers took a break from battlefront and watched the coverage on widescreen television with some ‘time-pass’ stuffs.


9. Marry me Harry:

Ecstatic fans and well wishers of the royal family spent a sleepless night on the streets to secure a prime spot to witness the marriage ceremony of this iconic couple. But on the whole new level, “Harry Hunters” were all set to track down the ginger prince.

8.  Top notches of the Royal Family:

From right, Camilla, Queen Elizabeth II, Carole Middleton, Prince Philip and Prince Charles sharing words after the wedding.

7. Lemme hold your hand:

Queen Elizabeth and her hubby Prince Philip arriving at the wedding place. 64 years have passed since they married but the flavor of romance between duo is still potent as ever.

6. Mamma, is she going to be the princess:

With flood of British heritage in heart, a little girl stares the wedding ceremony with the notion of fairytales coming true.

5. A matter of style:

The Beckhams were looking as dashing as ever. The cool look of David in Ralph Lauren suit and the fascinating midnight blue dress of fashionista Victoria was enough to drag the lens of photographers.

4. Repeating the gallant tradition:

Regal couple approaching the Buckingham Palace in open-topped carriage. 30 years ago, Lady Diana and Prince Charles passed the cheering crowd on the same carriage after their wedding.


3. Just Married:

With all the crazy decorations on dad’s Aston Martin DB6 MKII, prince William gave a lovely touch to audience when he, himself steered the car alone with his dream gal. However, the business of driving a car is not meant for kings and princes but dude, the day does not appear twice when a prince finds a brand new princess to call his very own. It was extremely pleasurable event for local folks to see the prince in this avatar.

2. Two volumes, one book:

The final deal in front of the Archbishop. Duke of Wales and Duchess of Wales tied the happily-ever-after wedding knot after promising each other to love, comfort, honor and keep.


1. Telling her lips a secret:

The memorable wedding kiss of Princess Diana and Prince Charles was once again repeated, when William kissed Kate on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. To cheer up the well-wishers gathered below, prince took the initiative and gave her groom a lovely quicky.

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