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Top 10 People Who Revolutionized the Modern World

Published on 16 February, 2013 at 12:00 pm By

History has innumerable instances of revolutions when few individuals transformed the modern world around them. These people did what millions of people put together couldn’t have achieved. Their enduring spirit helped a lot in changing insulated views of the society. These were the people who changed the narrow-minded approach towards life, work and the world for masses. Every scientific, social, industrial or spiritual revolution involved an endless struggle but these individuals emerged victorious against the odds. There are hundreds of such people but we compile the list of top 10 famous people who revolutionized the modern world.

10. Einstein (Scientific Revolution):

Einstein was one of the most prominent German scientists who changed the outlook of the whole world towards the universe. His works astounded millions of people and expert researchers from across the globe in the early 20th century. Einstein’s principles on the theory of relativity and speed of light took whole world by surprise. These theories evolved the parochial thinking mindset of the masses into rationale filled notions. Einstein is considered to be the greatest revolutionary scientist world has ever seen.

Einstein helped to revolutionize the modern world

9. Aristotle (Intellectual Revolution):


He was a Greek philosopher and polymath. His writings covered many subjects including physics, music, poetry, logic, politics, morality etc. He is considered to be one of the greatest revolutionary thinkers the western world has ever produced. Aristotle’s views on physical sciences shaped medieval mindset into modern brains and extended to Renaissance. Aristotle’s works laid the foundation of many theories, principles, social beliefs and experiments that transformed the world over the next few centuries.



8. Simon Bolivar (Freedom Revolution):

Simon Bolivar is regarded as the protagonist behind the freedom of Latin American states including Venezuela, Columbia, Peru, Bolivia, Panama and Ecuador. He is believed to be the main leader responsible for declaring, and later winning the right against all powerful Spanish Empire. He is till date considered as the greatest freedom fighter in the region. Simon Bolivar is still revered as one of the most influential political leaders in the Hispanic American history.

Simon Bolivar - People Who Revolutionized the Modern World

7. Vladimir Lenin (Political Revolution):

The establishment of USSR, world’s first socialist state is credited to Vladimir Lenin. He is also credited with the October 1917 revolution. He led USSR to become a superpower. His political ideology had profound effect on millions of people, the world over and led to the development of Communism. Marxism also finds resemblance to Communism in many ways.

Vladimir Lenin

6. Karl Marx (Social Revolution):

Karl Marx is considered to be the most learned and influential socialist thinker of the 19th century. Karl Marx was largely ignored during his lifetime but his ideology, Marxism was widely adopted worldwide. It gained wide acceptance after his death in the year 1883. It has since then changed many views or beliefs that can be established by the fact that a huge Marxist population lives in the world today.

Karl Marx - People Who Revolutionized the Modern World


5. Galileo (Scientific Revolution):


Galileo was an Italian physicist, mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher. He played a major role in the scientific revolution that took place over centuries. It was Galileo who showed the world how to ‘think’ scientifically. That’s the reason why he is now regarded as the father of Modern Science. Galileo challenged the popular belief of that time that sun revolves around the earth. He dismissed the belief using his revolutionary innovation of telescope and laid the foundation of scientific raison d’être for the coming generations.



4. Nelson Mandela (Social Revolution):

Non-whites faced significant discrimination in South Africa at one point of time. So much that it may sound like the story from a third world today. The state followed the policy of “apartheid” for many years under which non-whites were debarred from participating in any activity involving interaction with the all powerful white population of the country. Nelson is remembered till date for bringing an end to scores of oppressive policies started by whites against non-whites.

Nelson Mandela - People Who Revolutionized the Modern World

3. Mao Zedong (Military and Industrial Revolution):

A great Chinese leader, Mao Zedong is known for steering forward the progress-wheel of China. From a poor and underdeveloped country in early 1950’s, Mao guided China to become the economic power it is today. He led the Chinese revolution and created The People’s Republic of China. He is associated with formation of Maoism. The strategies especially related to military enacted by him are meaningful for China even till date.

Mao Zedong

2. Martin Luther King Jr (Social Revolution):

There was a time in the US when African-Americans led an oppressed life. They faced cruelty at the hands of white American population of the country. Martin Luther King Jr. was the man who led the African American Civil Rights Movement and won freedom for the Black population from the suppressive rule of whites. He strived hard throughout his life for the development of African-American community.

Martin Luther King Jr

1. Mahatma Gandhi (Social and Spiritual Revolution):


Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi, also known as “Father of the Nation” in India, is a very famous revolutionary who fought against the powerful British Empire by using non-violence as his weapon. He is the man who won freedom for the country by joining millions of Indians. Gandhi was the inspiration for Nelson Mandela in South Africa and to scores of other leaders across the world. Gandhi is respected and admired today by millions of people for his unique ways of protesting oppression.

 Mahatma Gandhi - People Who Revolutionized the Modern World


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