Top 10 People Stupider Than George W Bush

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6:00 am 3 Apr, 2013

Stupidity is a personality trait common in every single human being alive. It’s just the extent to which this trait exists in different people that essentially draws the line between a stupid human being and a normal human. Scientifically speaking, stupidity is actually a good thing as it helps us adapt and grow as a species but we don’t see it too proudly. On the flip side are the relentlessly unforgiving acts of stupidity seen in everyday life. Most of these injudicious acts are not on a big enough level to be on this list but the following people effortlessly did something stupid enough to warrant attention. But there is no denying that the former US president is perceived as the greatest of them all, which is why, instead of including him, we have made him a benchmark. Read along to know the top 10 people stupider than George W Bush.

10. Joseph Hazelwood:

A legendary American sailor famed for crashing an oil tanker called Exxon Valdez in Prince William Sound, squirting some 11.2 million gallons of crude oil. Charged with drinking and driving, Hazelwood was fined $50,000 and sentenced to 1000 hours of community service.

Joseph Hazelwood - People Stupider Than George W Bush

9. Lalu Prasad Yadav:

Lalu Prasad Yadav is an Indian politician famous for the Fodder Scam which happened under his rule as the chief minister of Bihar in 1990’s. Fodder worth of Rs. 9.5 billion were allegedly sold to unsubscribed dealers. When upon investigation Lalu was asked about the vehicle he used for the shipment, he reported a number plate which was found to be that of a 90cc scooter.

Lalu Prasad Yadav - People Stupider Than George W Bush

8. Nero:

The prodigious Roman Tsar, whose absurdity is thought to have started the Great Fire of Rome in 64 A.D., alleged committed suicide four years later in 68 A.D. Lesson: If you are going to burn a city, pick something worthless, like some remote areas in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Nero - People Stupider Than George W Bush

7. Peter Griffin:

The main protagonist from the American animated sitcom ‘Family Guy’ is celebrated for his illustrious photographic memory and his exceptional technique of expressing elongated anecdotes. One of the most imprudent cartoon characters ever existed, thus owing its place in this brutally competitive list.

Peter Griffin - People Stupider Than George W Bush

6. Ken Olson:

In 1977, Ken Olson, the president and founder of Digital Equipment became famous for his legendary belief: “There is no reason why someone would want a computer in their home”. That was in an interview at a conference held in Munich. Ken must surely be turning even in his grave seeing the prompt advance of computers with time.

Ken Olson - People Stupider Than George W Bush

5. Paul Hunn from United Kingdom:

Well, mentioning about the loudest burp sounds stupid but it doesn’t really matter to people like Paul Hunn from United Kingdom who went on to register his name into world records for the loudest burp in the world. The burp recorded was 107.1 db which he achieved in a show in 2008. I am sure that most of the restaurant owners and hoteliers would get paranoid when Mr. Paul Hunn enters their restaurants and hotels, don’t they?

Paul Hunn - People Stupider Than George W Bush

4. Porfirio Diaz:

Porfirio Diaz was the 29th President of Mexico and fought an insurgency against a predecessor who did not renounce the premiership. The reason why he is on this list is because he himself went on his predecessor’s path. His term persisted for 27 years during which he was efficacious in uplifting the Mexican economy but made tactical mistakes which made him a dictator in the eyes of historians.

Porfirio Diaz - People Stupider Than George W Bush

3. The guy who built the Boeing 247:

After the first flight of Boeing 247 which could accommodate only 10 passengers, an engineer who built this plane said, “People will never make a bigger plane”. And it was not long after that “bigger planes” were built by the same company. Size is a relative term but Bush didn’t know of this lesson.

Boeing 247 - People Stupider Than George W Bush

2. Mark Smith:

This Mark Smith is known as the sleeping thief. The guy was trying to rip-off a local household in Whitley Bay, England, when he fell asleep under the bed. He was discovered by Heather Stephenson, the owner, while she was ironing her clothes. She couldn’t get him out of her bed so the police helped her doing the same.

Mark Smith - People Stupider Than George W Bush

1. The guys who strung Jesus:

No one merits being on the top of this list as much as the guys who strung Jesus. What the hell were they thinking? For starters, let’s say he was not the ‘son of god’ but just a normal guy. Still, why crucify a messenger of peace who is loved by millions? Those who crucified Jesus stand defeated today.

The guys who strung Jesus - People Stupider Than George W Bush