Top 10 People Behind Adolf Hitler

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2:59 pm 5 Oct, 2011

Well, it’s extremely forbidden to agree with any policy of Adolf Hitler. As soon as he came to the power, he shocked the entire world by his shockingly repellent capabilities. But one should always remember that he wasn’t the solo player of Nazi’s game. He was backed up by some evil shoulders. TopYaps introduces a list of top 10 individuals, well known for supporting Hitler in his hellacious deeds.


10. Odilo Globocnik:

After joining the Nazi Party in 1930, Odilio Globocnik, very soon became a key aid of Adolf Hitler. An eminent administrator of Operation Reinhard, Odilo played a crucial role in eliminating Jews as well as in establishing links between Hitler and Austrian National Socialists. On May 31, 1945, he was nabbed by British troops but committed suicide by consuming a cyanide capsule hidden in his mouth.

9. Josef Kramer:

Well known as “The Beast of Belsen,” Josef Kramer came to prominence by showcasing his malefic face as an administrative officer of the gas chambers in Auschwitz concentration camp. In 1945, he was arrested by British military while working as the Commandant of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. After going through a trial of almost three months, Kramer was sentenced to death and on on December 13, 1945, he was hanged at Hamelin jail.

8. Paul Blobel:

A participant of the First World War, Paul Blobel was an eminent member of Nazi Party, responsible for up to 59,018 killings. For Adolf Hitler, he significantly contributed in the German invasion of the Soviet Union and wiped out a monolithic mass of racial and political undesirables. After being captured, he was hanged on June 8, 1951, at Landsberg Prison in Bavaria.

7. Friedrich Jeckeln:

An engineer by profession, Friedrich Jeckeln joined the Nazi Party on October 1, 1929, and very soon became a Police Leader in the German occupied Soviet Union. By all accounts of historians, this evil aid of Adolf Hitler was responsible for assassinating over 100,000 unwelcome persons of the Third Reich. After the fall of Hitler’s regime, Jeckeln was arrested by Red Army and was eventually hanged on February 3, 1946.

6. Joseph Mengele:

Holder of a Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University of Munich and a notable physician of his time, Joseph Mengele is counted among one of the most trustworthy supporters of Adolf Hitler. For performing ghastly experiments on inmates of concentration camp, he was coined the termed “Angel of Death.” He, somehow, managed to escape the war by concealing his identification and finally died in Brazil on February 7, 1979.

5. Adolf Eichmann:

Born in a family of industrialists, Adolf Eichmann was the key plotter of Holocaust who facilitated the mass deportation of Jews to ghettos by utilizing his impeccable ideological reliability and organizational talents. After the war, he escaped to Argentina and started working for Mercedes Benz, but in 1960, he was captured by Israeli Intelligence Agency, Mossad. After series of trials, Adolf Eichmann was found guilty and in 1962, he was hanged.

4. Ernst Kaltenbrunner:

Fond of living under the influence of alcohol, this hellacious face of Nazi Party was a highest-ranking SS leader, notorious for his barbarous deeds and explosive temper. Before joining the Nazi Party, he had also served as a lawyer in Salzburg and Linz. He was captured by United States Security Forces on May 12, 1945 and was charged with committing crimes against humanity. Eventually, on October 16, 1946, he was executed by hanging.

3. Hermann Goering:

Commander-in-Chief of German Air Force “Luftwaffe,” Hermann Goering was a top-notch Nazi leader, politician and an outstanding fighter pilot. Notable for his magnificence in figuring out deepest hurdles, in 1941, he was designated as Hitler’s successor and deputy in all his offices. On May 9, 1945, he surrendered to U.S. soldiers and was sentenced to death by hanging. One night prior to the date of hanging, he committed suicide by cyanide ingestion.

2. Reinhard Heydrich:

Better known by his nickname “The Hangman,” Reinhard Heydrich formed a team of trained spies and anonymous informers, to get information about anti-Nazi people and their activities. In early 1942, he chaired the “Wannsee Conference,” which discoursed the elimination plan of all Jews from German occupied territory. On May 27, 1942, Heydrich was attacked by Czech and Slovak soldiers in Prague where he succumbed to death after a week.

1. Heinrich Himmler:

Heavily influenced and inspired by the ancient Hindu scripture “Bhagavad Gita,” Heinrich Himmler was the man without whom Hitler’s dream was futile. Well known as the junior Big Boss of Nazi Party, Himmler managed all internal and external security forces of cult Nazi. He coordinated the assassination of over six million Jews, about 500,000 Roma, uncountable prisoners of war and others whom the Nazis viewed as unworthy to live. On May 22, 1945, he was arrested by a unit of British Army in West Germany, but the next day, before interrogation could begin, he committed suicide by consuming potassium cyanide capsule.

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