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Top 10 Party Destinations In The World

Published on 28 August, 2013 at 4:30 pm By

“No one looks back on their lives and remember the night they got plenty of sleep,” truly said by some crazy party lover. If you are a party addict, you would surely want to spend your energy at a place that satiates your hunger to party. And with this list, your search for sizzling party destinations around the globe ends here. Read on before packing your bags!

10. Tel Aviv, Israel:

Due to its burgeoning night life and round-the-clock culture, Tel Aviv is known as “the never ending city”. It is the super-casual attitude of this city that Israel witnesses some of the amazing jovialities year-round. Tel Aviv is the place where Asia’s largest Gay Pride was held, and hosted first sex festival of Israel in 2008. Apart from these extra-ordinary events, this clubbing hub is always found hustling and bustling.

Tel Aviv, Israel

9. Bangkok, Thailand:


With friendly locals, towering luxurious hotels, and elegant night clubs, this Thai city has long been party travellers’ favourite destination. Dance freaks gather at the dance floors of Bangkok 808, while those who are more into music and food, relax inside the Bed Super-club, a super stylish venue with a restaurant and a beautiful art gallery.

Bangkok, Thailand

8. Manchester, U.K.:

This city welcomes around 120,000 visitors every weekend, who gather at the major hotspots of the city. Manchester is known for its allegiance to live music. Bands, such as The Smiths, started their career performing out here. You can always go ahead and check out the techno and hip-hop based venues, if you are a break-beat addict. This city offers you diverse range of music and dance forms.

Manchester, U.K

7. Berlin, Germany:

Berlin is a strong competitor of Amsterdam, for having the most open and diverse night life in Europe. In addition to the multiple rock and techno 24/7 clubs, this capital city is also home to many stimulant clubs, that surely indulge more liberal and open-hearted crowd. Whatever your party schedule be, there are myriads of freaky hotspots to satisfy your party animal here.

Berlin, Germany

6. Amsterdam, The Netherlands:

Rembrandtplein, Amsterdam’s famous party district, is a hub of countless dance clubs which do not open until midnight and stay busy until 7 am. You can find all kind of people piled up at various party hubs, from flamboyant chicks to high-class socialites, to travellers who are looking forward for freaky night outs. If you feel like dancing until noon, there are many after-hour clubs in the city to give you what you exactly want.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

5. New York, U.S.A:

New York is the city that never sleeps. It is thronged with bars, clubs and discos for everyone. New York has clubs and bars of all kinds, for all classes of people, from 40/40 club (Jay-Z’s enormous 2-level sports club) to Copacabana, a club that hosts Latin music every night of the week. New York is an epicenter of zest. With a 24- hour subway system, New York is brimming with infinite forms of nocturnal bliss.

New York, U.S.A

4. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:

This city is often referred as, “The Marvellous City”. Party aura in this city is just overwhelming and you will feel every inch of it as soon as you lock your hotel room and head to the vibrant beaches. The water-front becomes bustling after midnight, with large numbers of disco clubs, samba beats all around and this humdrum continues until the wee hours.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

3. Las Vegas, U.S.A:


Most of us have seen the movie “What happens in Vegas…” and the story is actually true. Vegas is known as “Sin City”, for no reason. This city has totally uncompromising party atmosphere and lively night life. Las Vegas’ party atmosphere suits everybody’s needs and desires; clubbing is always done whole-heartedly, dices thrown all the night and chips stacked at every casino. Whatever you saw in “The Hangover” was cent-per cent true, although I don’t recommend you guys to get married to someone when you are high!

Las Vegas, U.S.A

2. Ibiza, Spain:

One of the most popular nightlife cities of the world, Ibiza is the home to the largest club in the world, Privilege. Ibiza is a popular hopping island, where it’s highly unusual to stop partying before 7 am. In case you are in for an explosive haul, you can visit clubs which remain open till 8 or 9 am. Party addicts in Ibiza wake up at noon and take evening naps to re-energize themselves for long party night ahead. Indeed you would need a lot of rest to bear a wild foam party at Amnesia.

Ibiza, Spain

1. New Orleans, U.S.A:


You don’t need to relax your party spines when you are in the midst of various party venues. The party atmosphere here is just as vibrant on the streets as it is inside the clubs. Bourbon street is popular for its unusual party aura, because it’s legal to roam and have liquors outside the bars and clubs, the only necessity is that it should be in a plastic cup. So, don’t forget to order your hurricane (city’s most popular rum drink) in a “to-go” cup before walking out of the bar.

New Orleans, U.S.A


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