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Top 10 Paintings Which Define Human Emotion

Updated on 7 July, 2016 at 6:24 pm By

It is always very soothing to see a good painting. We visit exhibitions to promote art and try understanding the meaning behind the drawings. There are many times when a painting reveals emotions of the painter to a great extent. The colors he uses, reflects his outlook toward life. There have been many great painters who have given us immortal masterpieces. Below is a list of top 10 paintings which connect with at least one human emotion. Their artists created magic with their brushes and revealed a part of their own self on the board. Scroll down to have a look and try understanding the sentiment within.

10. The Lovers:

One of the masterpieces of Pablo Picasso is ‘The Lovers’. Here he depicts a man and a woman embracing each other with softness and love in their eyes. This one is a delight of a painting. You can actually feel the love the painter must have experienced to draw this one. Soothing colors add to the beauty of this painting.

The Lovers

9. The Starry Night:


Van Gogh’s painting ‘The Starry Night’ portrays his own surreal nature. With twirls of clouds, dark structures, moons, planets and winds, this painting clearly depicts the disturbance in the mind of the artist. Apart from all these things, it is a masterpiece among the art lovers. Everyone has a different viewpoint to this painting.

The Starry Night

8. The Kiss:

Made by Austrian artist Gustav Klimt, ‘The Kiss’ is a painting that depicts the human emotion of passion. It has a man and a woman beautifully drawn while sharing a kiss. This is by far the most sensual painting of a kiss painted by an artist. It seems that this painting actually kisses.

The Kiss

7. Guernica:

Made by Pablo Picasso, Guernica is a black and white art. Picasso depicted war and how mankind was affected by it in this painting. The colors are illustrative of the sadness and mournful atmosphere of war. Liked by many people, this painting actually shows the remorse of an artist who hated war to an extent that he restrained himself from putting colors in his masterpiece.


6. The Creation of Adam:

Made on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Rome, this masterpiece by Michelangelo Buonarroti is indeed a beauty. ‘The Creation of Adam’ is a pure depiction of the painter’s love for god and the mankind. It is inspiring to see how magically the creation of man from God is shown in it. The human emotion of faith is powerfully depicted here.

The Creation of Adam

5. Girl with a Pearl Earring:

His ability to see the beauty makes Johannes Vermeer one of the best painters of all times. He made an exclusive drawing of a girl with a turban style headdress and a single pearl earring, which is till date a very precious piece in the history of art. The simplicity behind this picture is the best thing about it.

Girl with a Pearl Earring

4. The Scream:

Painted by a famous artist, Edward Munch, ‘The Scream’ is a depiction of his crazy behavior. Munch always felt that death was knocking at his door and that he would die screaming. He created four versions of this painting and all of them had a pale man screaming with his hands on the face. All these paintings of Edward Munch were sold for millions of dollars at various auctions.

The Scream

3. In Bed: The Kiss:


Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec’s painting, ‘In Bed: The Kiss’ is a bold painting showing two lesbians lovers kissing. This one shows a great deal of human emotion and the painter has drawn it to perfection. In the otherwise shaded painting, the artist has given a tinge of red color to the edge of the lips, giving this piece a lovely look.

In Bed The Kiss

2. Mona Lisa:

Mona Lisa needs no description; it is clearly one of the best paintings ever made. Created by Leonardo da Vinci, Mona Lisa depicts the calmness and patience of the artist. With the perfect blend of colors, a woman with folded hands and the most enigmatic smile is drawn by Leonardo to his best.

Mona Lisa

1. The Lake:


Georgia O’Keeffe’s painting named ‘The Lake’ is indeed very beautiful. The strong colors used in it define her bold outlook. This painting is a depiction of a smoothly flowing lake. It partly shows the calmness in the mind of the artist and her love for nature. It defines the most beautiful human emotion – eyes full of hope.

The Lake


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