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10 Overrated People In History Who Are Hailed For No Reason

Updated on 7 September, 2017 at 3:35 pm By

History is full of overrated people. The truth is that once you become popular, you keep gaining popularity just because you are popular till you reach the level of a legend. But if you look closely at the lives of some of these people you’ll find that they are not that legendary after all. I’m not saying that these people have never done anything great or worthwhile, but it’s just that they’ve become more popular than they deserve to be.

10. Justin Bieber:

Ok, so Justin Bieber doesn’t really belong in history yet but his popularity is so superfluous that I had to add him to this list. I’m not saying that he’s not a good singer but does he really deserve the kind of fame he’s received? He’s definitely not the greatest singer of our times. Carrying plethora of reasons to be hated, he’s definitely the most overrated personality in recent history.



Justin Bieber

9. Alexander, The Great:

Alexander is called “the great” because he gave himself that title. This is a case of history being written by the victorious. He was a sadistic and greedy king who spread his empire half way across the world. In doing so he killed thousands of people and drove his own army mad by his unrelenting pursuit to conquer more and more. What’s the greatness is having an army at your disposal and leading them into one war after another?


Alexander The Great

8. Mother Teresa:

Mother Teresa helped the lepers of Calcutta in India. She is seen as the image of a saint who dedicated her whole life to serving the poor. But in reality she spent more money on spreading her convent values than on helping the poor. She was also against birth control and fought strenuously against it. Yes, she did a lot of good work to help a lot of people but she definitely doesn’t deserve all the popularity that she’s received.


Mother Teresa

7. Nostradamus:

This guy predicted everything. The only problem is that his writing is not a simple account of the future but rather poems that can be interpreted to match any event. And that’s what’s been happening. He’s far too popular and overrated than for what he achieved. Thankfully now only the History channel cares about Nostradamus.




6. Confucius:

Confucius is another personality like Nostradamus that’s become a household name but people don’t really know much about him. Confucius preached personal and governmental morality which means that he preached that everyone should follow the rules so as to be moral and ethical. If his teachings were to be followed it would lead to a society where everyone was the same and there was no independence or freedom of thought. Everyone would fit into the rules of the society and be a good moral citizen. Just like China preaches.



5. Elvis Presley:

Elvis Presley didn’t write his own songs and he couldn’t play the guitar. His trademark moves weren’t really dance moves and he couldn’t act to save his life. Yet he’s considered the King of Rock n’ Roll. He definitely didn’t deserve to be as famous as he is.


Elvis Presley

4. Kurt Cobain:

Another overrated musician is Kurt Cobain. People think he’s God but the truth is that he was an ordinary vocalist. He couldn’t actually sing at all. His guitar work wasn’t impressive either. He was just the guy who rode in on the wave of popularity of the genre called Grunge. He wasn’t even one of the main guys of the Grunge scene, yet for some reason he ended up becoming the most famous.


Kurt Cobain

3. Christopher Columbus:

Christopher Columbus set out to find a new route to India and ended up discovering the New World. That’s what we hear but all of it is not true. He wasn’t trying to prove that the world was round, as Aristotle had already known that 1800 years earlier. He wasn’t even the first European to land in the Americas. The fact is he thought he had landed in India and refused to believe that he had discovered a new continent till his death.


Christopher Columbus

2. Abraham:

Abraham gave us Christianity, Judaism and Islam and thousands of years of bloodshed and holy wars. Whether or not he really existed is another thing, but he heard a voice in the desert and was ready to kill his own son just because the voice told him to. Not a great role model for forming religions around!



1. Jesus:

There is no evidence that Jesus really existed and even if he did, there is absolutely no evidence to prove that he was Son of God. He suffered for humanity’s sins and died and then was resurrected, and then finally disappeared into heaven. But what did all this accomplish? Except creating a religion that has fought many holy wars in his name? Fictional or real, Jesus is probably the most overrated personality in history.





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