Top 10 Open Source Wiki Platforms

4:43 am 24 Jul, 2013

Basically a wiki is a website which visitors can modify, edit or collaborate on. Wikis can be edited through a normal web browser or an accompanying plugin or extension – depending on the type of wiki software and the administrator settings of the website. Many websites these days are creating their own wikis, either to enhance their internal knowledge base, or to create a community to assist a large section of the society. Now, if you wish to let your visitors make contribution to your webpage easily, and enhance you webpage with their knowledge and experience – then wiki is a great option to provide such a platform. There are plenty of wiki engines available out there, so to streamline your search we have listed bellow top 10 open source wiki platforms that you can use.

10. Zoho Wiki:

Server cost plays a vital role in maintaining a website, so if you are someone who doesn’t want to download and maintain a wiki engine on your dedicated web server, but wish to run a wiki website, then Zoho Wiki by Zoho is probably the best wiki solution for your needs.  The intuitive and user friendly wiki – the Zoho Wiki if free to the limit of 2 wikis per user, which lets you create a dream website with all kinds of multimedia content. The Zoho Wiki employs WYSIWYG editor interface to edit and features tool to keep track of information (in pages and threads) using RSS feeds and subscriptions.

Visit the official website here: Zoho Wiki

Zoho Wiki

9. Wikia:

Wikia operated by Wikia, Inc. – for-profit Delaware company founded in 2004, is yet another open source wiki platform which lets you create beautiful wiki websites on their own server. Designed with the motive to earn profits through advertisement, Wikia offers users an opportunity to embed ad codes in a wiki website created on Wikia. In addition free web hosting, Wikia also provides users and attractive interface with provision to make categories etc on the web page.

Visit the official website here: Wikia


8. MindTouch Deki:

Web based wiki software and meshup platform, MindTouch Deki is divided into front written in PHP and an API written in C#. The user friendly MindTouch Deki uses WYSIWYG editor interface, which allows the administrators to make the wiki web page private, public or anonymous. MindTouch supports platforms like Drupal, WordPress etc.

Visit the official website here: MindTouch Deki

MindTouch Deki

7. Boltwire:

The easy to use web development engine, Boltwire imbibes the benefits of a CMS service, a wiki and a search engine in one. With its ground breaking design, Boltwire is an open source wiki which is coded in PHP and uses simple text files system (so no database is required).

Visit the official website here: BoltWire


 6. XWiki:

When it comes to recognizing a platform to develop web application with wiki platform, XWiki is the best name that comes to mind. The XWiki software is developed in Java under that paradigm of LGPL open source license, which makes it the second generation wiki platform. XWiki is a professional wiki with additional features such as blogs, LDAP authentication, PDF export and more. The XWiki is a great source for data based applications, all thanks to its advanced Form and scripting engine.

Visit the official website here: XWiki


5. PmWiki:

Famous wiki software coded in PHP under GPL, the PmWiki is completely customizable. The administrator can change the appearance and function on PmWiki quickly using pre provided templates (customization of templates is also permitted using HTML). The PmWiki allows administrators to password protect any group of individual pages, if need be. The administrators can easily customize new markup, while there are hundreds of extensions already available for assistance.

Visit the official website here: PmWiki


4. WikkaWiki:

WikkaWiki often known as Wikka is a free and light wiki engine, which uses MySQL to store pages and is written in PHP. In addition, the Wikka is 100% web-based installer or upgrader which allows 100 percent upgrading from WakkaWiki. The Wikka requires no root access, but it supports rewrite rules. Available with easy page editing features, the Wikka also allows the users to upload and download multimedia easily. The WikkaWiki comes with a wide range of plugins and also offers users a configurable login and registration screens.

Visit the official website here: WikkaWiki


3. TWiki:

The flexible, powerful and collaborative web application platform, TWiki is structured wiki used to run a development project, knowledge base, document management system or some groupware tool in the internet. Best thing about TWiki is that users without any programming language can also create a web application. Written in Perl the TWiki platform is released under GPL.

Visit the official website here: Twiki


2. DokuWiki:

DokuWiki is well documented and highly customizable open source wiki platform which is written in PHP. With over 70 design templates in its kitty, the DokuWiki requires not database as all the data is stored in text files. DokuWiki allows users to make unlimited page revisions, automated table and content generation, spam blacklist and password locks to avoid edit conflicts. The DokuWiki features Ajax-enhanced interface.

Visit the official website here: DokuWiki


1. MediaWiki:

Used by the best wiki website – Wikipedia, the MediaWiki 44 MB wiki software is available in more than 300 languages. Written in PHP, the MediaWiki is released under GPL and is features a WYSIWYG editor interface along with an extension that allows user to enable the editor. Hundreds of MediaWiki extensions or plugins are available for free which assist in helping you create a dream website.

Visit the official website here: MediaWiki


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