Top 10 Online Learning Platforms

11:30 am 1 Sep, 2013

We stress the word ‘Electronic’ because this word has overpowered everything in this era of technocrats. This digital revolution has changed the outlook of our young generation completely. Be it smart phones, digital cams, tabs, laptops or anything, 2G’s are moving to 3G’s and 4G’s at an extremely fast pace and this is mesmerizing students on the learning curve. If we start from a very basic level, we find that students are no more into paper work; they submit assignments and all such documents online.  Having much experience with internet, this is the common way of communication for students. Technology has also provided plenty of online learning platforms to one and all on a global geography, extending its reach even into remote areas. Let’s have a look at the top ten online learning platforms that can help you grow your skill set:

10. Udemy:

If you are a teacher and one of your own kinds, who wants to change the world with your skill set, then Udemy is where everything is stored in for you. It offers a wide range of lessons of divergent subjects be it web designing, creating apps or other education oriented courses. If you are an education freak, Udemy course-selection system is worth trying out.


9. Coursera:

Coursera has large number of educational courses available for teachers.  This is the most famous online platform used by schools and universities the world over. Its pedagogy and detailed homework assignments that come with every course, sets it apart from other online learning platforms.


8. Versal:

Versal is a newly launched e-learning platform and presently is focusing on teachers. It is an interactive platform where teachers are allowed to build courses online. So if you are merely looking for a way to share your brilliance this is the best online space to be in.


7. RCampus:

RCampus is a web-based online platform for teachers to create and conduct courses online. It is an excellent platform to post assignments, host discussions, post videos and one can also manage the grade book.


6. Learnopia:

Learnopia is an e-learning platform that hosts a free service to users. People can create courses, add assignments and learn a lot of things by making use of all the tools Leanopia has. It however comes with a caveat that if the course creator creates the course for free, then only the user can use the services for free.


5. Peer 2 Peer University:

Also known as P2PU, this platform is like an online community where students and university teachers share their knowledge. If you are an expert in any course, you can create and post it here for members. Although the courses are free of cost, only handful of people are allowed to enroll. This is done to make sure that the course and teachings are delivered properly to every member.

Peer 2 Peer University

4. Moodle:

Moodle is a virtual learning environment where everyone can learn and manage courses. To use this you’ll have to install it on to your server or you can use it if someone can host the services for you. This excellent hosting services has many tools that can help you increase knowledge levels and create a better learning environment.


3. Claroline:

The services offered by Claroline equals that of a virtual classroom where teachers can monitor student’s activities, post and collect assignments, conduct assessment activities, build personal wiki and create discussion forums to conduct useful discussions.


2. eDhii:

It is an online learning service which allows you to take and create self-learning courses for just about any topic. The fee, however, depends upon the course creator. If the course creator wants to charge any fee while creating the course, the students will be charged. Plentry of courses are available on eDhii with different course contents. The course content involves everything from texts, images, videos and everything required.


1. EDX:

EDX is a total new experience. From arts, science, to technology, EDX simply has the best courses on offer that the put together by the best teachers from the best universities. It has the coolest tools and game-like labs that make the molecule structure into an interesting 3D virtual structure. On this e-learning platform, one is not only privileged to learn from the best but it also provides access to befriend smart people.


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