Top 10 Obscure Geniuses You Need To Salute Right Now

3:01 pm 3 Sep, 2013

The world has seen all of them, right from the very ‘best’ to empty propagandists. Both the categories receive extensive media glare and are talked about greatly. It’s for their genius or idiocy they receive so much recognition and whole world lives to know more about them. There also lives a breed of ‘obscure-geniuses’ that rarely finds a mention. Their legendary works do receive recognition but for them aloofness is the way of life. Here are top 10 obscure geniuses who are a classic example of superhuman intelligence.

10. Philip Roth:

It’s hard to find a writer with the intellect and creativity as Philip Roth for one cannot rate him with the same criterion as many others who are recognized. Unlike Kit Reed, Roth is not only underrated but unpublicized too. Inspite of his powerful writing, Roth’s genius still needs to be appreciated.

Philip Roth

9. Johann Sebastian Bach:

Even for his unusually attractive musical arrangements, Bach’s genius went largely unnoticed. But, as the world witnessed a revival of interest in innovative musical scores, Johann specialty Baroque gained some recognition. Though for most part of his life, the prodigy was not recognized but it was Bach who brought together the very best of German, French and Italian music.

Johann Sebastian Bach

8. Henry David Thoreau:

He was one from the rare breed of scientific writers whose writings about social activism and nature have left a mark. His writing is also considered distinct from others because of underlying meanings they carry. Thoreau couldn’t find a publisher for many of his works during his lifetime. It was only in the 20th century that he received some kind of acknowledgment for his work. His days of solitary confinement make him the right candidate to be listed here.

Henry David Thoreau

7. John Keats:

This great writer lived a very short life. But, the huge volume of romantic literature that he left behind for the others to feed upon makes him the best in the field. Keats work was not appreciated during his lifetime for which Keats himself may be partially responsible for he was shy of sharing much of his work with others.

John Keats

6. Giovanni Verga:

If we critically consider the literature writings from the world over in terms of expression of thoughts then Giovanni Verga stands second to none. Unfortunately, this great writer who gave many jewels to the field of literature doesn’t find himself showered with as much respect and gratitude as many others much slighter to him. Despite the fact that this Italian novelist is read in almost all parts of the world, it’s nothing more than a dilemma why he is underrated.

Giovanni Verga

5. Woody Allen:

This American scriptwriter, comedian, director, producer and play writer is considered to be one of the bests in the celluloid world ever. However, his movies received more critical appreciation than others in his time. His comic timing and acumen were out of the world. He kept to himself a lot and is considered as one of the best comedians or humor creator, the world has ever seen.

Woody Allen

4. Vincent Van Gogh:

Considering the amount of work this prolific artist produced during his lifetime, Vincent Van Gogh should have been among the top 5 best painters of all time. Also, what makes him all the more special is that he suffered from epilepsy and depression. It was only after his death that his works begun to be notice and valued in Belgium, Germany and Netherlands. What lends him recognition today is the high price that his paintings/portraits command. One of his most famous works is the portrait of Dr. Gatchet.

Vincent Van Gogh

3. Emily Dickinson:

Known to pen down one of the most classic poetries of all time, Emily Dickinson was a pre-modernist poet of her time. She is rarely regarded as the very best among the crop of poets in her generation for the only reason that she lived in recluse and rarely interacted with the intellectual society of the time. She was surely an under-rated genius whose work only gained substantial recognition after her death.

Emily Dickinson

2. Vladimir Voevodksy:

Vladimir Voevodksy who is currently a professor at the Indian Institute of Advanced Study in New Jersey has radical research to his credit in the field of algebraic geometry and algebraic topology. For his outstanding contribution in developing ‘homotopy theory’ he even received Fields Medal in 2002. For all the revolutionary research work that he did, Vladimir is still considerably inconspicuous on the world stage.

Vladimir Voevodsky

1. Grigori Perelman:

The number 1 in the list of obscure geniuses, this Russian mathematician is known for his landmark contributions in the field of Riemannian geometry and geometric topology. His is known to contribute abundantly to the field of analytical and geometric structure. The man turned down many awards and recognitions in his life including the Clay Millennium prize in the year 2010. This 47 year old legendary mathematician maintains a distance from the media. For the very reason, he is faintly perceptible and not much recognized for the amount of revolutionary work he has carried out in mathematics.

Grigori Perelman


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