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Top 10 Noticeable Differences Between Hollywood And Bollywood

Published on 10 August, 2013 at 1:30 pm By

Bollywood & Hollywood rule hearts of billions of movie-buffs worldwide. Bollywood is a casual term for Indian cinema based in Mumbai, Maharashtra where as Hollywood is a place named in Los Angles, United States and the headquarters of the American film Industry. Despite various similarities both the movie industries draw their inspiration from varied sources, which provide basic ideas for commencing with a celluloid venture. Let’s have a look at the top 10 differences between Bollywood & Hollywood.

10. Different Genres:

A large part of Bollywood is about conventional song and dance sequences, running around the trees and mostly 20% is narrative. Justifiably so for the huge emotional quotient that we as Indians proudly base our lives upon. Bollywood movies include all romance, heavy emotions, comedy, action and suspense in one complete package. In short, we surely find solace in larger than life protagonists, where script plays the second fiddle. Hollywood rarely follows the trend of relying on music heavily, except for a few movies like Moulin Rouge. It drives its motivation from a diverse set of emotional, fictional (science, romantic, action, or horror) and non-fictional subjects with a universal appeal. The script plays and important rile and so does the protagonist and characters.

Different Genres

9. Special Effects:


The Matrix, The Matrix Revolutions and The Matrix Reloaded have re-defined the meaning of special effects in movies on a global scale. Surely, it involves considerable amount of greenbacks to fund this art work. On the other hand, Bollywood bases itself more on family oriented cinema that is high on drama and emotions. Of late, various projects namely Krrish, and Ra 1 have tried to break the stereotype, but it will take more time to establish itself in the genre.

Special Effects

8. Less Budget Accounts to Limited Artistic Liberty:

As already established, budget allocated to a movie under big banner is huge in terms of fee for actors and other miscellaneous costs. It plays a major role in designing the theme and exhibition of expressions in a movie. It doesn’t take much for a Hollywood director to afford few liberties here and there, but in India, barring major banners most of the Hindi film directors have to plan innumerably before execution to reduce wasteful expenses. Although, Bollywood is fast catching on the inclination and with the recent 100 crore box-office trends, the amount of money pumped in has risen exponentially in the past decade or such.

Less Budget Accounts to Limited Artistic Liberty

7. Popularity of Cinemas:

Celluloid always has an upper hand in entertainment sector be it in West or here in India. We can safely say Bollywood rules since it has the maximum popularity even in the west, Indian superstar and movies are a big hit even in the west as NRI audiences give lots of revenue to Indian cinema. Artists such as Amitabh Bachhan, Aishwarya Rai, Aamir Khan, Shahrukh Khan and others have become household names in the west too. Bollywood’s flourishing prominence in the world movie industry is surely a threat to Hollywood’s influence. Considering the growing audience for Bollywood, even Hollywood has to release its movies in Hindi to tap on profits in the Indian markets.

Popularity of Cinemas

6. Fine Actors:

It’s not just about a handful of actors and actresses who steal the show in Hollywood. Writers, lyricists, singers, screenplay writers, choreographers, cameramen and cinematographers – everyone in a team producing a Hollywood movie is an expert. In Bollywood, producers (in most cases) want popular actors/actresses; few item numbers and spicy stories to make it big. The recent fad is based on remake of blockbusters from the south India. Fine actors, it seems, don’t get many chances in Bollywood – although the leaning is set to change and already is, with introduction of actors and directors like Irrfan Khan, K K Menon, Tigmanshu Dhuliya, Anurag Kashyap, Dibakar Banerjee and many others.

Fine Actors

5. Super Hit Movies:

It’s commonly said that Bollywood makes movie stars and Hollywood makes star movies. This is what explains the fact that Hollywood makes matchless movies in comparison to Bollywood. Hollywood directors focus on one project at a time and take enough time to put together a perfect team unlike their Bollywood counterparts. This can also be reasoned out for the amount of money involved in one project for a Hollywood venture. While Hindi movies at maximum are budgeted around Rs 100 crore, it’s almost 4 times more cost that is incurred on a Hollywood sci-fi flick.

Super Hit Movies

4. Restrictive Approach:

In Hollywood actors can be from any part of the region as far as they fit a role. On the contrary Indian directors still feel more comfortable with local actors and seldom look out for foreign actors. Yes, in the recent past artists from other countries have been invited, but only for guest appearances.

Restrictive Approach

3. Technical Aspect:


Bollywood in these recent years has become more advanced than before, but coming to Hollywood no one can square the level of technical support it provides to its cinema. Movies like the Avengers, Independence Day, War of the worlds, World War Z the kind of technical effects used in these kinds of movies are out of the world and have made the audience to jump from their seats. Bollywood is yet to give us a marvel like that.

Technical Aspect

2. Global reach:

Although, Hollywood has a wider reach, it caters to the global audience; Bollywood is still in the initial stages of making its presence felt the world over. With the change in script writing, direction and cinematographic style, a change has been witnessed in the audience for Bollywood movies. It has created a deep impact on audience throughout East Asia with movies such as 3 Idiots. Hollywood action is now becoming redundant, and people globally are demanding for family oriented stories such as produced by Bollywood.

Global reach

1. Revenue Generation:


Hollywood does not rely on ticket sales like its Indian counterpart, Bollywood. It primarily derives income from various other channels besides ticket sales such as TV networks, magazines, and home videos. Bollywood largely depends on the sale of tickets at various cinema halls across the country and other parts of the world. Of late, the trend to make bucks through selling movie rights and music rights to broadcasters has picked up stream. Still, it is a long way to fill the gap between the outreach of Bollywood, but we’re getting there.

Revenue Generation


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