Top 10 Non-English European Music Bands

11:11 am 2 Sep, 2013

English bands are very popular among music lovers unlike bands from any other language. Due to the large number of English language speakers especially in US and Europe, these bands have earned a niche for themselves. But, there are some non-English European bands as well that have quietly and effectively made their way into the lives of music lovers not only in Europe but across the world as well. Here are top 10 non-English European music bands.

10. Negramaro:

Negramaro is an Italian rock band formed in the year 1999. The name was taken from ‘Negroamaro,’ a wine produced in Salento, their native region. The known members of the group have been Emanuele Spedicato – the guitarist, Giuliano Sangiorgi – the vocalist, bassist Ermanno Carla and drummer Danilo Tasco. Though Negramaro has been active right since its inception, but it became considerably popular after the festival ‘di Sanremo.’


9. Rammstein:

Rammstein is one of the best German bands ever. With not even a single song proving to be bad, each musical piece by Rammstein is hailed as pure genius. The band has been able to secure the reputation of a legendary metal band throughout the career. The musical albums like ‘Sehnsucht’ and ‘Mutter’ endorsed them a definite towering position not only in Germany but internationally. With poetic and meaningful lyrics fully complementing their full-of-throw sound, the band mesmerizes everybody around.


8. Avantasia:

Avantasia is a Germany based heavy metal super group project. This musical project group was started by Tobias, the vocalist of the band Edguy. The literary meaning of the name ‘Avantasia’ is ‘A world beyond human imagination’. Since the project features the participation of well-established musicians from time to time, it is extremely popular as ‘Rock Opera.’ The project includes different installments – ‘The Metal Opera’, ‘Lost in space’ Part I & II, ‘The Wicked Trilogy’ and ‘The Mystery of Time.’


7. Scorpions:

Scorpions is a famous German rock band that originated in Hanover, in 1965. This musical band is popular for its range of music that goes from hard rock to heavy metal. Klaus Meine has been the lead singer for all studio albums of Scorpions. And their guitarist Rudolf Schenker is the only consistent member of the band. Meine is one of the best vocalists in the world having a unique voice quality. Song like ‘Send Me an Angel’ and ‘Under the Same Sun’ are worth listening over and over again.


6. Korpiklaani:

Korpiklaani is a Finnish folk metal band, formerly popular as Shaman. For the first time, Korpiklaani did show up as ‘Shamaani Duo,’ the folk music group. Unlike all other folk metal bands that began with metal before folk music, Korpiklaani decided to go for folk music before turning metal. Later in 1996, they incarnated as ‘Shaman,’ a musical band quite popular for the heavy application of original native musical elements. They touched new dimensions of success by virtue of their slow, distinctive songs.


5. Silbermond:

Silbermond is a German rock band that started out from Bautzen, Germany. Silbermond means ‘Silver Moon’ in German. The band’s popular genres are German Rock, Pop Rock and Alternative Rock. The band with Stefanie Kloss as its lead singer and Johannes, Andreas Nowak and Thomas Stolle came together after a chance meeting in 1998 at the Ten Sing music project. Striking out on their own, the group began to perform with the name ‘Jast’ and rechristened as Silbermond in 2001.


4. Finley:

Finley is an Italian Rock Band that was put together in Milan in 2002. The band has Pedro, as the lead vocalist, Ka as the guitarist, Dani as the drummer and Ivan as the bass player. The band writes, composes, and sings its own songs. The group’s popular genres are pop, pop punk and hard rock. The group has sold over 300,000 records to this day.


3. Moda:

Moda is another famous group that sprung up in Milan in the year 2002 in Milan. Presently, the band has Francesco Silvestre as the lead vocalist, Diego Arrigoni plays the electric guitar, Enrico Zapparoli is the guitarist, Stefano Forcella is the bass guitarist and Claudino Dirani is the drummer. The band’s genre is pop rock. They are known for the labels such as ‘New Music’, ‘Around the Music’ and ‘Ultrasuoni’.


2. Vibrazioni:

Vinrazioni is a popular Italian Band that was formed in Milan in 1999. Like many other Italian bands it is still active and very popular.  The genre of the band is pop and it got worldwide attention in 2003 with the ‘Dedicato a te’ recording. The group members are Fransesco Sarcina as the composer, Stefano Verderi as the guitarist and keyboardist, Marco Castellani as the bassist and Alessandro Diedda as the drummer.


1. Sigur Ros:

Sigur Ros is an Icelandic band from Reykjavik. It was constituted in 1994 and since then has amassed a huge number of fan following. The band’s genre is post rock and is most famous for its blend of classical and minimalist aesthetic elements. The band has Jonsi Birgisson as the vocalist with George Holm and Orri Dyrason playing the guitar. The most popular labels of the band are ‘Fat Cat’ and ‘The Album leaf’.

Sigur Ros

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