Top 10 nightlife cities of the world

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Updated on 7 Sep, 2017 at 4:20 pm

The day is gone when folks were blindly following the traditional habit of “early to bed and early to rise.” They’ve now changed their mode of imaginations and have started to explore that what is the elegance of a nightlife and how the particular place looks when world is sleeping. Gradually, they are moving ahead for a “lost night” somewhere far forth. Across the world, TopYaps brings you a list of ten nightlife cities where after-dark, life becomes a thrill.

10. Auckland (New Zealand):

With a wide array of bars, nightclubs, live theatres, dance spots and a lifestyle on cutting edge, Auckland is for those people who are young by heart. The city of Auckland starts shining when the moon makes its trek across the sky with relaxed atmosphere and strong pulse of entertainment activities.

9. Dublin (Ireland):

Entirely inhabited by tourists all year along, this city rules the world for its wide range of bars where influx of students, locals and tourists could be spotted partying in the Irish way. All across the places in Europe, Dublin is the hottest spot for short breaks that ensure visitors to enjoy the stay with majestic burst.

8. Miami (United States):

Better known for comprising some of the hottest nightspots of the world, Miami is suitable for its reputation as you can easily spot top-notch celebrities of almost every field dancing, dining and overcharging the rattling atmosphere. Sensual vibes, tempting music and sizzling after-dark scenario are the key factors to actualize visitors that life in Miami is something else.

7.  Buenos Aires (Argentina):

Notable for trendy nightclubs, glamorous restaurants and astounding drinking hideouts, this city hardly ever sleeps. Better known as the “late night city” of the world, Buenos Aires is filled by heavily pierced and tattooed youths, reminding you that there is something for everyone to cheer up.

6. Ibiza (Spain):

Party capital of the world and one of the most visited islands in Europe, this “Mecca” of dance is the most preferable nightlife destination for tourists of all ages and tastes. This city is most notable for its seventies-style discos where you locate youth and voguish, rich and renowned and the beautiful and weird figures of society.

5. Thessaloniki (Greece):

Just stroll by this city and you’ll realize that what is the exact beauty of an exotic nightlife. Escapade to Thessaloniki  is considered as a lifetime experience for visitors as it is widely admired for offering fascinating entertainment platform in absolute Athenian atmosphere. If you’re packing your bags for this city then don’t forget to enjoy at least one night in bouzoukia (electrifying live music clubs).

4. Montreal (Canada):

Unlike others, this exotic nightlife destination can bring you more joy by offering the all bliss of Las Vegas without discharging your pocket. Adored for its hot nightlife in chilling atmosphere and trendiest clubs, Montreal holds the top position when it comes to celebrate the bachelor parties. Moreover, you can get a chance to see famous hotties dancing fanatically, regardless of occasions.

3. Rio de Janeiro (Brazil):

Hang out in the street (certainly with a beer in hand) that promises to have some action and wait till the sun goes down; you’ll come to knowthat nightlife in Rio de Janeiro is something class apart. Offering elegant restaurants and shockingly sensual bars, this city is famous for balancing traditions and novelty with smoothness. Don’t feel embarrassed if a seductive girl brushes you off and pull up her seat next to you. But you must take care of your precious “night out” because next morning you’ve to soak up sun on incredible beaches, followed by wave riding.

2. Belgrade (Serbia):

Whatever your age, whatever your budget, whatever your lifestyle; Belgrade is the one stop solution for your quest to live a life in one moment. You can ensure yourself that every night comes with a new experience in this city and that’s what Belgrade’s night all about. After visiting this moony place, for sure, you will advice your friends that Belgrade is “a place to be.”

1. Las Vegas (United States):

Whether it’s being entertained by lightgroup, partying with soul or watching a show on the strip, the exoticness of all these stuffs grab skies, when you’re in Las Vegas. Better known by its three words description – “One Wild Party,” this city of legendary status offers some unforgettable attractions that can make you realize that there is overmuch to see and do in this city in just one trip. Visit this city for once in your lifetime, it’s not going to break your bank.