Top 10 new generation German musicians

5:44 am 16 Nov, 2012

Germany’s contribution from olden times in music is phenomenal. It has given some of the best composers and musicians in the world who have taken music to the next level. Even the new generation of German musicians is nothing less. From Rock, Folk, Country, Black Metal to Blue Funk, Krautrock, Deutschrock, Neue Deutsche Welle (NDW), Deutschrock, Neue Deutsche Härte (NDH), Techno, Schlager, Hip Hop, No Wave, and Rap, these German musicians are full of creativity and inspiration. Let’s check out top 10 new generation German musicians, best known for giving decades of entertainment to global audiences.


10. Ramin Djawadi:

Ramin Djawadi creates orchestral music (Piano, Keyboard, Guitar) for television and movies. He earned appreciation for his Emmy-nominated work on the super hit TV show “Prison Break” as well as for his effort in composing music for films such as Batman Begins and Thunderbirds. Recently, he was even nominated for the Grammy’s for his guitar driven score for the hit superhero film Iron Man. The musician’s burgeoning talent is something to watch for.

Top 10 German musicians of new generation

9. Xavier Naidoo:

A backing vocalist, Xavier Kurt Naidoo is a German R&B and Soul songwriter, singer and record producer. Well known for his soulful voice, he has won many prominent awards including the ECHO and MTV Europe Music Awards. One of the famous new generation German musicians, he also has the credit of an English album “Seeing Is Believing” which he released in 1994 under his stage name Kobra.

Top 10 new generation German musicians

8. Peter Maffay:

With his rock music and musicals, Peter Alexander Makkay lovingly called as Peter Maffay, has been scoring from the age of 14. One of the top selling artists in Germany, he has sold over 35 million records till now. Peter holds the German records for the highest number one ranked singles in the single as well as album sales charts, counting 12 albums. A recipient of the Steiger Award in 2011, he is also a peace activist and presented a concert for German ISAF troops in Afghanistan in 2005.

Top 10 new generation German musicians

7. Peter Behrens:

“Da Da Da I Don’t Love, You You Don’t Love Me Aha Aha Aha,” this famous International hit of 1980s was given by the renowned band TRIO in which Peter Behrens was the well-known drummer. Although TRIO disbanded, the drummer with his unique formal attire went to become a solo artist, though he did not succeed. In 1988, he interpreted the the official song for the European Football Championship. Later, he started acting in movies too.

Top 10 new generation German musicians

6. Richard Z Kruspe:

The front guitarist of the German Neue Deutsche Härte (NDH) very famous band Rammstein, and the head of the band Emigrate, Richard Zven Kruspe is one of the most eminent new German musicians known for his works with bass guitar, guitar, keyboards and backing vocals. Founder of Rammstein, his main instruments for touring is ESP guitars such as ESP RZK Series, Various ESP Electric Guitars, ESP KH-2, and Takamine EF341SC Acoustic Guitar. Kruspe speaks fluent English and sings in English for the band Emigrate.

Top 10 new generation German musicians

5. Rudolf Schenker:

If you are a big fan of glam metal, heavy metal and hard rock, you are sure to know about this prominent band from Hannover in Germany. Yes, the Scorpions and if you are a fan of their hard rock songs, you are indeed aware of their founder and rhythm guitarist, Rudolf Schenker. The only consistent member of the Scorpions right from its inception in every album and every tour, Rudolf is well-known for his energetic riffing and feral live performances, which frequently include waving his guitar over his
head and tossing the guitar up and catching it.

Top 10 new generation German musicians

4. Udo Lindenberg:

A rock icon of the 1970s Germany, Udo began his career as a drummer and later established himself as a prominent German rock musician and composer. A great performer, he showed the world that a rock music with German lyrics can be an exceptional hit. The thin man with slouched hat and sunglasses has been an integral part of the German music scene for the past forty years. However, it took him more than forty albums to reach the top the German album charts.

Top 10 new generation German musicians

3. Herbert Gronemeyer:

Very popular in Austria, Switzerland and Germany, Herbert is a German musician entertaining the audiences with his piano and guitar in soft rock, pop rock, rock and pop. His signature song “Bochum”, released in 1984 is still very famous. The boy who created his band at the age of 12 is one of the Germany’s amazing and greatest music talent.

Top 10 new generation German musicians

2. Klaus Schluze:

Klaus Schulze is a German musician and electronic art music composer. He was a member of the electronic band Tangerine Dream. He also co-founded Ash Ra Tempel before a revolutionary and fruitful solo career of more than sixty albums release in 50 years. Prior to the band Tangerine Dream he was a drummer in a band called Psy Free.

Top 10 new generation German musicians

1. Christopher Von Deylen:

“My name is Christopher Von Deylen — and I am a Schiller” is the famous line by this talented German musician in every concert. An electronic musician and remixer, Christopher is one of the prominent German musicians of the recent years. He is also famous for starting the famous electronic project, Schiller which has sold over 7 million albums worldwide. Everyone’s favorite, Christopher who plays synthesizer and piano creates visionary music that is ahead of its time.

Top 10 new generation German musicians

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