Top 10 Necessary Evils For You in Life

2:00 pm 5 Mar, 2013


Sometimes we tend to do all kinds of wrong things and get away by deeming them as necessary in life. Such things, which are necessary but largely considered unacceptable and evil, are termed as necessary evils. They could be as commonplace as an addiction to fast food and, with respect to people, these “little things” may also include indulging in corruption and other kinds of forgery and, in case of countries, many would even justify war as necessary evil. Here for your understanding, we have listed top 10 necessary evils for you in life.

10. Fast food:

All kinds of chocolates, salty foods and greasy food items are what almost all of us prefer most. Not just because they are tastier alternatives to well cooked, low-calorie food items, but also because they are quick and easy to eat items. The over dependence on fast food item in a necessity, but the kind of illnesses that come for free with such foods makes it an evil for you.

Fast food - Necessary Evils For You in Life

9. Mobile phones:

Mobile phones and smartphones, with all the applications and features they offer, have become the need of the hour. Everyone needs a mobile phone to stay connected with friends and family. But mobile phones have also become a social evil, too. Many anti-social elements are using the technology for robbery and other crimes; still, we cannot let go of our mobile phones and therefore they can be termed as a necessary evil.

Mobile phones - Necessary Evils For You in Life

8. Facebook:

Facebook has become a social evil lately with almost half of the world population using it. The Facebook users complain of “Facebook fatigue”; and yet, the user involvement on the site is increasing with every passing month. There is no excuse for a person, today, if he is not active on Facebook. Thus, Facebook has actually crippled the real social life of people and confined them to the computer or some mobile devices’ screen.

Facebook - Necessary Evils For You in Life

7. Sex:


If love is eternal, sex is perpetual. Since time immemorial sex was seen as a way to express love, but steadily, with time, sexual inclination of people under influence of drugs and porn (freely available on different mediums) has become a new form of evil. Women around the world are falling prey to criminal-minded sexual freaks, who have transformed the natural act into a shameful one by violating the rules of morality.

Sex - Necessary Evils For You in Life

6. Internet:

Internet is mankind’s finest gift to itself. One can’t think of a life without internet. There isn’t anything that a person doesn’t consult the internet for. But, like all good things that are misused, Internet hasn’t escaped the blunt too. Besides, internet is being used by kids and adults for various cyber crimes, which has made internet an evil we can’t really do without.

Internet - Necessary Evils For You in Life

5. Religion:

Religion has become one of the biggest blights of modern society. Religion has become a disease for our society, which is dividing people and fueling intolerance among them. It is one of the most necessary social evils today. Necessary because each one of us follows a religion and are governed by the rules and policies of the same, which we tend to follow blindly as hypocrites.

Religion - Necessary Evils For You in Life

4. Television:

TVs have been in existence for decades now. Initially the transmission was in black and white, and the TV was considered a luxury. Now, there is hardly a house that can do without a TV set. And, with the onslaught of global entertainment, there are hundreds of channels which are aired in every country. With the abundance of entertainment, teachers, educators, social scientists and psychologists believe TV is doing more harm to people than good.

Television - Necessary Evils For You in Life

3. Alcohol:

Public health authorities, educators and philosophers around the world continuously prophesize about the negative effects of alcohol; yet, people, especially the youngsters, continue to drink dangerously and excessively. Alcohol is the mainstay of all parties and functions worldwide so it becomes a necessity but considering its ill effects on health and families, it is an evil for sure.

Alcohol - Necessary Evils For You in Life

2. Marriage:

Marriage is necessary, but how come it is evil? Indeed marriages are union of two individuals in holy matrimony as per the laws of nature. There is nothing wrong in getting married but it assumes the shape of an evil necessity when the very purpose of marriage is something other than love. When people marry for dowry, for a male heir or just to satisfy their carnal desires, marriage becomes a great sin; an evil one.

Marriage - Necessary Evils For You in Life

1. Money:


When we think of the most important thing in life, the one that comes to our mind is money. The want of money has made people desire to have enough of it so as to live all the aspects of life to the fullest without any problem. This makes people greedy as there cannot be enough of it. This blind race to earn more money, because nothing runs without it, has made people leave ethics behind and do everything – moral or immoral – to make more money.

Money - Necessary Evils For You in Life

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