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Top 10 Natural Hot Springs In The world

Published on 8 September, 2013 at 2:00 pm By

Long before the Jacuzzi brothers introduced hot tub to the world, many such natural huge tubs existed in the world. They were created nearly 20-45 millions of years ago, when the surface of the earth was ridden by terrifying volcanoes. Propelled by the geothermal heat, the bubbling hot water in the springs are rich in minerals which can be used therapeutically to cure many illnesses. These amazing hot springs are found all around the world, even under the seas and oceans. Some of them can reach temperature of 350°C which off course is not fit for a soothing bath. Here is the list of 10 natural hot springs of the world which are quite famous, though not every one of them is good enough for a dip.

10. Geysers of Ethiopia:

The two active geyser fields in Ethiopia – Allalobed and Dallol are located in Afar region. The Dallol salt springs and geysers are mysteries of the geothermal world, seeing that, it has created the most amazing and colorful salt terraces which is found nowhere else in the world. Surrounding the volcano are acidic hot springs, mountains covered by Sulfur, huge pillars of salt and isolated pools which gives it an alien appearance. Allalobed Geyser is the highest geyser of Africa, erupting up to 30 meters.

Geysers of Ethiopia

9. Blood Pond Hot Spring (Chinoike-Jigoku), Japan:


Blood Pond Hot Spring is one of the 9 Beppu hells in Japan. The magnificent natural hot springs of the area are referred to as blood pond hells due to the steaming red water which heats up to 78 degrees Celsius. The red color is due to high deposits of iron present there. The photogenic springs is considered a sight to behold and visited more often for viewing rather than bathing.

Blood Pond Hot Spring (Chinoike-Jigoku), Japan

8. The Yampah Hot Springs, USA:

Overshadowed by the glamorous Glenwood Hot Springs, the millions of years old Yampah Hot Springs are situated in vapor caves and were used as steam baths by the Ute Indians for healing and rejuvenating their bodies. They were discovered in 1860. The temperatures in the caves range between 110 to 112 °F which is ideal for baths. The minerals present in the water are known for its curative properties.

The Yampah Hot Springs, USA

7. Deildartunguhver, Iceland:

Deildartunguhver, is an amazing hot spring in Reykholtsdalur, Iceland. The very powerful hot spring has the highest flow of water at 97 °C at the rate of 180 liters/second ,which is used for central heating in Borgranes and Akranes. Looks like nature did not the wish the people of Iceland to suffer cold showers.

Deildartunguhver, Iceland

6. Ardabil, Iran:

The Ardabil hot springs – Beele-Darreh, Sar’eyn, Sardabeh and Booshloo – are located on the northeastern border of Iran. The hot springs are known for its therapeutic purposes, which can heal many skin diseases. Arrangements are made for the men and women to bath separately in its soothing natural water.

Ardabil, Iran

5. Valley of Geysers, Russia:

Situated in the remote area of Russia, the Valley of Geysers was discovered only in 1941. Valley of Geysers is the largest geyser field of Eurasia and second largest geyser field world, consisting of 90 geysers and many hot springs. It is elected as a one of seven wonders of Russia.

Valley of Geysers, Russia

4. El Tatio, Chile:

El Tatio is claimed to be the highest geyser (13,780 ft) field in the world, though the claim had been disputed recently. Surrounded by volcanoes the third largest geyser field is visited by many tourists who take dip in its hot springs despite the chilly winds. The early morning sight of the geyser field can be breathtaking as you watch the steam from the geysers condensing in the cool weather.

El Tatio, Chile

3. Pamukkale, Turkey:


Pamukkale, translating as ‘cotton castel’ in Turkish language, is one of the top tourist attractions of Turkey which is now recognized as a World Heritage Site together with Hierapolis. People have bathed in its mineral water for thousands of years. The sparkling blue water filling the white terraces created by travertine, a sedimentary rock which is deposited by the flowing water is a sight to behold. Kings of Pergamon built the city of Hierapolis on top the hot springs.

Pamukkale, Turkey

2. Frying Pan Lake, New Zealand:

When in 1886 Mount Tarawera was rocked by New Zealand’s largest volcanic eruption, killing hundreds of people, no one would have guessed that it would leave behind the largest hot spring of the world. With an average temperature of 50°C, the hot spring is dangerous in some areas where the water is boiling hot.

Frying Pan Lake, New Zealand

1. Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone National Park, USA:


Mammoth Hot Springs are the largest carbonate depositing spring in the world, in fact over two tons of calcium carbonate flow in Mammoth every day in the form of a solution. The hot springs located at the north side in Yellowstone National park, are known for varied hues of bright colors including tan, orange, yellow and bright white. The world’s largest geyser field, the hot springs along with the Minerva Terrace – an amazing travertine terraces created through ages have made Yellowstone National Park one of the most famous hot spring destinations of the world.

The Steamboat Geyser, Yellowstone National Park, U.S.A tourism destinations


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