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Top 10 Must Have Items for a Female Wardrobe

Updated on 1 May, 2013 at 9:03 am By

Almost every woman is conscious about her dressing sense or looks. And yet, they always seem puzzled standing before the closet. These females always want to enrich their wardrobe with their favorite items on the check-list. It may vary from person to person, some like western, others traditional, while there are those who have a taste for both. Girls go on shopping spree until and unless they are not satisfied with their desired stuff. Shopaholic mostly refers to women. Now, the liberated women want to keep pace with time, getting updated about the latest fashion trends. From funky to embellished, from casual to traditional, they want them all. It is only a woman’s privilege, what she likes to wear while it was the other way round previously. The females of 21st century are more evolved as they follow their instincts in fashion. They are the real fashionistas. We are going to steal a look on their closet, when presenting top 10 must have items for a female wardrobe.

10. Accessories:

By accessories, I mean jewelry, scarves, hats et al. It is completely your choice whether you want to go in for a subtle or a bold look. It depends on your personality whether your outlook is conservative and classic or modern. However stylish is your outfit, it is always incomplete unless it is matched with right accessories. Accessories add a finishing touch.


9. Flat Balles, Pump shoes, high heels et al:


The importance of shoes are best explained by Cinderella, how they help her get prince charming. If she is here to suggest, her footwear of choice would undoubtedly be a black leather pump. This enduring fashion statement is everyone’s favorite because it goes with jeans, trousers, skirts and frocks, suiting all time and occasions. Whether perfectly plain or patterned, a pair of black pumps adds sparkle to any outfit. It can be adorned irrespective of time-frame. But if you care little more for your soft heels, you always have the choice of fitting yourself in those beautiful ballerinas; Kareena Kapoor has a special liking for it. Even you can look drop dead gorgeous in a pair of stilettos. It is up to you to decide the height, keeping in mind of your comfort level with heels, but remember the higher the sexier! Try it!

Flat Balles, Pump shoes, high heels et al

8. Designer Sunglasses & Leather Handbag:

One must have at least a pair of designer sunglasses. There are many brands to choose from such as Gucci, Prada, Fendi, Rayban et al. It’s important to note that only good quality sunglasses can protect you against the ultra-violet rays, which can be damaging to your eyes. The preference should be given to good quality sunglasses not the budget. Although, majority of people opt for black colored sunglasses, I suggest trying eye-catching shades like orange, brown, and beige is a good idea. But what matters most is your decision. When you are choosing handbags, you can opt for a large genuine leather one, which lasts longer and secretly manages your all stuffs like cosmetics, wallet, medicine, tissues, mobile or even your sunglasses.

Designer Sunglasses & leather Handbag

7. Black leggings or Trousers:

A sleek pair of black trousers with a flattering fit is everyone’s favorite and must-have thing. Without any doubt, black pants are one of the few female wardrobe staples that you can wear with any random top you have in your closet. The universal appeal makes it popular. You can match them with classics for work or with skimpy tops for evening.

Black leggings or Trousers

6. Kurti & Churidaar:

However modern you are, being an Indian, you just cannot help yourself picking at least a set of churidar and kurti. It looks fabulous on slim figures, but you need not worry, even if you are little bulkier, it will add to your comfort level. Hunt for those extra-feminine chikan kurtis in soft colors, especially in summers.

Kurti & churidaar

5. Plain White T-shirt:

There is nothing more appealing than a plain white shirt or t-shirt. It is essential that it fits properly. It gives you a polished professional look, if worn at workplace. It looks best when it is worn with sleeves rolled up with a pair of skin-fit blue denim.

Plain white T-shirt

4. A pair of blue denim:

What we have just talked about! A nicely-fit pair of blue denim is everyone’s all-time favorite and one must make up her mind before buying it. One must see the proper-fit and the fabric.

A pair of blue denim

3. Evening Dress:


Sometimes you become upset when you did not find your little black dress or any evening gown for the ball room or candle-light dinner. A black dress is identified with chic or sophisticated style. The design remains simple like a V neckline, a fitted waist or a floaty skirt. It can be adorned with the right accessories. It’s one of the most essential pieces in your closet if you care for our clothing style. It gives the feminine and classy look.

Evening Dress

2. Black Suit:

In today’s corporate world, where women are competing against men, the power look matters a lot. The power suit should be always ready for any interview, work or a business meeting. One can opt for a blazer, pants and skirt for that elegant look. You can even pair the blazer with jeans and high heel shoes or wear the skirt with white top and cardigan. You may use your imagination.

Black Suit

1. Sari:


You look like a diva, when you find yourself wrapped around, in that five-meter long cloth. In recent times Sari has evolved as a modern dress too, doing away with the “behenji” look, when it’s paired with low-cut or strapless designer blouses. The elegance is simply unmatchable, when it is compared with any other dress under the sun. It is also the obvious choice as a wedding dress. Now even western designers are experimenting style with Saris, complimenting the Indo-western look.



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