Top 10 Musicians Who Wear Mask or Paint Faces

10:25 am 26 Jul, 2013

The most beautiful people on this earth are artists. They have their own little, beautiful and weird ways of expressing things; for them it’s not just about extending their art to the fans but also about entertaining them. Since ages we have seen musicians wearing a mask in public on their faces. They want be actually anonymous or just want to grab attention, nobody knows except them. But whatever the reason may be, most them have been successful in whatever they were trying to do. Audience likes them and their fans adore them for whoever they are on the stage. Here’s the compilation of top 10 musicians who wear masks or paint faces while live shows and still entertain their fans with their incredible voices:

10. Lady Gaga:

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, publically known as Lady Gag belongs to America. She is an American singer, songwriter, fashion designer, record producer and activist. She is often seen wearing a mask on stage shows and her music is adored by all her fans. She is known to be as highly vivacious musicians of all time who sets the stage on fire as soon as she climbs it up.

Lady Gaga

9. Joseph Bruce:

Along with his duo Joseph Utsler, Joseph Bruce wears this scary clown makeup while performing live on stage. Together they are known as Insane Clown Posse. If you are a diehard fan of this duo then you must be aware that the mythology of this duo surrounds Dark Carnival.

Joseph Bruce

8. AL Jolson:

Deemed as the world greatest entertainer, AL Jolson was an American singer and comedian who entertained his fans with his beautiful works. Though he was profound in all types of music but his comfort zone’s genre was jazz, pop standards, vaudeville, and Pop. He always enjoyed performing in blackface makeup because according to him the brunt cork mass gives him the freedom to perform.

AL Jolson

7. Deadmau5:

Joel Thomas Zimmerman commonly known by his fans as Deadmaus is a Canadian music producer and a performer from Toronto. He is known for variety of styles but most popularly as electronic dance music. He is also known as a dead mouse guy because he found a dead mouse near to his computer one day.  He wears this mask because he is a DJ actually and he doesn’t like to be represented as one, because of his dissatisfaction towards the description of this word.


6. Aaron Jerome:

This English artist started his career as a DJ in East London club. Now, he is a lead musician of the band SBTRKT. He is best known for the albums Young Turks, Step in shadows, Timeless and Right place. Aaron Jerome and the other singers in SUBTRKT are mostly seen performing with masks in their live stage shows.

Aaron Jerome

5. Tyler, the creator:

Tyler Gregory Okonma is an American singer and rapper. He was born in California, he came into existence as the leader of alternative hip hop collective Odd Future. His first album was Bastard. Of late he is also seen performing with masks in his latest work “SHE”.

Tyler, the creator

4. Lágbájá:

He is a Nigerian Afrobeat musician who is popularly famous for facelessness. His mask is used as an icon of man’s facelessness. The name Lagbaja means ‘no body in particular’ and the mask the facelessness, the voice of the society, particularly in Africa. His genre of music ranges from Yorub music to Jazz music.


3. Daniel Dumile:

Daniel Dumile is an American artist who is famous for his unique lyrics and super villain stage persona. He is renowned for couple of stage names; the most famous out of them was MF DOOM. When asked for the reasons for covering his face, he deemed DOOM’s infamousness the reason for this.

Daniel Dumile

2. Thomas Bangalter:

Thomas Bangalter is a French electronic musician who is a major part of the French house music duo Daft Punk. He is best known for his album Irreversible, which has relieved a lot of appreciation from critics and fans as well. The robotic helmets worn by Thomas Bangalter and his other partner are these days considered as the most iconic masks worn by any artist till date.

Thomas Bangalter

1. Brian Patrick Carroll:

He’s popularly known as buckethead because of the mask he wears in all his performances. He is a guitarist and instrumentalist. Brain Patrick Carrol is specialized in many genres. He is famous for wearing KFC bucket on his head and a plain white mask on his face all the time.

Brian Patrick Carroll

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