Top 10 Movies You Find Difficult To Watch

11:30 am 31 Aug, 2013


Cinema has entertained generations of film buffs and there is no dearth of movies of different genres that have remained timeless and become classics. At the same time, there are some films either so boring in content or so ghastly in horror to watch that one cannot do more than once. While everyone may have a list of must watch films, but here we put together a list of top 10 such films that you would find difficult to watch again and perhaps even for the first time.

10. A Serbian Film (2010):

This 2010 Serbian film was intended to be a horror movie but considering the pornographic content it contained, it was not what the audiences could watch much beyond the opening scenes. The movie portrayed several sexual taboos and introduced some stomach churning and perverse subjects such as ‘newborn-porn’. Some of the scenes were enough to send you running for the exit door. Barring sexual predators, all found the film too offending with sickening content.


A Serbian Film (2010)

9. Cabin Fever (2002):

The movie is surely on the list just for the reason that it was high on content that can take away your night’s sleep with no trouble. The thought of flesh eating virus can be discomforting for anyone especially if you are sitting in a cinema hall with a coke in one hand and munching in the other. The cringe-worthy shaving scene was the other turn-off.



Cabin Fever (2002)

8. Euro Trip (2004):

One of the comic movies in the American Pi series, Euro Trip was actually low on comic content and nudity ruled the roost. This 2004 comic venture directed by Jeff Shaffer was an American-European teen adventure that failed to tickle the funny bone. Barring some odd sequences, the movie was based on a confused plot with naked bodies compensating for humor.


Euro Trip (2004)

7. Skyfall (2012):

Arguably the most boring Bond movie ever, Skyfall wouldn’t have seen even a single movie goer had Daniel Craig not starred in it. The movie lacked in hidden magic that we usually associate with Bond movies. James Bond himself looked rugged and beaten up in almost all the sequences. The thriller-action-drama was seriously lacking and it demanded a James Bond in real to watch it till the climax, which was of course missing in absolute terms.


Skyfall (2012)

6. Pirates (2005):

Those who didn’t know about the content in the movie beforehand and unfortunately made their way into cinema theatre with their family must be cursing themselves till this day. The movie was just about real porn and pornography. Almost all the renowned faces in the porn world came together to make this venture a reality. Even if you are alone, I bet you wouldn’t find it easy to get through with the flick without a sense of guilt later.


Pirates (2005)

5. The Girl Next Door (2007):

Adaptation from the novel of the same name, the movie directed by Gregory Wilson is one of its kinds. The flick is based on a very depressing plot that is rich in tortures and abuses committed on a young girl during the time she lived in care of her aunt. The movie is so hard-hitting that it can numb your senses completely by the time it ends. The way the girl keeps up with the abuses inflicted on her can make you scream loud in desperation and dejection.


The Girl Next Door (2007)

4. The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009):

One of the most boring series of movies Hollywood has ever been a party to, this movie in particular was probably scripted to test the movie goers ability withstand sheer boredom. Meticulously and strenuously boring, it seemed as if zombies were conducting death-march all through the movie and that too in total darkness. The most boring character of Bella played by Kirsten Stewart made the plot appear all the more mundane and motionless.


The Twilight Saga - New Moon (2009)

3. Inception (2010):

This 2010 released sci-fi venture was an instant success, the world over. The picture that stars a large ensemble cast including Leonardo DiCaprio is tough to comprehend at one go due to the multi-level or lucid dream sequences. Although, movie has many takers for its bizarre plot, it requires a seriously boring person high on intellectual backing to watch and enjoy it till the end. It’s good for people who adore flicks with no-continuity errors but… aren’t such blokes zombies?


Inception (2010)

2. Martyrs (2008):

This 2008 flick based on a retribution plot can terrify you with its challenging sequences. The thriller drama is based around a quest for revenge of a woman who raises a vow to settle scores with her tormentors who inflicted abuse on her during her childhood. The movie unfolds in front of your eyes as a terrifying journey that can make you feel the scare of hell at one point in time during the drama. Better to maintain some distance if you find hard to digest petrifying sequences.


Martyrs (2008)

1. Cannibal Holocaust (1980):

Directed by Ruggero Deodato, this Italian movie released in 1980 was termed as confused in its plot by many but what it dished out in certain scenes make it truly haunting. The movie was extremely gory and high on red blood featuring cannibals. It was so disturbing in some of the scenes that audience especially females were forced to gag their mouths to abstain from puking in the cinema hall. Even I watched it through the peek in my fingers to make sure I end up with the movie unharmed. The content was really disturbing to be honest.



Cannibal Holocaust (1980)

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