Top 10 Movies to Watch When You Are High

10:30 am 7 Feb, 2013

Being comfortably high can be a productive time for most people. The mood is right, tensions seem far away, and nothingness is all you have. When you are high, one of the best things you can do is watch a movie, especially one that takes you on frantic ride of whimsical laughter. So, here’s for the next time you’re high, a list of the top 10 movies that you must try watching.

10. The Holy Mountain (1973):

Ok, now, probably this one’s a movie that hardly makes sense when you’re sober, but try watching it when you are high. A group of nine men in their quest to find the immortal God is more than what we can term bizarre. But apparently, seven wealthy people, a guide, and his Christ like (only in appearance) assistant are brought together by the hand of fate to undertake this journey of mystical stupidity.

 The Holy Mountain (1973)

9. Naked Gun (1988):

Many claim this movie cannot make sense unless watched over and over again, and even then the chances are but little. But, what if you’re high?  Maybe that will take you on a spree of uncontrolled laughter, wanting to become part of the spoof. According to the plot, Queen Elizabeth II of England is coming to town, and Ludwig the bad guy plans to assassinate her using an empty head baseball player.

Naked Gun (1988)

8. Punch Drunk Love (2002):

A romantic comedy drama, this one earns Barry Eagan (Adam Sandler) lots of sympathy, especially when you’re high. Bullied and damned by six sisters, poor Barry is never able to fall in love, but then one day he finds a harmonium, and also meets a mysterious women; and this changes his life forever. His romantic journey begins, and so does some serious thrill and goon fighting.

Punch Drunk Love (2002) - Watch it when you are high

7. Office Space (1999):


Describing the typical agony of all IT persons during the 1990s in America, Office Space is a satirical movie that garners universal sympathy by all audience. It revolves around the story of Initech Employees, who are soon to be fired, for which an outside consultant has been hired. Peter, one of the employees, seeks help from a hypnotherapist Dr. Swanson, who hypnotizes peter, and soon after dies. This leads to many twists and turns in the story that will knock you off your chair.

Office Space (1999)

6. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971):

The movie tells how Willy Wonka, a reclusive person, selects five people to take a tour of the factory and learn the secrets of the Wonka candy. Among these is a poor boy, who gets selected by grace of fate, but will he make to the chosen one in the end, who will get a lifetime supply of Wonka Chocolate for free?

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971)

5. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004):

A movie which you can enjoy when sober, seems to delight even more when you are high. The story narrates the demise of Joel Barish, whose impulsive girlfriend Clementine not only abandons him, but gets him erased from her memory. He decides for the same thing, but while the procedure of erasing his memory is underway, he realizes that he truly loves her, and would do anything to get her back.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) - Movies to watch when you are high

4. Natural Born Killers (1994):

One hell of a movie, Mickey and Mallory, the two lovers and outcasts are set on a spree of murdering random people on the streets, not for money, or for revenge, but for the simple pleasure that sets in the kicks. Their story is glorified by the media, and so they almost attain the status of national villains so to say. At every scene of slaughter, they leave exactly one person alive, who then tells their story to the police and the media.

Natural Born Killers (1994)

3. Little Nicky (2000):

Not such a hit at the box office, Little Nicky is one of those movies best enjoyed when you are high. Try imagining the world of kid whose mother is an angel and father a devil. And to top some more spice to this, he has two evil brothers who have escaped hell and are soon about to wreck havoc on earth. Simultaneously, Nicky’s father is also disintegrating, and Nicky has to save him and the world from his rather brother about to turn into the Satan.

Little Nicky (2000) - Enjoy watching this when you are high

2. Knocked Up (2007):

Alison Scoot and Ben Stone meet at a pub and start with conversation that ultimately ends up in a one night stand. The next morning, the two return to their normal lives, only to discover eight later that Alison is pregnant with Ben’s baby. The two decide to live together and have the baby, but does Ben, the careless, child like person, really have it what it takes to have a child?

Knocked Up (2007)

1. The Big Lebowski (1998):


What’s in the name, perhaps more than you can imagine. Jeff Lebowski, an unemployed lazy bum and an avid bowler, he calls himself ‘The Dude,’ and soon his identity is mixed and he is introduced to a millionaire, Jeffery Lebowski, whose trophy wife has been kidnapped. The rich fellow asks Jeff to deliver the ransom to the kidnappers, but things turn ugly when his friend Walter plans to keep all the money.

 The Big Lebowski (1998) - One of the best movie to watch when you are high

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