Top 10 Movies That Make You Cry a River

7:41 am 22 Mar, 2013

Movies have always been a medium of entertainment for the people worldwide. There are different genres of movies. Apart from the regular movies with blissful endings, there is a section of films that are based around glum themes. The motive of such movies is not to inject gloomy feelings in the heart of an audience. These movies only present the sad realities of life on the big screen. Below you’ll find a compilation of top 10 saddest movies that make you cry every damn time watch them.


10. Requiem for Dream:

A movie released in the year 2000, ‘Requiem for Dream’ is an American drama that was directed by Darren Aronofsky. A cinematographic gem, the film portrays different forms of addiction and its adverse effect on the people. The movie portrays the life of drug addicts trapped in the world of hallucination and illusions. The desperation showcased by various characters in the movie can make any head droop in grief.

Requiem for Dream - saddest movies  that make you cry a river

9. Sophie’s Choice:

It is one of the best movies that pertinently showcase the pains and sorrows in the life of a person caught in a desperate struggle between love and survival. ‘Sophie’s Choice’ has a beautifully written story that revolves around a girl named Sophie and her lover who share a flat in Brooklyn city with a young writer. The movie ends on a sad note when Sophie and her lover commit suicide. It is next to impossible to control your tears as the story ends.

Sophies Choice - saddest movies  that make you cry a river

8. The Pianist:

A biographical war drama, ‘The Pianist’ was released in the year 2002 and stands on #8 in the list of saddest movies that make you cry. It was directed by Roman Polanski and hailed highly by the critics and viewers alike for its tragedy-based storyline. The movie is an adaptation of a real-life World War II memoir. It is based on the heartrending incidents in the life of a Polish Jew trapped in the times of Nazi Germany’s invasion of Poland. The distressing scenes picked up from the memoir have been masterly created by the director in form of the movie.

The Pianist - saddest movies  that make you cry a river

7. I Am Sam:

The movie starring Sean Penn, Dakota Fanning and others, ‘I Am Sam’ is one of the most touching movies ever produced worldwide. The movie has an excellent plot based on the life of a man who is inflicted with developmental disability. He is father to a seven year old inquisitive girl. His wife abandons him and their daughter. Despite his limitations, he lives with his daughter happily but surely with an everlasting pain in heart. The movie strikes a chord with all and earned accolades from world over.

I Am Sam - saddest movies that make you cry a river

6. Lost in Translation:

As the name suggests, the movie is based on the translation of the life of a man and woman who meet by chance in Tokyo in search of a better and more interesting life. A bored college graduate and a fading actress then strike an unusual bond that leads to new changes in their life. These changes bring back some memories, too. Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson played the lead roles in this movie.

Lost in Translation - saddest movies that make you cry a river

5. Boys Don’t Cry:

The movie is about the life of a tomboy who lives in the society under the garb of a male but is soon identified as a biological female. The cast includes Hilary Swank, Chloe Sevingy and others. The movie articulately describes the pain in the life of the teenager who struggles to live life gracefully in the cruel society blinded by irrational morals and superstition.

Boys Dont Cry - saddest movies that make you cry a river

4. Schindler’s List:

‘Schindler’s List’ is set in the Nazi camps during the Holocaust and depicts the important role played by a real-life German businessman Oskar Schindler who saved the lives of many Jews by employing them in his own factories. It’s pretty hard not to experience the grief and pain of the Jews as the movie progresses. Directed by Steven Spielberg, Schindler’s List is known for its sheer class of narration as well as for being one of the greatest movies based on true stories.

Schindlers List - saddest movies that make you cry a river

3. The Green Mile:

Tom Hanks starrer, ‘The Green Mile’, is another masterpiece that grips the audience till the very end with its melancholy touch. The story describes the life of a corrections officer on a death row in America during the period of the Great Depression who oversees some supernatural events. The film is narrated in the flashback and sedates the audience in a creative but sad way.

The Green Mile - saddest movies that make you cry a river

2. The Notebook:

This is a story about a poor but fervent man who falls in love with a rich girl. The two of them share an excellent chemistry. However, as weeks pass by, differences crop up between the two and the story ends with their separation. The whole movie is so brilliantly narrated that the separation instills feeling of sadness in the audience. The characters — Noah and Allie, are considered as one of the most favorite on-screen romantic couples.

The Notebook - saddest movies that make you cry a river

1. Marley and Me:

One of the best movies ever made in the history of world cinema, ‘Marley and Me’, leaves viewers with a sad heart. The storyline of the movie is spun around a dog named Marley that is based on the memoir of the similar name by John Grogan. The movie showcases how a dog teaches lessons of life to a family. The dog is portrayed as a naughty animal which amazes the viewers with his charm throughout the movie. However, he dies at the end leaving everyone with wet eyes and hearts desperately hoping for a happy ending.

Marley and Me - saddest movies that make you cry a river

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