Top 10 Movies That Become Extremely Funny When Watched Backwards

Updated on 9 Jul, 2014 at 8:53 am


Have you ever wondered how much fun it would be if you could watch movies backwards? If you have then, like me, you have too much free time on your hands and you need to get a life! Lucky for you there are many people like us who have nothing better to do than to think about how funny movies can be if watched backwards. This internet meme started a few years ago and since then all our favorite movies have been transformed into extremely hilarious reverse versions. Read on about the top 10 backward movies and we’ll think about getting a life after that. Here are the top 10 movies that turnout to be extremely funny when watched backwards.

10. Iron Man:

If you watch Iron Man backwards it’s about this superhero who gets tired of fighting and gradually dismantles his suit. Stark then goes to the desert to destroy the prototype of the suit. A physicist then does surgery on him to remove his magnetic chest plate while under capture of the Afghan terrorists. Stark then decides to kill the terrorists by building weapons and the movie ends with the success of his Jericho missile.

Iron Man

9. Hostel:

Hostel watched backwards is a heartwarming story about where Americans come from. They are stitched together by European scientists in a secret lab. When they come to life they are given escorts to have fun in Europe before going back to America to settle down.


8. Lord Of The Rings:

Lord of the Rings trilogy backwards is a really boring story about a hobbit who finds a ring in a volcano and then slowly walks back to home in the shire only to leave the ring in his uncle’s house hoping that he comes back for his 111th birthday party. The movie ends on a happy note as his uncle comes back and takes the ring. He hires the local guide Gollum who shows him the way back home. Meanwhile the fellowship of the wizard, elf, dwarf, man and hobbits resurrects lord Sauron’s Orc’s who help rebuild the Middle Earth.

Lord Of The Rings

7. The Matrix:


The Matrix watched backwards is about a guy named Neo who works for the resistance and likes to play virtual reality video games in which he is a superhero. He slowly gets worse at playing the game and more players keep joining him so he decides to leave the resistance. The ship drops him in the gutters from where he is sucked up into a machine and attached to the matrix. He enters the matrix and starts living as a normal man. Morpheus keeps bothering him but slowly he gets rid of him and breaks all contact with him.

The Matrix

6. Titanic:

Titanic when watched backwards starts with an old lady throwing a necklace in the sea. Later a ship throws a lot of its passengers in the middle of the ocean and leaves them to drown in the sea near an iceberg. The submarine/ship Titanic rises from beneath them and saves all the people. Leonardo helps Kate find her fiancé while the ship is draining all the water inside. They then have a nice cruise to England. Some people try to hide a nude painting in a sunken ship. The end.


5. 2012:

2012 when watched backwards is a story of a world that is completely covered with water. A large ship is floating on the water with a highly untrained crew. Slowly the water starts receding and the world starts healing itself. Buildings form out of ruble and large pieces of land come together to form cities. In the end John Cusack leaves his children and their mother with another guy and becomes a limo driver.


4. 127 Hours:

127 hours when watched backwards is a heart warming story of a handicapped guy who is dropped by a helicopter in the middle of the desert. He wanders around till he finds an arm lodged under a rock. He spends 127 hours trying to attach the arm to his and finally succeeds. He then parties with two girls and hikes a little till he finds a bike. He rides the bike and finds a car. He drives his car to the city and the movie ends with a nice song.

127 Hours

3. The Shawshank Redemption:

The Shawshank Redemption is about two guys who are living at a Mexican beach. Morgan freeman decides to leave and after working at a grocery store goes to jail. Tim Robbins gets lonely and decides to find Freeman. He finds some jail clothes in a ditch during a storm, crawls through shit to enter the jail and luckily finds a hole to an empty cell. The two friends then spend many years enjoying each others friendships but slowly they drift apart and then Tim Robbins leaves Shawshank.

The Shawshank Redemption

2. Avatar:

Avatar backwards is the story of Na’vi guy named Jake who finds a human body and with the help of the tribe possesses it. He then goes on to build a significant human population that helps the Na’vi in restoring their planet. The humans also help plant a giant tree in which all the Na’vi settle down. Eventually Jake abandons the tribe and Pandora to come to settle down in Earth.


1. Cast Away:


In backwards Cast Away, a guy gets tired of his wife and builds a raft to escape to a small island in the middle of nowhere. He gains weight on the island and lives happily for 4 years before his wife hires FedEx to bring him back from the island. This time he manages to love his wife and takes up a job with FedEx. A happy ending.

Cast Away