Top 10 movies on women empowerment

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Women empowerment is generally a soundless theme for Hollywood, as it has a habit of depicting stereotype women in movies. It has done so with the blondes and the size zero models and actress who flock the screen and make normal women feel like potato sacks. Other stereotypes include the damsel in distress, the girl next door, the femme fatale, the bookish librarian, and the helpful nurse. But then, Hollywood also has a habit of filming exceptions. And though rare there actually exist movies on women who are not only complex, but also hold their own in a world dominated by men. So if you want to feel fierce, proud, independent and beautiful all at the same time, go on and watch the entries of this list.


10. Silence of the Lambs (1991):

This is a movie about a passionate and sharp outcry against crimes inflicted upon women. Set in eerie times, this movie on women empowerment is about a scared women, but Jodie Foster makes being one look so powerful!

Top 10 movies on women empowerment: Silence of the Lambs

9. Charlie’s Angels (2000):


Cliched in the hot bombshell of the way, but still it’s the act of watching it that makes this movie empowering; never before have women been at the forefront of such a big-budget, stunt-filled, special-effects driven brouhaha. The result is a heavenly fantasy ship motored by possibility and delight—and it doesn’t hurt that one of its captains is Drew Barrymore, whose life’s work is to give voice to disenfranchised female characters. A must watch movie for those who love the women empowerment genre.

Top 10 movies on women empowerment: Charlies Angels

8. Amelie (2001):

Another Oscar winner. The story of a lonely girl’s quest to free herself from isolation. Very artistic, very liberating, very beautiful and the thrill of the movie is watching how it denizens flower under the quirky touch of Amelie and the artist-meddler-romantic-stalker-saint.

Top 10 movies on women empowerment: Amelie

7. Girl Interrupted (1999):

This movie is shrewd, tough and lively! It is the story of a young woman who commits herself to a mental institute after being diagnosed with BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder). The various patients at the institution add character to the movie and the individual scenes are full of powerful acting. This movie on women empowerment is a perfect description about how women are troubled by the society and amidst the discrimination they try to preserve their integrity with a crude feminist outlook.

Top 10 movies on women empowerment: Girl Interrupted

6. 9 to 5 (1980):

An oldie but a goody.  Although tongue-in-cheek, this take on the power of female friendship and the force of determined women supplies lots of laughs and a happy ending, all because of Jane Fonda’s, Lily Tomlin’s and Dolly Parton’s great show!

Top 10 movies on women empowerment: 9 to 5

5. Bend it Like Beckham (2002):

She loves Beckham, we love Beckham! Jesse bent it like Beckham and won our hearts. The struggle of an Indian girl to play football challenging all traditions and breaking all rules. This movie scores for acting, for Kiera Knightley and of course for football!

Top 10 movies on women empowerment: Bend it Like Beckham

4. Aliens (1986):

The femme fatale, but still as gun-toting baddie Ellen Ripley, she gives her otherworldly opponents pause.  As a role model for women everywhere, she shows conviction in the face of fear, loyalty for companions (no man, child, or android left behind), and a knack for handling weaponry and forklifts that makes modern actresses with a few kung-fu moves under their belt look like wussies.

Top 10 movies on women empowerment: Aliens

3. A league of Their Own (1992):

See this one for sportsmanship and rivalry alike! See it for its stinging feminist manifesto! The story of two sisters who join the first female professional baseball league and struggle to help it succeed amidst their own growing rivalry.

Top 10 movies on women empowerment: A League of Their Own

2. The Queen (2006):

Diana passes away and her majesty the Queen Elizabeth II struggles with her reaction to a sequence of events nobody could have predicted. Calm, poise and royalty — this movie has everything. Another Oscar winner movie based on women empowerment. Another movie which leaves you feeling empowered.

Top 10 movies on women empowerment: The Queen

1. Erin Brockovich (2000):

Julia Roberts made being a single mom look so sexy!  This movie tells the story of an unemployed single mother becomes a legal assistant and almost single-handedly brings down a California Power Company accused of polluting a city’s water supply. Roberts got her Oscar for this. And well this movie on women empowerment will tell you how far hard work and being smart can get you!


Top 10 movies on women empowerment: Erin Brockovich

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