Top 10 Movies of Marlon Brando You Can’t Refuse to Watch

10:00 am 9 Mar, 2013


Very few actors have impacted world cinema in a way the legendary actor from Omaha, US did. Marlon Brando, widely known for his on-screen magnetism and “mumbling” diction is regarded as one of the greatest actors born in the 20th century. His ‘greatness’ can easily be established from the words of another comprehensive actor Jack Nicholson who said “When Marlon would die; everyone would move a step upwards.” Here is a list of top 10 movies of Marlon Brando one should surely watch in his lifetime –

10. Sayonara:

In this 1957 released American film; Marlon Brando plays the role of a Korean War fighter pilot. The movie portrays him as a smart officer who falls for a Japanse girl, much against the rules established by the US Army. The most refreshing feature of the movie is the typical Asian accent used by the legendary actor.

Sayonara - Movies of Marlon Brando You Can't Refuse to Watch

9. One Eyed Jacks:

Apart from featuring as an actor in the 1961 classic, Marlon also tried his hands at direction in his gripping and mesmerizing directorial debut. The actor was highly brilliant in the role of Kid Rio, a character in the movie who is in search of an opportunity to teach a lesson to his unfaithful crime partner. The role was highly emotional & dramatic. His performance in the movie was received quite well by millions of his fans.

One Eyed Jacks

8. On the Waterfront:

The famous crime drama of 1954 has, over the decade, become a cult among the cinema buffs worldwide. The sole reason is the famous speech (“I coulda been a contenda”) by the celebrated actor in the role of a workers’ union leader. Brando won the award for Best Actor at the Oscars for the movie and the character of Terry Malloy inspired many idealists and raised the pangs of conscience in the society for the years to come.

On the Waterfront - Movies of Marlon Brando You Can't Refuse to Watch

7. The Young Lions:


Revolving around the World War II, this 1958 released movie is based on the war related incidents of two American soldiers and one German soldier (Marlon Brando). The movie is very uplifting in the sense Brando has tried to overcome his type cast image during that time and experimented with the character of a German soldier during the Nazi rule. The movie is renowned for the performances of all the actors (mostly method-actors) that delighted the audience like anything.

The Young Lions

6. The Freshman:

A crime comedy film released in 1990, ‘The Freshman’ is simply known for the way Brando parodies his role of Vito Corleone in “The Godfather”. The character of Carmine Sabattini enacted by him fills the air with sublime touch of humor and elevates the plot astoundingly. The popular movie is known for comic performances delivered by the imposing actor.

The Freshman - Movies of Marlon Brando You Can't Refuse to Watch

5. Last Tango in Paris:

One of the milestones in the long lasting career of the great actor, Last Tango in Paris is one of his highly remembered movies. He plays the character of an expatriate American who is living in Paris and reeling from his wife’s suicide. At the same time, he gets into a relationship with a young girl. The character demanded high level of restrain and composure.

Last Tango in Paris

4. Apocalypse Now:

A 1979 war film, the movie featured Marlon Brando as Colonel Kurtz. The movie was critically acclaimed by everyone and so was the character played by the well-known actor. The character of an insane military official played by him was highly treasured by movie goers. In addition, he seems have dominated all other characters in the movie at times due to his immaculate acting skills.

Apocalypse Now - Movies of Marlon Brando You Can't Refuse to Watch

3. Burn:

The character of Sir William Walker played by Marlon Brando in the film ‘Burn,’ released in 1969, is still famous. The Spanish accent of Brando in the movie lifted up the role to a new high. His instigating dialogues in the movie were more than enough in causing a blood rush in slaves for a revolt. They are still very well remembered by one and all. His cool and witty dialogues are a symbol of his astonishing acting skills.


2. The Wild One:

A Hollywood production released in 1953, ‘The Wild One,’ is based on the story of a biker gang. The movie was an instant hit. The role of Johnny Strabler, bike leader, played by Marlon Brando attained a new fame. The movie gave a new meaning to motorbike racing and Marlon’s association with the character imparted certain oomph to it. His motorcycle driving style, long side burns, classy jacket and tilted cap initiated a new trend among the youngsters.

The Wild One - Movies of Marlon Brando You Can't Refuse to Watch

1. The Godfather:


Released in 1972, ‘The Godfather’ finds a place in the list of ‘all time great works of the world cinema.’ A crime thriller, the movie portrays Brando as a mafia patriarch named Vito Corleone. The legendary actor won the Oscar in the category of the Best Actor for the role. The role of a gangster played by him was brilliant and adequately displayed the shades of grey as required. It’s fairly improbable that any other actor could have even neared Brando. His voice tone is still adapted by many actors in crime thrillers.

The Godfather

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