10 Most Renowned Movies Of Al Pacino

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9:45 pm 29 Sep, 2010

There are uncountable reasons to adore Al Pacino — the cinematic God who has, throughout his career, inspired viewers by his powerhouse dialogues and electrifying performances. After the bombastic performance in The Godfather, he has appeared in a stack of movies with different roles and different shades. Considered as a precious jewel of Hollywood, Al Pacino will be always remembered for giving the movie industry a new dimension. We salute the real Godfather and recommends our readers to watch the 10 most renowned movies of Al Pacino.

1. Carlito’s Way (1993)

A perfect crime thriller! This movie was conceptualized from the novels of Edwin Torres – Carlito’s Way and After Hour. After the Oscar-winning performance in “Scent of Woman”, Pacino’s acting in this movie confirmed that he is the most celebrated phenomenon of world cinema. In this movie, Al Pacino played the character of a Puerto Rican criminal who devotes to go away from the kill-or-be-killed lifestyle of his past. This flick is counted among one of the most popular breath-taking thriller movies of Al Pacino.


Top 10 movies of Al Pacino


2. The Insider (1999)

Based on an article “The Man Who Knew Too Much” of the Vanity fair magazine, The Insider is a collection of big drama, big media as well as the big tobacco industry. Co-starring with Russell Crowe, Al Pacino played a powerful role of 60 minutes producer, exposing the hidden propaganda of tobacco lobby. Directed by Michael Mann, this intelligent and fascinating flick is pumped with the glory of seriousness.


Top 10 movies of Al Pacino


3. Serpico (1973)

Based on the real story of a Policeman from New York, Al Pacino will be always remembered for his perfect portrayal of the actual character in this movie. Pacino’s performance in this movie is considered as one of the best masterpieces in his entire career. His role of an honest and sincere policeman was totally justified by the virtuous effort of the director, Sidney Lumet.


Top 10 movies of Al Pacino


4. The Godfather – III (1990)

Continuing the Godfather saga, Pacino’s remarkable role as the powerful leader of a criminal family is no-doubt outstanding. However, G3 is considered as the weakest part of Godfather series but the name of Michael Corleone is still familiar between movie buffs. This movie was also helpful in giving him a cult status in the Hollywood movie industry.


Top 10 movies of Al Pacino


5. Dog Day Afternoon (1975)

Another tremendous combination of director Sidney Lumet and Al Pacino, this movie was inspired by the article “The Boys In The Bank” of P.F. Kluge. His affection with a gay lover resulted in a mastermind bank robbery with his friend Salvatore Naturile (John Cazale). This bisexual bank robber played an electric performance which framed him as “A star in his own fashion.”


Top 10 movies of Al Pacino


6. The Devil’s Advocate (1997)

The worst vice is advice. The extremely enjoyable experience of 2 hrs. and 23 minutes is sufficient to justify that why this flick is enlisted here. Pacino played the role of a manipulative lawyer (is there anything this man can’t do?), John Milton, an addict of winning games. You can feel the power of Hollywood-high-concept while watching The Devil’s Advocate — one of the best movies of Al Pacino with awe-inspiring performance.


Top 10 movies of Al Pacino


7. Scarface (1983)

Scarface is better known for the grandstanding performance and out-of-the-way mannerism of Al Pacino, who played the role of a short-tempered gangster – Tony Montana. His “Dressed to kill” style became very popular after this movie (the 1980s witnessed it). However, this movie has not received any prestigious award but it changed the taste of crime-based flicks.


Top 10 movies of Al Pacino


8. Scent of a Woman (1992)

Grabbing the Academy Award for Best Actor, Pacino played the character of a blind, retired Army officer in this movie. Stimulating the feelings to run freely, this father-son-buddy movie is enough to leave the fans open-mouthed. Even today, the climate speech given by Pacino in this movie is cheered by everyone. This movie will be always remembered for the bombastic style of Al Pacino.


9. The Godfather – II (1974)

Till the date, The Godfather – II is considered as the greatest sequel in the history of movie making. Al Pacino’s dominating character of a loyal son who inherits the family business is spectacular. This movie exposed the real life of a Mafia and once again Pacino accepted this challenge to fill a real-life character in this reel-life drama. The Godfather series is the ultimate gangster story till the date but without Al Pacino, it was impossible to rule the list of “greatest movies of all time”.


Top 10 movies of Al Pacino


10. The Godfather (1972)

The Godfather is arguably the greatest movie in cinematic history. You can watch it several times and will never get tired of it (Isn’t this quality enough?). Pacino was the baby boy of Marlon Brando, who later entered in the field of crime due to horrible family circumstances. Well, I am not going to make the further description as I think it’ll be blasphemy to narrate this point in 4-5 lines. However, I’d like to say to readers that if you haven’t seen it yet then please go ahead and watch it. And if you’ve seen, watch it once again to imbibe the plethora of lessons which The Godfather offers.


Top 10 movies of Al Pacino

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