Top 10 Movies Based on Serial Killers

7:00 am 5 Mar, 2013


Movies based on serial killers and their heinous crimes are full of action and suspense. Such movies are full of gripping scenes where a city is reported witnessing one murder after the other and some psycho is on a killing spree leaving little or no traces behind for the investigative agency to work on. The mystery is unearthed finally when one of the central characters in the movie turns out to be the murderer and leaves the audience spellbound. Here is a wisely prepared list of top 10 movies based on serial killers.

10. The Boston Strangler:

Directed by Richard Fleischer, The Boston Strangler is based on the real life story of a serial killer Albert DeSalvo who murdered almost 13 women. Each one of them was brutally raped followed by murder. The killer was finally arrested and jailed where he lost his life after he got into a fight with a jail inmate. The movie is a fine description of what really happened and earned huge accolades by the critics post release.

The Boston Strangler

9. Seven:

Considered to be one of the best made thriller movies, “Seven” redefined the meaning of movies based on serial killers for the cinema buffs world over. The movie was released in 1995 and starred Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman. The movie is based on the brutal crimes committed by a psycho serial killer. The killer in the movie uses seven sins as his motivation for murdering people. The whole mystery was busted at the end.

Seven - Movies Based on Serial Killers

8. From Hell:

A movie released in 2001, “From Hell” was directed by Huges and stars Heather Graham and Johnny Depp in lead roles. The movie is based on a true life incident where a youngster creates panic on the streets of London in 1880’s with his murders. The movie pertinently describes how different events take place one after another and the way investigative agency finds it hard to crack the case.

From Hell

7. Zodiac:


The movie is based on the true happenings in the streets of North California in the late 1960’s and 1970’s. The killer murders a total of 7 people including 3 women. The most interesting part of the killings was that he used to send a press note post murder. Each note had four cryptograms with a letter mentioning his name. The puzzle had to be solved by the cops to arrest him.

Zodiac - Movies Based on Serial Killers

6. Starkweather:

A wonderfully narrated movie directed by Bryon Werner, Starkweather is based on real life incidents of teenage lovers aged 17 and 14 years. The movie shows how the couple goes on the killing spree and strangles at least 11 people in Nebraska in a week. The boy even kills the girl’s parents, sibling and both of them leave in a car, hoping to get away with their crimes. Law enforcement officers finally succeed in detaining them.



5. To Catch A Killer:

A two part television film released in 1992, ‘To catch a killer” was directed by Eric Till and starred Brian Dennehy and Michael Riley. It is based on the true story of John Wayne Gracy who sets out on a murder binge and plays around with the evidence to elude the law enforcement agencies for a long time. The movie enjoyed huge accolades from critics and did extremely well at the box office as well.

To Catch A Killer - Movies Based on Serial Killers

4. American Psycho:

A psycho thriller adapted from the novel of the same name, ‘American Psycho’ features Christian Bale. It was directed by Mary Harron. The movie was released in 2000. The movie depicts the life of a Wall Street investment banker who leads a secret life of serial killer. He is shown to be leading a routine life while he goes killing innocents.

American Psycho

3. Death Proof:

A 2007 movie, “Death proof” is a thriller written and directed by Quentin Tarantino. The movie is based on the life of a psychopathic stunt man who used to kill women. The killer used to stalk women and ultimately kill them after developing friendly relations.  He used to stage the killings as car accidents in his stunt car, especially designed for accidents.

Death Proof - Movies Based on Serial Killers

2. Summer of Sam:

A release of 1999, “Summer of Sam” is a movie directed by Spike Lee and based on true incidents from the life of David Berkowitz. He was convicted of killing many people during 8 shootings in the New York City. The movie fittingly showcases the city during the late 1970’s and portrays the series of events pertinently.

Summer of Sam

1. Dahmer:


One of the best movies based on serial killings, “Dahmer” (based on the real life story of Jeffrey Dahmer) vividly portrays about 17 murders. The movie was released in 2002. David Jacobson brilliantly directed the movie and it is still remembered for its engaging storyline and display of gripping enactment of roles by all the characters in the movie. It is considered to be one of finest movies based on serial killers till date.

Dahmer - Movies Based on Serial Killers