Top 10 movie soundtracks

Updated on 11 May, 2012 at 11:06 am


Movies are a great pastime and are also a great way to increase our perception of things in our world today. The representation of everyday life and fantasy on a grand screen is definitely something that we flock to the cinemas to watch. Some movies have been made immortal by the music that is given in the film. The music or the soundtracks as they are called are also equally a part of the film in every way. Some soundtracks serve a great purpose of popularizing the movie beyond what its reach would be.

10. Psycho:

This movie is in itself is amazing to watch and with the added music that Bernard Herrman provides for this Hitchcock masterpiece, the chilling scenes become all the more chilling. The violin singing dark tunes to itself and the film is something that needs to be heard to be understood. One of the best movies of all time, the music in it is also worth a mention.

9. 2001 A Space Odyssey:

The science fiction in the movie has eben helped by many amazing things in the movie and great music is one of them. The mixing together of the concepts of Sir Arthur C Clarke and the musical imagery of many artists brings a unique marriage into the film as the music compliments the science fiction very well.

8. The Godfather:

The music in the film is a very new and interesting thing. Considering the theme of the film the expected music would be chaotic but that is not the case, the music goes on to make the film very effective as some of the scenes come through only because of the music that is being played in the background.


7. The Graduate:

This movie was given music by well known artists, Simon and Garfunkel. The musical mastery of Curtis Mayfield which was at its peak when the film was released shows throughout the film. The songs that were with the film went on to become chart topping hits which is a clear testament of the wonderful work done in the film.

6. Top Gun:

This film too had some amazing music to go with it. The ballad like songs at the slower scenes and the riff and the rush of flying jets in the air all made it a film worth watching. The soundtrack that so came out was also worth buying and many people have more than one of their all time favorite songs as one of the songs from this film.

5. Slumdog Millionaire:

This film gained a lot of popularity because it is one of the best made movies in India. The music was given by Oscar and Grammy award winner, A.R Rahman and his genius comes through in the film as the colorful music brings to life the characters in a way that undoubtedly no other musician or no other film would have done.

4. Wizard of Oz:

The movie has become nothing short of the stuff of legend. The music in the film has also become equally popular if not more popular than the film itself. Composer Harold Arlen was able to put so much more life into the film using the musical themes that are nothing short of brilliant.

3. West Side Story:

The modern day remake of Romeo and Juliet was made very well known by the music in the film. Not that the film itself was not good enough but the music was what made it all the more better. The amazing work of L. Bernstein and S. Sondheim is well seen throughout as the music of the film continues to live on even now in our hearts and minds.

2. Saturday Night Fever:

Everyone who is a film buff at some point in their lives knows about this film and its music. Songs like Fever, Stayin Alive were some masterful compositions from the Bee Gees who made some amazing music with the film. The film stands out as a hit in itself and so does the music.


1. The Sound of Music:

The 1965 film had music like no other. A hit on many different levels, the film has a typical soundtrack but is made in such a way that there is something for everyone to look forward to even with the music in the film. None of the themes used in the film can come close to disappearing because they may have become outdated.

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