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Top 10 Movie Scenes That Make Even Joseph Stalin Cry Like A Baby

Published on 27 July, 2013 at 8:00 am By

Movies and entertainment amuse as well as touch us emotionally. There are plenty of moments when one is so powerfully hit by emotions during a screening; the only way to release out is burst out crying. It happens to the best of us. Some of us cry out unashamedly whilst other try to put on a brave face to avoid possible embarrassment. But the point that remains is; there are certain performances and scenes that make us bawl out, even the toughest of us. Here we have put together 10 powerful movie scenes that can make anyone cry out loud.

10. Up:

For some, this may not be a worthy entry to the list. Up being an animated movie to begin with, it isn’t expected to make one cry. But within the first 10 minutes, the film has gripped you and some can be noticed wiping moist eyes with a tissue-paper. In one scene, the death of Carl’s wife is full of pathos, and qualifies as one of the most emotional scenes in any of Pixar’s films. Appearing in a film where one is following an old man’s zest for adventure as he sails around the globe in a balloon house, his sudden death in the plot hits you unexpectedly and hits you hard, leaving  anyone bawling like a baby.


9. Forrest Gump:


Many would agree on the point that this is a movie with numerous potential scenes for tear-shedding. It is in the very nature of the story. But there are two separate scenes that leave you emotionally drained. One of it is on the occasion of Jenny’s death in the movie and the second one, which is more powerful, is where Forrest, one of the main characters in the film, comes face-to-face with his son for the first time.

Forrest Gump

8. Rudy:

Without picking out one sporting film, list would simply not be complete and ‘Rudy’ the 1993 award winning film does present a strong portrayal of the many up and downs in a sportsman’s life which at times can be nothing short of a tragedy. Though the movie flows along on a positive note, demonstrating the results of hard-work and determination but it is at end, where Rudy is sacked from the team that brings about tears. The sadness only creeps deeper when the caption at the start of the film lets the audience know that the story is an adaption of a real life story.


7. Gladiator:

All great tragedies put up with heroic deaths to end the drama. All great actors, acting out the last dying sequences of a heroic figure, do leave much of the audience with moist eyes and in a somber mood. Having felled the Emperor of Rome in an unfair one to one fight in Gladiator, the dying scene of Maximus after freeing the nation state of a tyrannous dictator does make even strongmen weep.


6. The Notebook:

This romantic drama film is set in the 1940s and is narrated by a present day old man to a fellow resident in a nursing home. The are several scenes that bring the film watchers to tears but at the point where the lovers Noah and Allie die in each other’s arms to end the film leaves the highly emotionally charged audience shattered.

The Notebook

5. Titanic:

The epic drama of the world’s largest passenger ship of its time, being hit by an iceberg on its maiden trans-Atlantic journey and sinking, resulting in a gross human tragedy has numerous scenes that can make the audience cry. The love story of Jack and Rose played out in the backdrop of Titanic sinking reaches a climax where to save his love from the dark and cold waters; Jack makes superhuman efforts to keep Rose afloat and alive. While the girl survives the ordeal, drowning of her lover is peaking of the romantic tragedy where the cup of sadness overflows, leaving the audience in flowing tears.


3. Good Will Hunting:


The American drama film of a young labourer, who happens to an inborn but unrecognized genius, is a high tear jerker movie. In one of the sequences where Will, the main character of the film is being confronted by Sean, a psychologist, about a past of sexual abuse something that Sean to has suffered climaxes with the advise that “It’s not your fault.” Will first reacts by laughing it off, then turns angry and finally breaks down into a pool of tears. The scene is so powerfully depicted it leads to instant welling up.

Good Will Hunting

2. A Beautiful Mind:

The film about a brilliant professor fallen victim to bouts of schizophrenia is a tale well filmed. Watching the helplessness of the main protagonist played by Russel Crowe, undergoing a hallucination about fending off a friend and another military guy, before a whole college, without anybody understanding what was going on, leaves many film watchers in tears. The feeling of being helpless at watching a man so brilliant crumbling down almost overpowers the reasoning that this is happening in a movie and being played by an actor.

A Beautiful Mind

1. The Shawshank Redemption:


A brilliant movie revolving around prison break, The Shawshank Redemption is chock full of emotional content. The sequence where the old librarian of a prison is released, after spending a long time there, can’t figure out what to do with his life in a free world. Having got so used the ways of a confined life, the scene where he ultimately commits suicide by hanging himself from the ceiling; leaves you utterly sad and shaken.

The Shawshank Redemption


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