Top 10 Motivational Bollywood Songs That Will Make Your Day

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Updated on 8 Oct, 2018 at 5:20 pm


Motivation is the key that drives a whole generation on the path of success. Without it, honestly, there wouldn’t be anything left to speak of. However, many-a-times, even a powerful mind goes into some form of depression that hampers the person’s progress. At this juncture something is needed to bring the person out of that state and there is nothing better than some good music. Out of a plethora of material, TopYaps brings to you the top 10 most motivational Bollywood songs that have, and is still, inspiring generations to surge ahead in life.

These motivational Hindi songs will not fade away; they’ll stay by you for long:-


10. Allah ke bande (Waisa Bhi Hota Hai part II):

The song that made Kailash Kher a household name is a Sufi rendition asking the listener not to lose hope even in worst of circumstances. The dove which plays the chief subject of the lyrics signifies a fallen man who looks up to the almighty with expectations that a new day would surely come knowing that everything that happens is his (God’s) wish.



9. Yahan ke hum Sikandar (Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar):

Simply marvelous. History is proof how Alexander the Great converted the adverse battle conditions against Porus to his favour. The song refreshes that valiant king’s life through the equivalently heroic efforts of an underdog cyclist to win the inter-school championship.


8. Roobaroo (Rang De Basanti):

We would like to clarify that Rang De Basanti is not a purely patriotic one as has been previously mentioned by critics and others. Instead, it instigates a feeling of responsibility in the hearts of the aimless youth and calls on them to rise out of their self-built cocoons and do something for the country. We call that ‘awakening’.  Here comes the importance of this Naresh Iyer song which talks about this phenomenon all through. The youth of this country desperately needs to draw inspiration from this song.


7. Aashayein (Iqbal):

We hope that you must have watched this Nagesh Kuknoor directed movie about a physically challenged aspiring cricketer. The song is powerful and pumps in enough enthusiasm in the hearts of unmotivated guys. It encourages us to believe in ourselves and do something that makes God happy on our determination.


6. Ek din bik jayega (Dharam Karam):

Whoever would have thought that the great showman of Bollywood would also present a song which generations after him would draw inspiration from. We cannot help but agree that we, the mortals, will one day meet our creator and shall leave behind nothing more than the words that we spoke while alive. The song makes us believe that even if unfavorable circumstances try, yet they will fail to the will of the almighty whose objective is doing good to his children.


5. Dil na umeed to nahi (1942 – A Love Story):

Though other songs in the classic movie have been more popular, this one stands out due to the exquisite style of a more sober Jackie Shroff and a de-glam Manisha Koirala. The poetic two lines that begin the song had been written by the acclaimed Faiz Ahmed Faiz. We at Topyaps believe that no word can describe the inimitable music composer RD Burman and his works. Needless to say, this song not only instilled a ray of hope in the heart of the actress (Manisha) when she loses her freedom-fighter father but is surely going to re-enlighten the broken hearts and depressed minds.


4. Aao twist karein (Bhoot Bangla):

Deserves to be on our list. There are three things that make this song special. First, it is a peppy number through which life has been described as a ‘twist’ and has been associated with a popular 70’s dance form of the same name; second, it has been sung by the lively voice of Manna Dey; and third, it has been filmed on a legend named Mahmood. Forget your miseries friends, come let’s twist.


3. Ruk jana nahin (Imtihaan):

There is no need to explain the words as they are simple and easy. A favourite of those who seek encouragement and also of those who are die-hard Kishore fans. The aesthetically shooting of the song adds to its charm. Very philosophical and encouraging words have been used which not only defined the then situation of India but still tries to pull-up those who need that extra bit of motivation.


2. Zindagi ek safar (Andaz):

Times are timeless, so defined the original superstar Rajesh Khanna while riding a bike with the beautiful Hema Malini. The movie is in itself a teaching that life goes on and brings in pleasant surprises even if our loved ones are not around. Truly, haste gaate jahan se guzar, duniya ki tu parwah na kar.


1. Gadi bula rahi hai (Dost):

In a song that runs for close to seven minutes, a single mode of daily transportation has been intelligently described as an ideal example of inspiration. We suggest that our readers not only listen but also view this song from the movie, Dost, starring Dharmendra and Shatrughna Sinha in pivotal roles. Counted among one of the most motivational Bollywood songs of all time, Gadi bula rahi hai teaches us to live our lives like that carefree train that chugs along, as if happily, carrying massive loads on its back. Everything is perfect in this song and there could never have been, and neither has been, anything better to motivate a fallen generation than this yet another Kishore classic.


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