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Top 10 Most Powerful People in Greek Mythology

Published on 14 May, 2013 at 12:00 pm By

Ancient history may be all about wars and ruins, and may not have a lot of heroism to show; however, Greek mythology isn’t about wars or destructions alone. In fact Greek mythology is also about a lot of colorful stories, moral lessons, heroic Gods and Goddesses and brave warriors. The entire Greek mythology is full of many powerful figures whose acts changed the course of history and their deeds that continue to enthrall generations to this day. These great heroes made inspired countless others and some of them became a symbol of hope in times of distress for even the Roman Empire. This list of top 10 most powerful people in Greek mythology will take you back in the times when heroes lived.

10. Triptolemus:

According to Greek mythology, Triptolemus was one of the bravest men, who had great power and was well honored in Eleusis – his land. An Eleusinian prince, Triplolemus protected the city with his wisdom, judgment and knowledge of agriculture. The Greek mythology states that Triptolemus was taught the art of agriculture by goddess Demeter, the education of which he later spread all through Greece. It is his contribution to agriculture that makes him one of the most powerful people.


9. Bellerophon:


Bellerophon is considered one of the finest heroes and warriors of repute in the Greek mythology. Before the days of Heracles, Bellerophon, along with Perseus, was considered one of the greatest slayers of monsters. He is believed to have ridden on the winged horse – Pegasus, and is most famous as the slayer of the monster called Chimera, which breathed fire from its mouth.


8. Orpheus:

One of the most respected figures in Greek mythology, Orpheus was a musician, poet and prophet. Unlike other powerful people who are more known for fighting, the powerful Orpheus is known to have charmed all living things and even stones with his melodious music. But Orpheus was killed by those who could not resist his divine music and considered him a threat to the underworld from where he retrieved his dead wife.


7. Jason:

Jason was a Greek prince who had a rather unfortunate childhood. To attain back the throne that rightfully belonged to him, he was forced out to capture the legendary Golden Fleece. He left in search of the fleece and, during his long quest, had many epic adventures where he showed his heroism. It is believed that with the help of a witch named Medea, he was able to capture the Golden Fleece and his throne.


6. Perseus:

The son of Danae and Zeus, Perseus was the legendary founder of Mycenae and Peseid dynasty of Danaans. Perseus is one of the first heroes of Greek mythology, who defeated many archaic monsters. With the help of Greek gods, Perseus managed to kill Medusa, transforming him into a real hero overnight. With Medusa’s head he could then turn anyone into stone at will but he never did that.


5. Pirithous:

The son of Dia, fathered either by Ixion or by Zeus, Pirithous was a very close friend to Theseus (slayer of the Cretan Minotaur). In Greek mythology Pirithous was the king of Lapiths and was married to Hippodamia. Pirithous is believed to be one of the most powerful people in Greek mythology because of two things – one, his love for his friend Theseus and, two, his vain attempt to kidnap Hades’ wife Persephone. Along with Theseus, Pirithous has been hailed as one of the “strongest men on earth” by Nestor in Iliad I.


4. Theseus:

The famous king of Athens, Theseus’ parentage is uncertain; however, he is considered the son of either Aegeus or Poseidon. One of the greatest reformers of the classical Greek mythology, Theseus became a hero in Athens when he killed the Cretan Minotaur and saved the people from having to send their offspring for human sacrifice to the monster. His tales of heroism have been adapted in a number of plays, stories and films.


3. Odysseus:


Odysseus (Roman name Ulysses) was the king of Ithaca, and hero of Homer’s epic poem ‘The Odyssey’. Odysseus was married to Penelope but more famously known for creating the Trojan horse ploy in which the Greeks captured the city of Troy. He is also known for his heroism of how he survived for over a decade after the Trojan War and still managed to return home.


2. Achilles:

Perhaps the greatest warrior in the Trojan War, Achilles was undefeatable all through until the Gods guided Paris, Prince of Troy, to shoot an arrow into Achilles’ heel which caused his death. Achilles was held by the heels by his mother when she dipped him into the River Styx to confer immortality because of which his heels remained vulnerable. Achilles is hailed as one of the most powerful people in any mythology because of his battle skills, heroism and also his rage.


1. Heracles  or Hercules:


Heracles (Roman name Hercules) was the son of Zeus known for his undefeatable strength and far-ranging adventures, mostly helpful. Known to have defeated death since his childhood, Hercules grew up to become the hero who is known to have committed the most horrible crime of murdering his own children. Nonetheless he remains the most powerful of all people in Greek mythology. Hercules, today, is the synonym of strength.



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