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Top 10 most popular nostalgic songs

Updated on 16 August, 2019 at 3:02 pm By

Nostalgic songs have some incredible factors that suddenly invoke the memories of our past. Every now and then comes a song so great, it etches itself in the minds of those who perceive it. Such musical pieces usually become an inseparable part of history and assume a cult fan following. On this page of TopYaps, we’re listing ten most popular nostalgic songs that are associated with our golden-old days. Happy listening!


10. Summer of ‘69:


Holding the 10th position in the list of top 10 nostalgic songs, Summer of ’69 is a song recorded by Bryan Adams from his studio album titled, Reckless. The record came out in 1984 and has been popular ever since. It was co-written by Adams and Jim Vallance, a long-time friend of his. Bryan Adams makes use of his unorthodox voice and his guitar notes are pretty decent too. The song talks about youth, love, and the things one does when one is young and it makes one connect very quickly to the old times. The song contains poetic lyrics.

Click here to listen Summer of 69 on YouTube

Top 10 nostalgic songs: Summer of 69

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9. Hotel California:

Hotel California is perhaps the most popular song from the Eagles’ album of the same name. It was released in February 1977 and took the charts by a storm. Best known for being one of the most eminent nostalgic songs, Hotel California tells the story of a “luxury resort” which appears very enticing to anyone who passes by, but is difficult to get out from. The song is an allegory about issues like self-destruction, greed and hedonism prevalent in the music industry. The lyrics were penned majorly by Don Henley and Glenn Frey. The song is initially in the key of B-minor.

Click here to listen Hotel California on YouTube


Top 10 nostalgic songs: Hotel california

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8. Comfortably Numb:

It is a song by the English rock band, Pink Floyd. The song appears on the double album titled “The Wall”. This song is one of the most famous Pink Floyd songs, notably for its guitar solos. The verses are composed in the B-minor key. The song is about Pink (the protagonist) and his battle to handle the world. The two guitar solos are played by David Gilmour. Apart from being a masterpiece in the list of famous nostalgic songs, Comfortably Numb is also known for serving as one of the background scores for the 2006 movie, The Departed.

Click here to listen Comfortably Numb on YouTube

Top 10 nostalgic songs: Comfortably Numb

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7. Master of Puppets:

Whenever there’s a talk about awe-inspiring nostalgic songs, the name of Master of Puppets is taken with extreme veneration. Master of Puppets is a song by the American thrash metal band, Metallica. It was released as a single from their album of the same name. Rated by VH1 as the “greatest heavy metal song ever”, Master of Puppets has been played live on almost every set. This song tells about drug addiction and living life on the “fast lane” and often burning out sooner than expected. Master of Puppets is notable for the extensive use of downpicking and its long instrumental sections. The song is also featured in the video game ‘Guitar Hero : Metallica”. Numerous bands have covered this song paying a tribute to Metallica, most notable being Trivium and Anthrax.

Click here to listen Master of Puppets on YouTube

Top 10 most popular nostalgic songs: Master of Puppets

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6. Fast Car:

Fast Car was written and recorded by American singer-songwriter Tracy Champan. The song released as a single in 1988 from her self-titled debut album named “Tracy Chapman”. The reason behind the song’s success was her appearance on the Nelson Mandela 70th Birthday Tribute. The song became a top 10 hit in the US, peaking at number 6 on the Hot 100. It became a notable success in the United Kingdom too, peaking at number 4 on the charts. The song’s narrator tells the story of her life through this song who faces loneliness and ends up being deserted by everyone she has known.

Click here to listen the song on YouTube

Top 10 most popular nostalgic songs: Fast Car

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5. Kashmir:

One of the most successful songs by Led Zeppelin from their sixth album titled ‘Physical Graffiti’, Kashmir was written by Jimmy Page and Robert Plant over a period of three years. The nostalgic song is guitar centric and features a signature progressive guitar riff. According to an interview, all four members agreed to Kashmir being one of their best musical achievements. Kashmir opens with an explosive cymbal crash, driven further by a Middle Eastern-tinged chord progression which alternates with a driven epic second part, and then a funk rock third section.

Click here to listen Kashmir on YouTube

Top 10 most popular nostalgic songs: Kashmir

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4.  Stayin’ Alive:

This was the “claim to fame” moment for the Brothers Gibbs (Bee Gees). This is the same track that was played across discos and pubs and became a “voice” of the youth. Stayin’ Alive was released as a single in late 1977. The song gained immense popularity as it served as background score for the hit movie “Saturday Night Fever”. The song’s structure is a simplistic disco theme along with Bee Gees’ trade mark high pitched vocals.

Click here to listen Stayin’ Alive on YouTube

Top 10 most popular nostalgic songs: Staying Alive

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3. November Rain:

November Rain is a song by American rock band Guns N’ Roses, released as a single in June 1992. It also appears on the album “Use your Illusion I”. The lyrics were penned by Axl Rose, the vocalist. Upon its release it reached #3 in the Billboard Singles Charts. The song has been composed in the key of C major. The second solo by Slash served as the defining moment of this song.

Click here to listen November Rain on YouTube

Top 10 most popular nostalgic songs: November Rain

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2. Stairway to Heaven:

Led Zeppelin’s most intricate composition to date, “Stairway to Heaven” was released in late 1971. It was composed by guitarist Jimmy Page and vocalist Robert Plant for the band’s fourth studio album. The 8 minute song gains pace it progresses, starting with an acoustic section, steadily advancing into a “rock” section. Jimmy’s solo in this song is still considered one of the best.

Top 10 most popular nostalgic songs: Stairway to Heaven

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1. Black Sabbath:

This very song set the stage for the evolution of heavy metal and also served as a perpetrator for extreme metal to flourish later on. The main riff to the song is constructed with a harmonic progression including a diminished fifth. This nostalgic song possesses an interval making use of ‘diabolus in musica” which is said to contain “Satanic” elements. The song featured on their self-titled album.

Click here to listen Black Sabbath on YouTube

Top 10 most popular nostalgic songs: Black Sabbath


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