Top 10 Most Popular Firearms of the World

Updated on 19 Jan, 2018 at 3:47 pm

In last over 100 years, the world has seen some great changes in warfare. It saw the horrors of World War I and World War II. Such has been the threat perception that the craze for advancement in weapons technology rose to newer heights. As of now every country makes all attempts to remain well-equipped with the finest of firearms, and any other kind of weapons that ensure their defense against their enemies. In the wake of such possibilities, many lethal, powerful, and destructive weapons have been developed the world over. Every weapon is deadly and it is very difficult to narrow it down to just 10 but here we present a list of top 10 most popular firearms any military would like to have in their arsenal.

10. AK – 47:

Mikhail Kalashnikov designed the AK-47 (Avtomat Kalashinokova model of 1947). Even after more than six decades since it was manufactured, the assault rifle figures on any list of the most popular firearms. The MP40 and STG44 assault rifles by the Nazi Germany inspired Kalashnikov to design AK-47. The gun saw its first use in the Chinese communist aggression, and remains the most reliable weapon of its times. More than 100 million pieces of the gun have been produced and it also appears on the flag of Mozambique. The reason why it is ranked no.10 is because of its infamy due to it being the favourite of terrorists the world over.

AK - 47

9. F-2000 Assault Rifle:

The F-2000 assault rifle is one of the most compact and deadly firearms designed by FN Herstal in Belgium. Its smartly designed body ensures a good maneuverability by simultaneously providing the fatality rate that any other rifle could produce. It is capable of firing 850 rounds per minute. And, finally, it can also be converted into a grenade launcher.

F-2000 Assault Rifle - Top 10 Most Popular Firearms of the World

8. Heckler & Koch G3:

A product of World War II, the Heckler & Koch G3 is one of the first among the FAL and AR-10 made according to the NATO specifications. The German army had first adopted the gun in the 1959 and got it further developed by the Spanish firm CETME. The G3 is considered parallel to AK-47; the only difference is that the former is a German product.

Heckler & Koch G3

7. Uzi:

One of the most significant contributors to modern warfare, Uzi is an Israeli product. It’s an open bolt submachine gun designed by Uziel Gal in 1948. Although the original gun has been redesigned several times, the brand still remains in production after all these years. It can fire 600 rounds per minute and its muzzle velocity is 400m/s, which is by any standards, a destructive capability for a handheld firearm.

Uzi - Top 10 Most Popular Firearms of the World

6. Barrett M82:

Barrett M82 is powerful sniper-like anti-materiel rifle and has been used by the American army since 1989. It is mostly used by special forces of different countries, and under specific environments against military equipments. The best feature of the gun is its mobility; it can be attached to a helicopter and used while being airborne. The gun is the most useful tactical gun and is also used as a sniper rifle.

Barrett M82

5. AR-15:

Issued to civilians as well as armed forces around the world, the AR-15 is one of the few assault rifles that can challenge an AK-47 even if this, too, may fail before the Russian. AR-15 is also known as the M-16 rifle in US and comes in many variants. The best thing about this unique assault rifle is its accuracy, which made it one of the firearms used by the Irish Republican Army (IRA). With 8 million units produced worldwide the AR-15 holds the distinction of being the most-produced firearm of its caliber. Since its notoriety is lesser in comparison to the AK-47, it is way above it on this list.

AR-15 - Top 10 Most Popular Firearms of the World

4. Corner Shot 40mm Grenade Launcher:

No one has ever seen something like the Corner Shot 40mm Grenade Launcher. It is not only a grenade launcher, but can be turned into a corner shooter. As if this was not enough, the launcher can bend up to 60 degrees and has a target range of 150 meters. And, not forgetting the most important feature, the launcher is equipped with a small screen and camera to enable the operator to see the target before shooting without exposing himself.

Corner Shot 40mm Grenade Launcher

3. XM25 Smart Grenade Launcher:

As the name suggests, the XM25 Smart Grenade Launcher is a grenade launcher that carries four tiny warheads. It can fire 25 mm shells up to a distance of 2,300 feet, which is almost a mile. The real ability of the fired grenade lies in its programming, where the user can program it to explode at any point in time. It is referred to as the ‘Punisher’, the gun that sports different sight, sensor and laser functions, too. It has a small barrel – the size of a miniature cannon.

XM25 Smart Grenade Launcher - Top 10 Most Popular Firearms of the World

2. Heckler & Koch MP5:

Most of the law enforcement agencies in Germany have been using the Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine gun since it was first manufactured in 1966. With over 50 variants till date, MP5 has been dominating the small arms market, and is only being rivaled by the UMP – its successor. The submachine gun has been used by maximum number of special forces in the world, and no other has ever been so popular.

Heckler & Koch MP5

1. M1911:

John Browning is the name behind the iconic pistol – M1911. Over 2 million official copies of it have been produced since 1911 and the gun enjoys a lifespan more than that of any sidearm. The American military has used this pistol for more than 79 years and it is being used even today. Also, surprisingly, the gun has been featured in over 295 movies till date and remains a timeless piece in the history of engineering and firearms.

M1911 - Top 10 Most Popular Firearms of the World