Top 10 Most Popular Cuisines in the World

9:35 am 28 Jun, 2013


Swiss chocolates, French pastries, Chinese fried rice, and Filipino duck’s embryo sounds too delicious to be true. But, not for all the food fanatics out there, who travel the world just to taste all the exotic cuisines. In context to food, the world has plenty to offer; but to taste all the symphonies of flavor you need to move out of your homes and travel. This is because to live through the flavor of any popular cuisine, you have to dine like locals. All the modern world advancements have bought the things only a click away. You can order and eat French, Chinese, Thai, and Indian at the comfort of your home but the true flavor of the dish comes from the experienced hands preparing it. And to taste the hidden wonders you need to eat like locals. Here is the list of top 10 most popular cuisines around the world that would make you forget everything else.


10. Indonesian cuisine:

Indonesian cuisine is perhaps one of the most diverse in the world. It’s appreciated all over and has been influenced by India, Spain, Middle-East, China, Portugal and Japan. This ethnic diversity is clearly reflected in the kind of food the Indonesian people make. The delicious food is rich in spices, coconut, peanuts, rice and satay.

Indonesian cuisine - Most Popular Cuisines in the World

9.  Mexican cusine:

Mexican cuisine contains everything from spicy and sweet to sour. It is as complex as Chinese or French. It’s the combination of different flavors that makes Mexican food a favorite for many. The food is famous for variety of spices and colorful decoration. Mexican food, perhaps, makes use of the largest number of chili peppers, mostly for flavors and not heat.

Mexican cusine - Most Popular Cuisines in the World

8.  Chinese:


Surely you must have had noodles, fried-rice and Manchurian at a restaurant nearby. But, once you treat your taste buds with the real Chinese, you’ll perhaps never like the Chinese food made at the restaurant near you. Real Chinese cuisine is rich in taste, light in eating and often less expensive. The history of this cuisine can really stretch over to several thousand years.

Chinese Cuisine - Most Popular Cuisines in the World

7. Italian:

If you are a die-hard fan of pasta and pizza then you ought to know where it originated from. Yes, this is just one yummy example of Italian cuisine. Pizza is something that is famous all over the globe for its crispy and rich ingredients. This popular cuisine has evolved over 2400 years through various socio-economic and political transformations. Italian cuisine has Jewish, Roman (Ancient), Greek (Ancient) and Etruscan influences.

Italian - Most Popular Cuisines in the World

6. Spanish:

People generally turn to Spanish food when they want something light and leafy. It is famous for meat, fish and leafy vegetables. Most dishes make use of oil in higher quantities than any other food in the world, probably because it has a heavy seafood influence. Spain is also known for the amazing wines made up of fruits; sangria is one which always goes with every kind of food. Spanish food offers a typical Mediterranean diet.

Spanish - Most Popular Cuisines in the World

5. French:

The infinite flavors of French foods cannot be described in words. The amazing bonbons, fish and the beef stews, France has it all. French are extremely versatile and amazing in their choice of food, just as Korean women are obsessed about using dozens of whitening products for a smooth white skin. The next time you are headed to France don’t not miss the scrumptious fish and beef stews.

French cuisine - Most Popular Cuisines in the World

4. Japanese:

Soup, rice, noodles, sushi, meat and tofu — Japan has limited number of dishes but the way it has dominated the world says everything about its taste. Japanese cuisine is popular because it is low in fat and light to digest. Japanese food is consumed all over the world and chefs have tried to create newer variety of the old dishes. Though, nothing can serve as a substitute for the original delicious Japanese cuisine.

Japanese cuisine - Most Popular Cuisines in the World

3. Turkey:

If there is any country in the world which is really serious about the taste for its food, it is Turkey. Turkish people cook every single vegetable in the world and in the tastiest way possible. Due to proximity of this place to the sea, it has some seafood influence, too. Turkey is also renowned for the desserts people make here, and to everyone’s surprise the desserts are free of sugar. They use different flavors to make deserts sweet, healthy and tasty.

Turkish cuisine - Most Popular Cuisines in the World

2. Indian:

It is deemed as the most diverse and one of the most popular cuisines in the world. Diversity in food is almost in direct proportion to the diversity in the language, customs and cultures in this country. Indian dishes can be divided into four main parts: Northern, Southern, Western and Eastern. Most Indian food items have been inspired by Vedic, Jain and Buddhist beliefs. Some dishes were also introduced by foreign invaders, rulers and merchants.

Indian cuisine - Most Popular Cuisines in the World

1. Thai:


Thai cuisine is often mistaken as Chinese food and many people consider both of them as the same. Rice is the main component in this cuisine (like any other Asian cuisine) and the food is a perfect blend of sweet, bitter and sour flavors. In fact, this cuisine is one of the few in the world that balances all four main taste senses including sweet, sour, bitter and salty. Thai dishes are normally prepared with less spices.

Thai cuisine - Most Popular Cuisines in the World

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