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Top 10 Most Popular Cartoons of the 90’s

Updated on 19 August, 2019 at 12:28 pm By

The 90’s were a great time; enjoying television was unlike any other time period. There were loads of fantastic cartoons adorning the TV screen. Loved by the teens as well as the grown-ups alike, these were productions people used to wait around to see. A lot of the memories of our childhood are shimmering with the adorable characters of these popular cartoons and remembering what it used to be like to be an adolescent is sure to bring back memories of some, if not all, of these. Here is a compilation of the top 10 most popular cartoons of the 90’s.

10. Swat Kats:

It was in early 1990s when Swat Kats debuted on the television. It’s one of the very few popular cartoons for which all episodes in a season were directed by just one guy! Considering the fact that animation technology had just begun to evolve in early 1990s, thanks to technological advancements, the animation quality in Swat Kats was superb. Everyone in the show, including villains in this dark yet highly entertain cartoon show was just awesome. For people in their 20s now, Swat Kats is no less than a great childhood relic.

Swat Kats

9. Tiny Toons Adventures:


A Warner Bros. Animation production presented by Steven Spielberg, this was a raging success in the 90’s becoming one of the most popular cartoons ever. It ran for three straight years from 1990 to 1992 and then made a comeback in 1995 after which it went off air. An extension of the original Looney Tunes, the series featured a newer generation of characters like Buster Bunny, Babs Bunny and Plucky Duck studying at Acme Acres Looniversity. The new characters became almost as known as the original ones and captivated a lot of young audience.

Tiny Toons Adventures

8. The Powerpuff Girls:

This Cartoon Network production made its debut in the late 90’s and was an immediate craze among young ones. Featuring three super-powered young girls constantly keeping up the fight against a variety of super-villains, it charmed the nubile and had them glued to the screens. The special charm in the series was generated by all the three characters – Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup, all being young and adorable. Add to this their superpowers and you had a show with great success making it one of the most popular cartoons of all time.

The Powerpuff Girls

7. X-Men:

Inspired from characters in the Marvel Comics Universe, X-Men was one of the super-hero cartoon series on TV admired the most to date because of other media successes. With characters as tough as The Wolverine, as sharp as The Professor, Charming as Rogue and Storm, the show was an instant hit. The X-Men, having mutated genes giving them super-powers, are shown fighting their counterparts like Magneto and the humans who live in a constant revulsion and fear of them.


6. TaleSpin:

A production of The Walt Disney Television Animation, TaleSpin is a story of Baloo the Bear as a pilot and his faithful protégé, Kit. Throw in a dim-witted but dangerous pirate Don Karnage, the fear-instilling Shere Khan, the bossy Rebecca Cunnigham and the cute Molly, Rebecca’s daughter, and the show tasted fame right from the day it was aired first. There was an assortment of other characters perfectly gelling with the settings and equally fun to watch. It is, to this day, one of the most popular cartoons of all-time.


5. Bonkers:

Bonkers was a huge buzz at a time in the world of animated TV series. Bonkers was an out-of-work cat that once had it all; name, fame and cash, is now a cop who solves crimes in the funniest and most bizarre ways imaginable. The cases he handles are solved with the most comic settings and approach. Supported by his partners, Lucky Piquel and Miranda Wright, Bonkers actually coined the term ‘going Bonkers’ with the success of the series.


4. Beavis and Butt-head:

Beavis and Butthead first aired in 1993 and gained popularity right from the word go. Featuring two-teenager heavy-metal fanatics (you can see why it would appeal to the young audiences), the TV series focused on the idiosyncrasies of the two characters, which did asinine behavior simply because they were bored. For them, life was either ‘cool’ or it ‘sucked’ altogether. There was no middle road for them and this is precisely why they caught the imagination of the teenage viewers.

Beavis and Butt-head

3. Superman:


Immensely popular in its time, Superman – the animated TV series, was created by Warner Brothers Animation in collaboration with DC Comics. The story setting was the same as in the original comics with Superman protecting Metropolis and the world from imminent threats and a veritable cornucopia of super villains. The series had a large, preexisting fan base owing to the comics and was immensely successful. There was a time when every household stood still to watch Superman fight the good fight and that pretty much defines the success of the series.


2. Batman:

Another superhero story inspired by characters from DC Comics and created by Warner Animation to cash in on the fame of the comic version. It is needless to say how well they succeeded. The Dark Knight saving Gotham from criminals like The Joker, Penguin and Scarecrow gave a thrill like no other, and the fact that Batman did all this without any super power added to the charm of his character. Aided by Alfred, Robin, Catwoman and Commissioner Gordon, Batman made his way to every household TV with ease and is still revered by animation lovers.


1. Dexter’s Laboratory:


A compilation of some of the funniest and most mischievous characters is seen in this Cartoon Network animation series. Dexter, the boy genius and Dee Dee, his vexatious sister pair up; Dexter to keep his secret lab under the wraps and Dee Dee with every intention to reveal it to their parents. Their shenanigans invariably led to comic situations and a host of problems for both. The misadventures often cause a lot of grief and the cover-up plans brought the most amusing results. One of the most popular cartoons of the 90s, Dexter stands out.

Dexter’s Laboratory


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