11 Heartbreaking Facts That Will Make You Think Twice About Your Life

4:25 am 25 Jul, 2013

The world is a mixture of all sorts of realities and some of them are too disgusting to still exist in the 21st century. While interesting facts related to the cosmos or animal world might entertain you for a brief span of time, there’re others that’ll leave you shocked and heartbroken.

1. Adultery is illegal in 23 states.

Adultery law is rarely ever enforced. The punishment for adultery ranges from a $10 fine to life imprisonment.


2. Post Breakup Sickness is ‘Natural’:

The moment you hear break-up news or any kind of (serious) bad news for that matter, your adrenal glands produce cortisol and adrenaline to combat stress. Excess amounts of these chemicals cause high blood pressure and lack of appetite:  Everyone experiences their share of heartbreak. While all the rational ones chalk it up to ”over-dramaticism”, doctors call all the post-breakup sickness very natural.

Post Breakup Sickness is ‘Natural’

3. 1 out of 6 newborns in developing countries has low birth weight:

Lack of food among pregnant women in developing countries results in one out of every 6 babies being born with a low birth weight. It is but a true fact about all the developing countries. These are the countries where a handful of crooks have piles of money in Swiss accounts but millions of pregnant women lack nutrition rich diet or worst, any diet at all. Hence the tag ‘developing economies’ !

1 out of 6 newborns in developing countries has low birth weight

4. 46.2 million Americans fall under the national poverty line:

That’s 15.7 percent of the total American population. All those who think rich countries don’t have beggars are pretty much wrong. More than 15 percent population of USA, a global superpower is poor. Do you still think there’s hope for billions of others in developing countries in near future? Sad but true.

46.2 million Americans fall under the national poverty line

5. Ketchup is not diet friendly:

Almost 90 percent of the tomato ketchup lovers are fooled by companies that the ketchup contains tomatoes and is therefore diet-friendly. A bottle of tomato sauce is perhaps a staple in your kitchen. You might be giving it to your kids as well, thinking that the tomatoes in it are making it a good-thing-worth-eating. Let’s brush up your knowledge very quickly. One-fourth of a ketchup bottle is just SUGAR. Yeah, really! This is the reason why weight gain is straight-away associated with eating large quantities of salt.

Ketchup is not diet friendly

6. Eating Junk Food Makes You Hungrier:

‘Junk food’ is a food with little nutritional value that is high in caffeine, salt, sugar and calories. Does it sound like a recipe for a health disaster? Junk food items even contain fats, which trick your mind into believing your body needs more food. So, the next time you see a luring burger, calling out your name, ignore it. It’s just an illusion created by a stupid-fat burger. Get going!

Eating Junk Food Makes You Hungrier

7. Most of the Breakfast Cereals Are Junk Foods:

Are you one of the pretty girls who rely on cereals to get rid of some extra pounds? Well! Ding dong—Junk alert! Most of the cereal products, touted as fat-free, contain milled flour, high-fructose corn syrup and white floor. These are the things which shouldn’t really appear in your diet-chart. Next time you shop for a low-calorie food, try buying something with natural ingredients to combat junk food plague.

Most of the Breakfast Cereals Are Junk Foods

8. Meat-eaters live less:

If you’re a vegetarian, you’ll live seven years longer than meat-eaters.  The fact is backed up by the China Health Project, where scientists discovered that people who don’t eat meat and animal products stand lesser risks of being afflicted by cancer and various other degenerative diseases. And, if you have a healthy body, you are almost certainly likely to live longer. All the Non-Veg food lovers out there – no matter how heartbreaking it might sound, it is a fact.

Meat-eaters live less

9. 1 human being starves to death every 3.6 seconds:

Somewhere in the world, someone starves to death every 3.6 seconds! And, 75 percent of these human beings are children under the age of five. Death is not the only sad part here. The saddest part is ‘starving to death’. This is a dark reality that exists; despite all the technological growth and globalization leaders, journalists and visionaries hardly stop bragging about.

1 human being starves to death every 3.6 seconds

10. Almost 18 Countries Produce Gold with Child Labor:

Have you ever heard of a law that defined elimination of child labor? If not, this fact must not be that heartbreaking for you; although in realty the situation is a lot grimmer. In gold mines, laborers (which in this case are under-age children) are exposed to dozens of extremely dangerous chemicals including mercury. Exposure can cause numerous skin diseases, permanent limb disorientation and even death.

Almost 18 Countries Produce Gold with Child Labor

11. 1.2 Million Children Trafficked Each Year:

According to the UNICEF, 1.2 million children are trafficked each year – many for purpose of sexual exploitation. It is a modern form of slavery where children are displaced and made to experience a ‘living hell.’ Human trafficking continues unabated primarily because of social disparity and criminality in politics. People too are not willing to take steps on their personal level to combat this evil.

1.2 Million Children Trafficked Each Year


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