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Top 10 Most Haunted Cemeteries In The World

Updated on 7 July, 2016 at 6:50 pm By

Cemeteries are the scariest places in the world. With hundreds of people buried, there are bound to be things that are unnatural. It is always said that the spirits are mostly seen around their own graves or around the graves of their loved ones. Priests say that these souls have some unfinished businesses left on the earth and that is the reason they are still here. Well, with all the darkness in the graveyard and no lights, the ambiance is kind of prefect for the ghosts, isn’t it? Scroll down to have a look at the 10 most scary and haunted cemeteries located in different corners of the world. Take a ride, at your own risk!

10. Highgate Cemetery, North London:

Famous people like Karl Marx and Douglas Adams have been buried here. Highgate Cemetery is a place where all kind of ghost stories are heard. Some people say that they have spotted a vampire looking man with bloody red eyes and the others believe that they have seen an old woman with gray hair running between the gravestones. There are even stories about a man staring into the space and vanishing when approached.

Highgate Cemetery, North London

9. Père Lachaise Cemetery, Paris:


With over 300,000 graves, Père Lachaise Cemetery is one of the biggest graveyards of Paris. Famous people like Jim Morrison, Rossini and Oscar Wilde are buried here. Paris being the love city, the ghosts here are also pretty lovable. People have spotted spirits of Marcel Proust and Maurice Ravel getting up from their graves in search of one another as soon as the sun goes down. Morrison’s ghost is also seen here. In many photographs there is a skeleton like man with gray hair and no lower body observed sitting on the graves.

Père Lachaise Cemetery, Paris

8. Stull Cemetery in Stull, Kansas:

The Stull cemetery of Kansas is one of the creepiest in the whole world. They call it a devils land. It is believed that Satan comes here every night to talk to his worshipers. People also say that devils own son is buried here and this little boy of about 1o years of age can transform himself into a werewolf as soon as he sees a human. This cemetery is also known as “The Seventh Gate To Hell” and “The Cemetery Of The Damned.

Stull Cemetery in Stull, Kansas

7. Western Burial Ground, Maryland:

Western Burial Ground is indeed the scariest cemetery in America. The land was owned by Edgar Allan Poe and people have spotted him roaming there till this date. Another shocking story about this graveyard is that a minister was murdered here and his head was buried in a block of cement. Even after he died the head didn’t stop screaming, to deaden the voices, a big block of cement was kept over the head but if you go close, you can still listen to the screams. It is also believed that whoever hears him screaming goes insane with time. So, beware!

Western Burial Ground, Maryland

6. Howard Street Cemetery, Salem, Massachusetts:

Howard Street Cemetery in Salem is one of the craziest places in U.S. People used to practice witchcraft here. Giles Corey, who dies from the torture of witchcraft, is still seen wandering in this place. Corey was made to lie down and people kept on throwing stones on him, which lead to his death after two days. People of Salem also believe that whenever a tragedy strikes the town, Corey is seen wandering on the streets, the night before.

Howard Street Cemetary, Salem, Massachusetts

5. Chestnut Hill Cemetery, Rhode Island:

The story behind the Chestnut Hill Cemetery in Rhode Island is pretty scary. They say that a girl aged around 8 died and his father said she visited him everyday asking for food. When the incidences became regular, he decided to take out her body from the grave and drained all of the remaining blood from her organs. Priests of that area believe that this was an unholy act, which led to the ghostly state of the girl. There are supposedly blue lights over her grave and she is seen in a torn black dress, screaming, “Please leave me now, and rest in peace!”

Chestnut Hill Cemetery, Rhode Island

4. Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery, Chicago:

Chicago’s Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery is another creepy place to go. Well, they say that here the ghosts apply the walking dead theory. Yes, according to the local residents, you could see the souls walking around, craving for the life and blood in humans. Another strange thing about this cemetery is the ghost house; a lavish bungalow seen through the fog but as you move nearer, it vanishes in the air.

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery, Chicago

3. Resurrection Cemetery:


The Resurrection Cemetery in Chicago can give you a heart attack if you get to see the paranormal activities there. It is believed that a man will ask you for a ride to the graveyard and will vanish into the thin air as soon as you reach there. You can also spot a couple covered in blood, sitting at the entrance, it is believed that they died in a road accident, after attending a funeral. And the scariest thing is that you will see a bride searching for her head amongst the graves. Creepy Enough!

Resurrection Cemetery

2. Boothill Cemetery:

Boothill Cemetry, located in the town of Tombstone in U.S is one of the haunted cemeteries in the world. Well, the name of the town itself suggests its history! It is believed that several years ago, a gunfight happened here, leaving three men of the same group dead. People say that these men are still seen walking in blood, on the road to take revenge of their deaths.

Boothill Cemetery

1. St. Louis Cemetery No. 1:


The paranormal experts have called the St. Louis Cemetery No.1 as the most haunted graveyard in the whole wide world. The most famous ghost here is of Marie Laveau, the voodoo princess. People come to her grave and engrave three X’s on it, which means that she will grant the wish you make. Visitors have also seen transparent figures moving on top of the graves and shouting children, which disappear as soon as you turn around.

St. Louis Cemetery No. 1


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