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Top 10 Most Common Rules We Love to Break

Published on 18 April, 2013 at 6:14 am By

Rules are meant to bring law, order and discipline in one’s life and society. Rules are what form the basis of a culture or a tradition; they differentiate human from other species. We create rules to define and judge our acts. But, do we follow every rule that we make? We make or break rules as per convenience and accord. Maintaining rule is tough and breaking is fun! Although, we know that rules are there to ensure safety and security, however, there are some rules which we love break to just have fun or because we think they are not worth to obey. Let’s see the 10 most common rules we love to break.


10. Blowing horns near hospitals:


Rush! Hurry! Move! We are always in hurry while on the road. No matter what the occasion is, we are always running out of time. And the best way to cover the loss of time is to drive fast; faster; and, fastest. For this, we don’t take off our hands from the horns; blowing it until we see a clear road ahead. However, while doing so we always ignore the areas like hospitals where blowing horns are banned. It’s a rule! But we blow maximum in these places as the traffic movement slows down here.

Blowing horns near hospitals - Most Common Rules We Love to Break

9. Talking over phone while driving:

Driving a car is easy but imposes a lot of responsibility upon the driver. Therefore, to make driving safer, government implemented ban on talking on our mobile phones while driving. Who follows it? A handful of people, maybe! Although people may have stooped holding their cell phones to their ears, they now take the advantage of devices like Bluetooth to continue their conversations without realizing that talking on phones actually distracts their attention.

Talking over phone while driving - Most Common Rules We Love to Break

8. Bunking classes:

All study and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This is what we believe and this is what we follow. Isn’t it? Hence, we bunk class, breaking one of the most important rule of school and colleges, which says ‘regular attendance’. Bunking classes is not just fun but a daring task as well. Does it affect our grades? Sometimes it does.

Bunking classes - Most Common Rules We Love to Break

7. Following lanes while driving:

While driving it’s all about the speed isn’t it? With steering in our hands and foot placed on the accelerator, we feel like a conqueror of the world. Speed is something that fascinates every driver, irrespective of the vehicle he or she is driving. Obstruction to this thrill is the lane-driving rule. As per the lane driving rule, the driver is suppose to stick to the lane on which he/she is driving and also maintain the speed in accordance. However, very few people follow this rule.

Following lanes while driving - Most Common Rules We Love to Break

6. Do not litter:

Cleanliness and hygiene is what we all prefer. However, this regime is confined to our homes only. We litter in public places, creating a mess of our surroundings and nature. There are signboards in public places that tell us not to litter but we give two hoots to that. Who has the time to look for a dustbin to throw away the waste?

Do not litter - Most Common Rules We Love to Break

5. Following traffic lights at night time:

In the era where time is equivalent to money, waiting seems to be a huge loss. Moreover, allowing others to go first on the road appears to be absurd, isn’t it? And, this why many of us disagree to follow the traffic lights, especially at night. At night, when roads are not so loaded and there is ample space for the vehicles to move around, we tend to miss the traffic lights thinking there is no need. Waiting for nobody on the other side to pass first, is weird.

Following traffic lights at night time - Most Common Rules We Love to Break

4. “Early to bed early to rise”:


“Early to bed early to rise…makes you healthy, wealthy and wise,” a famous saying learnt in childhood, which we were ‘forced’ to follow. Gone are those days; the situation is a complete reverse now. Today’s generation is more of nocturnal kind with all plans and tasks scheduled for night. Whether it is partying or studying, it is all going to happen at night.


3. Drinking and driving not allowed:

One of the most important rules is not to drink and drive. Considering the increase in number of road accidents in the recent past, the rule has now been converted into a law, with implementation of penalty and punishment for those who break it. However, many tend to break this rule every now and then just to have fun. Though it appears to be very casual while breaking this rule, it is dangerous to avoid it.

Drinking and driving not allowed - Most Common Rules We Love to Break

2. Ladies first:

A man is known by his chivalry, and a chivalrous man always follows the basic rule of “Ladies first”. Either the men have lost their chivalry or chivalry is not a men’s virtue anymore, the men of today argue saying it’s the age of equality where women are at par with men thereby nullifying the moral rule.

Ladies first - Most Common Rules We Love to Break

1. Maintaining queues:


Waiting in a queue is the toughest of all rules. A queue, even if there are only two people ahead, appears too long to the third. The time consumed while waiting for our turn, tests the extremes of our level of patience. Hence, breaking queue is something that we do on a frequent basis. Be it the queue in banks, metro stations, movie halls, anywhere and everywhere. You name it and we waste no time in breaking the rule of maintaining queue.

Maintaining queues - Most Common Rules We Love to Break

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