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Craving Some Adventure? Try These 10 Most Beautiful Himalayan Treks

Updated on 5 May, 2017 at 2:32 pm By

‘Abode of snow’, the mighty Himalayas is dream country for any traveler for the mountain chain abounds in beautiful treks that showcase the beauty of the heavenly place more clearly. The stunning treks in the lap of Himalayas offer life time opportunities to the hardened travelers to explore virgin territories in the region. There is nothing more pleasing and satisfying than trekking through the panoramic treks experiencing the thin air on the face and feeling the smell of green plants all the way. So here we go with ten fascinating Himalayan treks which offer a lifetime experience to adventure-loving travelers.

10. Across the Zanskar River:

Those who are ready to trek their way up to 13,000 feet plus altitudes in search of virgin and rarefied territory then plan to move along the Zanskar River. The trail that begins from the Buddhist Monastery at Lamayuru after descending into the valley follows the route along the river. Nothing is more soothing than hearing slashes of water making noise while in company of rugged and sky piercing  Himalayan peaks. The three week trek is considered to be one of the most satisfying routes in the Himalayan belt.

Across the Zanskar River - Most Beautiful Himalayan Treks

9. Roopkund Lake Trek:


Perched at an elevation of around 16,499 feet, in the lap of magnificent Himalayas, the Roopkund trek is known for its high altitude meadows and snow covered peak. Although the trekking route around the lake is fine-looking and strikes the visitor in its very first appearance but due to its very challenging terrain some of the trekkers have even lost their lives and hence the place is also named “Mystery Lake”.

Roopkund Lake Trek - Most Beautiful Himalayan Treks

8. Chadar or Frozen River Trek:

The minus thirty degree Celsius (- 30 degree Celsius) temperature range along the frozen river on the Chadar Trek route in Ladhak offers some of the most panoramic views that leaves the wanderer spellbound with its picturesque beauty. The perfect scenery and ambiance of the place act set the adrenalin flowing in any trekking enthusiast. Positioned in the heavenly Himalayas, the narrow trails filled over huge glaciers are ideal destination to conquer the nature’s wilderness.

Chadar or Frozen River Trek - Most Beautiful Himalayan Treks

7. Mount Kailash:

Considered the holy mountain by Hindus, Tibetans and other Buddhists, the trek to Mt. Kailash (22,000 feet altitude) on the Tibetan Plateau starts from the Karnail River on the India­ – Tibet Border. Those who have visited the mighty Kailash once swear by the beauty and sheer abundance of trekking opportunities in the region which are way different from the rest in the Himalayan region because of the sheer topographical stage set up. The place also holds religious importance to the Hindu pilgrims form world over.

Mount Kailash - Most Beautiful Himalayan Treks

6. Langtang:

North of Kathmandu, Langtang is considered to be among the most beautiful and adventurous trek in Nepal. The trek offers panoramic view of southern Tibetan border. What sets the particular trek apart from rest in the league is the sight of snow capped mountain peaks. There is much more than diverse flora and fauna in the region as the trek is regarded in the same league as that of Annapurna and Everest base camp trek routes.

Langtang - Most Beautiful Himalayan Treks

5. Markha Valley Trek:

One of the most visited Himalayan treks in the Ladakh region, Markha Valley Trek presents spectacular opportunities. Very rarely one gets the chance to foray into virgin territories waiting to be explored with ancient Buddhist monasteries further auguring the beauty of the mountain desert landscapes. The trek is challenging and captivating at the same time.

Markha Valley Trek - Most Beautiful Himalayan Treks

4. Concordia and Gondoro La:

Those who aspire for a glimpse of the world’s second tallest mountain Mt. K2 surely need to plan a trek around this Pamir mountain range. The trek is very enchanting but surely challenging and strictly recommended for hardcore travelers only. The scenic route begins at Askole and proceeds to Concordia. In between there is a spectacular intersection of four 26,000 foot peaks that are also referred to as “Throne Room of the Mountain Gods”. If you are ready to travel through the snow covered paths till Gondoro La, a feeling of walking in the heaven is sure to set within you.

Concordia and Gondoro La - Most Beautiful Himalayan Treks

3. Valley of Flowers and Hemkund Sahib Trek:


Recognized the world over for their flora and fauna, beauty of the Valley of Flowers is supreme in the actual sense. Located at an elevation of around 4,329 metres, this Himalayan trek entices the traveler at its first sight. In addition, the Hemkund Sahib trek is famous among the Sikh devotees for its religious importance. There is no better trek in Himalayas that offer trekking opportunities along with prospect of seeking blessings from the Almighty at the same time.

Valley of Flowers and Hemkund Sahib Trek - Most Beautiful Himalayan Treks

2. Everest base camp:

There is not a more exhilarating experience than conquering Mt. Everest. When Edmund Hillary surmounted the impossible destination that is world’s tallest peak, it excited the ambitions of many and mountaineers each year in larger numbers aspire for the top of the world experience. Being the world’s highest peak it is always open to commercial mountaineering. The mountain has in offer other adventurous routes too in the name of Lhotse and Cho-Oyu. The degree of challenging trekking opportunities along with the lower slope hiking offered by the Everest is worth a lifetimes experience.

Everest base camp - Most Beautiful Himalayan Treks

1. Gangotri Gomukh Trek:


It is the most defining moment of life when you land your first foot in the region of Gangotri glacier. The feeling is stupendous and mesmerizing and the beauty can’t be explained in mere words. The source of Bhagirathi (Ganges), Gangotri is the place situated amidst the snow capped mountains and surrounded by numerous challenging trekking opportunities. The religious sanctity of the place attracts numerous travelers to the place throughout the year.

Gangotri Gomukh Trek - Most Beautiful Himalayan Treks


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