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Top 10 Most Beautiful Corporate Campuses Ever Built

Updated on 21 March, 2013 at 10:54 am By

Have you ever considered how working for a huge successful company would look like? The images of cool offices might help you get the picture. Judging by the photos in the list below, the prospect of working in this kind of environment would seem really attractive to anyone. After all, the foundation of a company is its workers. If you have a successful company, you must have satisfied and creative workers. By the looks of it, the companies try to stimulate work by creating the most amazingly designed office campuses for their employees. The campuses would tickle your imagination and inspire you with fresh ideas. Here is a list of top 10 most beautiful corporate campuses (and their locations, so that you know where to apply for the job).

10. Selgas Cano (Madrid):

There are offices in this list from some of the biggest companies in the world, but size doesn’t matter when it comes to awesome corporate campuses. Selgas Cano must be one of the most relaxing offices to work in – because you’re half underground and half above the ground – with views out into the woods. Selgas Cano office was designed by Iwan Baan and is situated in a forest near Madrid in Spain. This office for architects is light and airy, with clean lines and colorful details, making it a great place to work from. It’s less about awesome fun slides, great food and gaming areas, and more about a relaxed environment, away from harsh lighting and big empty rooms.

Selgas Cano – Madrid (Most Beautiful Corporate Campuses Ever Built	)

9. Google Office (Zurich):


It’s no secret that Google is a company with tonnes of money and dedicated employees, but part of the secret behind these employees is the awesome offices that they work from. Google put a lot of time and money into making the perfect work environment, mixing business with pleasure so that the staff can relax and refuel during their breaks. There’s a rule at Google that nobody is allowed to be more than 100 meters away from food, so you’ll find kitchens everywhere, as well as an awesome cafeteria where every employee is fed three times a day, for free. If you think that the offices are over the top and far too big, then at least you won’t have to spend all your time walking everywhere as you can just take the slide or fireman’s pole around the building.

Google Office – Zurich (Most Beautiful Corporate Campuses Ever Built	)

8. AOL headquarters (Palo Alto, California):

AOL isn’t the company that is used to be, but they’re trying to make big changes with the purchase of websites such as Techcrunch and Huffington Post, and they’ve recently had a massive overhaul of their office campus to fit the growth plan. They’ve gotten rid of the bland corporate facade and taken a leaf out of Google’s books and make their office more fun and inspiring, with fresh new designs. This office campus has everything one expects from big internet companies like large kitchens, play of colours on walls, relaxation areas, pool tables, games rooms and, of course, the peaceful work spaces.

AOL headquarters (Palo Alto, California) - Most Beautiful Corporate Campuses Ever Built

7. Dreamhost (La Brea, California):

Designed by the same people who built the AOL and Facebook corporate campuses, the Dreamhost office is another one of those offices with bright open spaces, which have gotten rid of personal cubicals to encourage interaction between the staff. Open and private areas are scattered about the building for meetings, relaxation and work, as well as games areas and places to eat. Designs like these may start to appear quite common, but this sort of thing only happens when big bucks are involved. How many of you have played ping pong at work?

Dreamhost – La Brea, California (Most Beautiful Corporate Campuses Ever Built	)

6. Gummo (Amsterdam, The Netherlands):

As Gummo were only going to be renting the space on the first floor of the old Parool newspaper building in Amsterdam for two years, i29 convinced Gummo to embrace the mantra of ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ to create a stylish office space that would impact as little as possible on the environment and their wallets. Everything in the office conforms to the new house style of white and grey. All the furniture was locally sourced from eBay, charity shops and whatever was left over at the old office. Everything was then spray painted with an environmentally friendly paint to conform with the new colour scheme.

Gummo – Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Most Beautiful Corporate Campuses Ever Built	)

5. ThinkGarden (Milan, Italy):

ThinkGarden understand that to do work, one has to spend most of the time indoors, but there’s no reason why we can’t enjoy nature in all its glory. Their whole office campus is designed to reflect nature with stone shaped bean bags, large plants, flowers and trees, and unusual desk positioning. Even the walls are designed to make it look like you’re in the middle of a woods, and the bright white furniture contrasts with the plant life, making it stand out even more. If you don’t think this office is green enough yet, then maybe the putting green in the reception area will change your mind.

ThinkGarden – Milan, Italy (Most Beautiful Corporate Campuses Ever Built	)

4. Corus Quay (Toronto, Canada):

This is one of the largest offices on the list and, by the looks of things, one of the most fun-filled. It’s a massive 500,000 square feet, and home to Corus Entertainment. It’s been labeled Toronto’s smartest building. The building brings together 1100 staff which used to be housed in 11 separate buildings, into an open office environment with multiple social spaces, even including a five story atrium with a three story slide and lounge above a couple of TV studios. This building is all about having fun and bringing the entire work force of a company together in one place to boost productivity, helping the company to in its growth. Bright colours, big TV’s, boardroom tables shaped like ice hockey rinks – this building really has it all.

Corus Quay – Toronto, Canada (Most Beautiful Corporate Campuses Ever Built	)

3. Comvert (Milan, Italy):


This has got to be one of the coolest buildings to build an office in, which came about when alternative clothing company Comvert were looking for a new space for their headquarters. During the search, they happened upon an old abandoned cinema that seemed to offer the perfect solution. It was big enough to house all of their offices, warehousing and even room a shop in the front, however, there was one problem. What should be done with all the extra room above where the audience sat during a movie? The answer is unique, inspired, and simple: build an indoor skate bowl suspended above the warehouse. This was a perfect solution for all the space, while keeping the staff entertained, and fitting in their alternative clothing brand image.

Comvert – Milan, Italy (Most Beautiful Corporate Campuses Ever Built	)

2. KBP West Offices (San Francisco, California):

This unique office and conference building is made up of three wings, which are separated by the sliding walls, and can be opened to create a single, colourful meeting room. The design of the office isn’t what you’d call typical, even by the standards on this list. There’s a library/conference room with wooden swivel chairs, bizarrely shaped rooms with slanted ceilings and chalkboard walls, miniature staircases to take you to green carpet-clad phone booths for conference calls, all inside what can be best described as a white warehouse. This is the office of an advertising firm in San Francisco, and their unique offices are designed to stimulate the creative juices of those working inside them.

KBP West Offices – San Francisco, California (Most Beautiful Corporate Campuses Ever Built	)

1. Dtac Headquarters (Bangkok):


Dtac recently decided to put an end to separate office spaces throughout the city of Bangkok, and brought all six buildings under one roof, which happens to be the largest ever office campus in Thailand’s history, occupying around 650,000 square feet. The move and design reflects the company’s desire to become the employer of choice to “enhance cooperation and communication, strengthen common goals, increase creativity”, and make it easier for the brand to react quickly to changing conditions. Dtac’s brand approach is ‘Play and Learn’. They wanted to reflect this to their employees and customers with their new, rather inspiring office, spanning 22 floors. Some of the highlights include a massive circular library amphitheatre, and an entire floor dedicated to fun, with indoor soccer, table tennis, running track, and concert and performance spaces.

 Dtac Headquarters – Bangkok (Most Beautiful Corporate Campuses Ever Built	)


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