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Top 10 Most Beautiful Bridges Ever Built

Published on 17 October, 2013 at 10:06 am By

Bridges have always been a very important part of our collective history. Be it escaping to new frontiers or intrinsic connection between old and new, bridges are the architectural marvels that have always been captivating. Some bridges defy nature by treacherous waterways and some, human limitations by connecting various cities in conflict over ideology and territory. There are also bridges that are mere symbols of romantic construction, built to pay tribute. Let’s check out 10 splendidly beautiful bridges ever built by the mankind:

10. Millau Viaduct Bridge, France:

Millau Viaduct Bridge is the world’s highest multi-span bridge and also the longest suspended bridge in the world. This is indeed an engineering wonder of the world and is a proud symbol of France. The Millau Bridge was opened to traffic on 16 December 2004, which led to the immediate name and fame of the bridge.

Millau Viaduct Bridge, France

9. The Python Bridge, Amsterdam:


Pythonbrug, roughly translated from Doutch as “Python Bridge”, was inaugurated in 2001 and is about 300 feet long. The Python Bridge stands out as a landmark structure in Amsterdam, a city best known for its rich culture and traditional architecture. As the name suggests, the bridge is constructed in the shape of a venomous snake, Python and it stands out quite bizarre and peculiar.

The Python Bridge, Amsterdam

8. Howrah Bridge, India:

The Howrah Bridge is an engineering marvel and is considered as one of the busiest cantilever bridges in the world. It is also popularly known as the Rabindra Setu Bridge. Howrah Bridge connects Howrah and Kolkata and is built over river Hooghly in India. The construction of the bridge started in 1936. It was completed in 1942. The bridge was opened for public traffic on 3 Feb, 1943.

Howrah Bridge, India

7. Helix Bridge, Singapore:

The Helix Bridge is an engineering feat, one with great precision. It is indeed something that Singaporeans can really be proud of. The bridge design draws inspiration from the helical structure of DNA, depicting “life and connectivity”. The canopy of the bridge is constructed with glass and perforated steel mash. It is 280 meters long and was opened for traffic in the year 2010.

Helix Bridge, Singapore

6. Chengyang Bridge, China:

The Bridge is known by two other names, Panlong bridge and Youngji Bridge. Built in 1912, the Chengyang Bridge is one of the very few covered bridges across the world. The most unique feature of the bridge is it being a Chinese Pavilion, Bridge, corridor and veranda at the same time. With its length being about 64.4 meters, the bridge is completely made up of wood and stone carvings and that too without the use of any nails and bolts. The Chengyang Bridge is an epitome of traditional Chinese architecture and is often termed as the largest Rain and Wind Bridge in the world.

Chengyang Bridge, China

5. Tower Bridge, England:

One of the world’s most recognizable bridges in the world is the London’s Tower Bridge. The Victorian Gothic style of the bridge stems from the law that forced the designers to create a structure that would be in full harmony with the nearby Tower of London. The bridge is a symbol of pride and esteem for the city of London. The Tower Bridge is situated over the Thames River and is a very unique suspension bridge.

Tower Bridge, England

4. Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney, Australia:

One of the most famous landmarks of Sydney, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is also called as the “Coathanger”. The bridge was opened on March in 1932, after completing six long years of construction. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is the world’s largest steel arch bridge with the top of the bridge being 134 meters above the harbor. This bridge becomes the main centre of attraction in Sydney on New Year’s Eve, when magnificent fireworks light up the entire region. Separate provisions have been made for the pedestrians, cyclists and heavy vehicles.

Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney, Australia

3. Rialto Bridge, Venice, Italy:


The Rialto Bridges is one of the most famous bridges in Venice crossing Grand Canal. It is a stone arch that was constructed in 1588-1591 and has a width of about 75.1 feet. For about 300 years, this was the only way to cross the Grand Canal on foot. The bridge is classic, and the boats passing from below leave an unforgettable impression on the tourists.

Rialto Bridge, Venice, Italy

2. Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic:

Prague’s most stunning bridge – The Charles Bridge spans 16 arches and is lined with a 30 Baroque religious statues. The 1,700 ft. cobblestone of bridge is used on some specific occasions only. The architecture of the bridge is gothic in style and brims with an old world charm.

Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic

1. Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, United States of America:


The beautiful architecture of Golden Gate Bridge is famous worldwide. It is one of the international iconic landmarks in the United States of America. Opened in the year 1937, the length of the bridge is 8,981 feet with a height of about 746 feet. The bridge is Vermillion in color, and it overlooks the mighty Pacific Ocean. Also, according to various surveys conducted by various magazines all over the globe, the Golden Gate is indeed the most photographed bridge in the world.

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, United States of America


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