Top 10 modeling tips

Updated on 11 May, 2012 at 10:59 am

A modeling career demands a great deal of hard work. Aspiring models should not only work on their talents but also gather knowledge on the modeling industry. Being in the right place in the right time with required skills is the way to go. While there are hundreds of questions and tips that concern aspiring models, we have prepared a brief and to the point list of top 10 modeling tips as short guide.

10. Find a reputed model agency:

The learning curve for a new model can be very long and painful. A model agency can minimize your initial hurdles of managing all the boring stuff. Models are most important assets for a modeling agency and therefore, professionals at a modeling agency try their level best to groom you. In return for a generally fixed commission on modeling assignments, a reputed modeling agency will save you from dozens of common pitfalls. Instead of walking alone in the competitive world of modeling, it is advisable to get associated with a good modeling agency.

model agency

9. Gather maximum references:

The growth of your modeling career depends upon the quality and uniqueness of your portfolio and references’ list. Always ask referrers directly if you have the permission to use their names in your references’ list. The bad points in your portfolio can become irrelevant to a referee if you have some solid references.

model reference

8. Understand the assignment:

Taking a comprehensive brief on the assignment is very important. It is okay to ask dozens of questions about the assignment before signing on the dotted line. The way you manage and complete an assignment will determine the future of your modeling career. Do not agree to any assignment, clause or condition you are not comfortable with. Be prepared to discuss everything from rates to availability with the representative of a modeling agency or some other company.

modeling assignment

7. Frequent travels are part of the business:

Modeling professionals need to travel a lot. Whether you are required to be in a far-off city for a shoot or you plan to explore modeling opportunities at an event, you need to be in the correct place at the correct moment!  Bad weather, dirty roads, flat tire or family emergencies won’t qualify as excuses if you don’t show up at the scheduled hour of a modeling shoot. Confirm all travel arrangements at least twice when an important event or photo shoot is just around the corner. Unless you are successful model, you’d need to do it all on your own with utmost perfection!

model traveling

6. Be punctual; always:

For most modeling agencies, time is a scarcely available resource. Being late for a photo shoot or any other modeling event for that matter, is the same as wasting someone’s money. That someone is the individual or agency who pays your remuneration! A model should have the habit of informing organizers of modeling events or photo shoots about all important events. Even a slight delay should be duly reported to the location manager, event organizer or photographer.

punctual model

5. Be safe:

Several models disregard potential dangers involved in signing up for a completely unidentified modeling assignment. You will be vulnerable to financial or physical abuses in such cases because just about anyone can pretend to be a photographer. It is a good idea to keep at least one friend or family member informed regarding your whereabouts. Models associated with reputed modeling agencies have to little to worry about safety issues.

models safety

4. Create a portfolio:

A portfolio demonstrating your modeling capabilities is a must. An elegant and professionally polished portfolio keeps you ahead of dozens of other models who have nearly the same credentials as you do! If you are appearing for some interviews in near future, make sure your portfolio items are relevant. All photographs in the portfolio should be of the highest possible quality.

model portfolio

3. Don’t mind free modeling shots:

On many occasions, modeling agencies would want to check your performance before taking you in. Do not expect them to pay you any wages in such cases. Instead of expecting wages, you can ask the modeling agency to let you use free shots in your portfolio. For a very low cost, a model can add new professional shots to the portfolio by agreeing for free photo shoots.

amanda seyfried

2. Don’t pay money to a modeling agency:

A good modeling agency shouldn’t be taking money from its assets. Modeling agencies earn profits by grooming models and not through joining fees! If an agency asks for a fee, you should move on to someone else.

free agency

1. Maintain a good reputation:

As you advance in your modeling career, you will meet new people and get associated with several agencies and businesses. It is important for a model to maintain amicable relationships with everyone from the event organizer and photographer to the person who pays you money at the end of the day. The interconnected world of modeling business can turn abruptly unkind to those who sound bitter, talk nonsense or act rude.

models reputation